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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's RAW Rreview By Kanefan4E
It's been a whil since I've left some comments in this thread, but I figured I would like to get back into it full time now that Wrestlemania is coming up. I'm loving the fact that you have Kane in the main event scene. That just makes me wana mark out. Now onto RAW....

The opening video was a nice touch Nige, because it gave me all the relevant information I need for this weeks show. I like the goings on with Triple H and Vince McMahon. Very entertaining.

Wow, a fantastic opening promo, something that you really need on the road to Wrestlemania. Triple H was in perfect character, serious but funny, and Tge McMahons and JBL couldn't have been better. I don't think Triple H would have asked for the three on one. Well he probably would have, but it would have been better in my opinion of The McMahons made the match, because think of how much heat they would have got from that. Either way a nice promo and a great main event made.

I like the pairing of Santino and Melina. It's something different. I also liked this backstage segment for the comedy factor. However, I think you forced the comedy out of Santino at times. For instance when you said 'you should be playing in the playground with the German people' or something along those lines. I know the show is in Germany but I didn't find that line funny. However looking forward to the match later.

The opening match was very interesting to say the least. The action in the match was great, and the whole mystery man concept is an angle I love to watch/read. I'll be keeping a close eye on thisd storyline from now on.

I notice you have tons of younger stars on RAW. That's certainly good for building them up in the ling run, but I would love to see more bigger stars if you will. Anyway a nice tag team match announced for tonight. Having Burke, MVP hanging with Cena will surely give them some credibility. Looking forward to it.

There was never any doubt in my mind that Killings was going to win. However he won in nice style and it keeps the feud alive in my eyes.

a penis pump. That was top class Nige. Really funny segment there, and it just reminds me how awesome Santino Marella is. Great sefment after a great match and the feud is still looking strong. I can't wait to see what happens next, and I wonder if they will get there stuff back.

The backstage interview with the divas was good. I like the fact you're treating the divas properly. Not just like an afterthought. You have produced some interesting things with the divas so I'm looking forward to this one too. A nice win for Phoenix and Natalya too. Something is gonna happen next week between these for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if Natalya may want a Women's Championship match at Wrestlemania too.

Great tension building between Lashley and Jericho heading into their match later tonight. Jericho is probably going to either screw Lashley out of the match, or try and fail. Either way it's gona be interesting to read.

Cena was obviously going to win the match, what with him headlining Wrestlemania. However the match certainly opened doors for all the youngsters, like MVP and Elijah Burke. Mysterio is already main event status really but it was also nice to throw him into the miz. Great match with a great outcome.

Yep I knew it. Jericho was going to screw Lashley out of the match. That does set things up nicely for next week. However I can see lashley maybe getting revenge next week. Oh wow, hitting Kennedy aswell. Are Kennedy and Lashley both heels or something because why would the crowd cheer? Anyway this makes Jericho looke somewhat strong so I like it. Good stuff Nige.

Orton and his whole submission angle is looking promising. I've never seen it done before really so I shall be reading. I think it's a good concept but I think for Wrestlemania you needed a little bit of a bigger angle. Doesn't matter though, because this should be interesting to read.

Lol, I love it when I see Val Venis in a match with somone, because I automatically know that he's going to lose. However I liked how Orton won via submission, that was great to be honest. He's certainly looking strong heading to Wrestlemania. Nice to see Kane come out and be dominant, that's always a pleasure to see I loved the fact that Cena just looked scared by the announce table. Great stuff.

A nice little backstage segment here with Punk and Hardy getting to continue their feud. Heel Punk is great and I wish more people would do it in BTB nowadays. Anyway I', guessing we wil see more of these next week on RAW.

Wow, did I just see some sort of Evolution reformation on RAW? If so then that's great. If not then that's still great because at least I got to se them. A great match and a great way to end RAW Nige. Overall the thread is looking good and I can see why you have won awards over the last few months. Keep up the work Nige.
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