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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige's Raw Feedback

Triple H Promo
Great Triple H Promo, cool teasers from The Game as to what to do with the McMahons, Triple Threat Hell In A Cell would be awesome. It was inevitable that, sooner or later, the McMahons would make an appearance, and they all got their points across pretty well. I've loved every bit of this Feud, and it seems that something new happens every week. But, I can't get my head round why Triple H put himself in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match though.

Ron Killings Promo
Funny Ron Killings Promo with Cryme Tyme, reminds me of what I did at School Good ol' Hide & Seek. Enough about me, this was a good segment, and this alliance with Santino Marella and Melina seems interesting, maybe Santino should be the "Chick Magnet" instead of The Miz, after getting Maria and Beth Phoenix, and now Melina? The only exception is, I don't think men fear Santino! Anyways, good Promo.

Eddie Colon df. Cody Rhodes
This is another Feud I've kept my eye on, and it's turning out to be very interesting indeed, especially with the inclusion of this "Mystery Man" you've implemented into the situation. I have no idea whatsoever who the "Mystery Man" is, but I can't wait to find out. Anyways, very good Match with a great ending with the "Mystery Man" playing his role in the outcome, and good to see the Colons win.

MVP Promo
I can definitely see MVP being Drafted in the Draft, I would definitely mark for it, because MVP entering this Feud is a very good call on your part, and an alliance between MVP and Elijah Burke would prove to be an excellent tandem indeed. Anyways, good Segment, and I would like to see Elijah Burke play a part on SmackDown soon, hopefully on the forthcoming edition. Cool ending to the segment with Rey Mysterio being held back, shows Rey's ferociousness.

Ron Killings df. Santino Marella
I'm glad to finally see these guys go one-on-one, I've been waiting for it ever since this Feud began. Good to see Ron Killings get the win, you've made Killings look really good since you brought him up to the Main Roster, and you've handled this feud between Ron and Santino Marella exceptionally well. This alliance with Ron Killings and Cryme Tyme is very entertaining, as well as very believable and realistic. Good Match, Nige.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya Promo
Woah, this is one great Divas Alliance we've got on our hands here! I've always been wanting to see Beth Phoenix and Natalya as rivals but screw that, Phoenix and Natalya as a Team is mind-blowing. They had some decent things to say, and very interesting and definitely ironic to see Natalya as a rival to Victoria, after all they are best of buddies in the real world. Interesting to see Michelle McCool in this Segment, but isn't she a SmackDown Superstar? This makes things a lot more interesting, and hopefully Michelle finds a way into the equation of this feud.

Divas Tag Team Match
I can see that you're portraying Beth Phoenix and Natalya as the somewhat "Bullies" of the Divas division, and with their stature, why shouldn't they be in that position? Very good Divas Tag Team Match, good to see Beth Phoenix and Natalya win, but I would love to see Victoria join their Faction, that would be awesome! I was also surprised to see Michelle McCool not getting any payback on Neidhart and Phoenix after what they did to her earlier.

Chris Jericho Promo
Great Chris Jericho Promo, yet another Feud on Raw which has been very exciting, and Chris Jericho serving as the Referee in the Match between Bobby Lashley and Mr. Kennedy certainly spices things up a lot in this Feud. Both had some strong words to say, and it'll definitely be very interesting to see the result of Bobby Lashley's Match with Mr. Kennedy later on, that's for sure.

Tag Team Match
I was very surprised to see John Cena revealed as Rey Mysterio's Tag Team Partner earlier, I'm not sure about John Cena temporarily getting involved in this Feud, being in one of the Main feuds on the Raw Roster and all, but it's your call. Very good Match, with John Cena in the Match it was obvious from the start that he and Rey Mysterio were going to win, as John Cena needs the win going into Wrestlemania XXIV, and a loss would severely damage John Cena's chances of victory at Wrestlemania XXIV.

No-Disqualification Match
I've been really looking forward to this No-Disqualification Match between Mr. Kennedy and Bobby Lashley, and Chris Jericho serving as the Special Guest Referee was certain to provide nothing but entertainment. Very dramatic ending with Chris Jericho costing Bobby Lashley the Match by hitting Bobby Lashley across the head with a steel chair and for a moment, I was thinking "Heel Turn" before Chris Jericho levelled the playing field by hitting Mr. Kennedy with a steel chair, which was a relief.

Randy Orton Promo
First of all, I was relieved to see that, for a change, Todd Grisham wasn't being crapped on all over, and those damn WWE Superstars showed the superior Superstar the respect he deserves! I'll tell you more about my Todd Grisham Fan Club later, but back to the subject, very good Randy Orton Interview and very interesting to hear that Randy Orton's going to adopt a submission maneuver, I looked at Bob Orton's maneuver list on Wikipedia and I didn't see any submission maneuvers there, so it makes it totally unpredictable.

Randy Orton df. Val Venis
It's a Non-Title Match? Damn! So much for a Val Venis Championship reign, but it can wait. Randy Orton winning was obvious, but with the CAMEL CLUTCH? Woah! Well, good to know that Randy Orton's new submission maneuver has been revealed, and an old classic by the looks of it. We hadn't seen Kane tonight, so it was inevitable that he was going to show up, and handing out chokeslams all round was very generous of him At least the Cameraman escaped unscathed for a change. Very cool with Paul Bearer letting out the good ol' "Ohhh Yesss".

CM Punk Promo
I was wondering why Sunny was going into Eugene's Locker Room (Eugene has his own Locker Room, he must be important ) And at first I thought Sunny was going to put the moves on Eugene. When I found out that Sunny was screaming, I thought she was being raped, but it was Jeff Hardy, and I don't think he would do that, especially to Sunny after their history. Interesting to see Eric Bischoff as a face too, and it actually seems as if he likes Eugene for a change - Awww.

3-On-1 Handicap Match
I've been saying "Good Match" quite freqently in this review, but when I can't say it for a Match, especially for the Main Event, I'm normally disappointed, but this is without a doubt an exception. Woah, absolutely awesome to see EVOLUTION come to Triple H's aid at the end, Batista and Ric Flair on Raw will be awesome. Also, I'm 100% sure that we will see Evolution vs. The McMahons at Wrestlemania XXIV, mark my words! Awesome way to close the Show, man!

Absolutely flawless, Nige, fantastic! You just get better and better and your ideas for this Thread are fantastic. If Wolfbeast's the Grandfather of Be The Booker, then you're the Father of Be The Booker (Have THAT as a quote in your Sig!) Fantastic Show, Nige, keep it up, and can't wait for Wrestlemania XXIV, should be a good-un!
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