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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Raw Results - 18th February 2008)

RAW Results
18th February 2008

Olympia Halle
Berlin, Germany

From Last Week

  • Randy Orton complaining about having to defend the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania in a triple threat match
  • John Cena mocking Orton and telling him he’s a one trick pony, attacking opponents from behind
  • Orton responding by telling Cena that he wants to make him tap at Mania and will be doing everything he can to make that happen
  • Cena vs Kane and Orton smashing Cena across the skull to cost him the match, and Orton then backing away from Kane
  • Eric Bischoff making Triple H vs Mr. McMahon in a Steel Cage Match with the winner getting creative control for Wrestlemania and saying he will fire anyone that interferes
  • The highlights of the match and the finish with Triple H pulling Vince away from the door and hitting a pedigree after a spinebuster
  • Shane McMahon & JBL coming out to see Triple H posing as the victor inside the cage

“Wanna Be Loved”


We start the show straight away with “The Game” hitting the speakers as Triple H makes his way down to the ring, getting a huge ovation as he stands in the middle of the ring just staring in to the crowd with a big smile on his face. He starts by saying he might not speak German but he thinks everyone can understand what he’s about to say. . . he kicked Vince McMahon’s ass last week inside a steel cage. The crowd cheer, and Trips sarcastically says German sure as hell is easy to understand. He waits a couple of seconds for the crowd to die down before saying that the last seven days have been the best he’s had for quite a long time, stating that it’s down to the fact that he has the fate of The McMahon’s in his very hands, saying it’s one hell of a great feeling. He says he’s been thinking all week about just what he should do with them at Wrestlemania, and says they’re going to play a little game. He says he’s going to make his suggestions, and that they should respond with how they feel. He first asks if they want to see every single one of The McMahon’s go at it in a triple threat Hell in a Cell match, getting a decent pop from the crowd. He then asks if they would prefer seeing him inside Hell in a Cell with JBL, which gets a huge pop until it’s broken up by “No Chance in Hell”. A rather down beat Vince McMahon walks out to the ramp with Shane & JBL standing at either side of him. Vince doesn’t look happy at all while Triple H seems to be enjoying the reverse of fortune. With the crowd booing loudly, Vince reacts with fury as he says that it was him who decided to bring Monday Night Raw live to Germany and if it wasn’t for his ungrateful wife and the Board of Director’s sticking their noses in to his business and taking his power away from him, he would have pulled the plug on this show as the German’s are clearly just as ungrateful as his money grabbing wife. The crowd get even louder in directing their anger towards Vince who just tells them to SHUTTT UPPPPPPP!

Triple H can’t help but laugh in the ring as he then walks over to the ropes and leans against them and tells Vince that as much as fun as it is seeing him make even more of an ass of himself, it’s The Game who is calling the shots right about now, well as far as Wrestlemania is concerned he adds. He tells Vince that in case he forgot, it was just last week that he beat him inside a steel cage and gained all the power. The McMahon Men look on pissed from the ramp as the crowd cheer while Triple H continues to say that he has had to think carefully about just what he has to decide on, but JBL cuts him off, grabbing the microphone from his dad. He tells Triple H to show some damn respect for the man who gave him and everyone else a break in this business and to just tell them whatever it is he has decided. The Game continues to revel in their anger as they all stand there in sheer frustration. He tells them that as much as he would love to tell them, they’ll just have to wait that little bit longer because he’s not reached a decision he’s fully convinced on. JBL yells back at him and tells him to stop messing them around because he is playing with fire and he will sure as he will get burned if he pushes them too far. Trips gets a little serious and says that he might not have made his mind up about Wrestlemania, but he says he’s got nothing better to do tonight, so if the offer of being burned is still available, he’d like to take it. The McMahon’s look on shock as Trips then tells them tonight he wants all three of them in the middle of the ring to give them a sneak preview of Wrestlemania when they will all be lying on their asses. JBL looks at Vince for an answer, but Shane makes it up for them as he grabs the mic and tells Triple H that tonight, it’s on and he will be lucky if he even gets out of the local hospital from this dump in time for Wrestlemania. The Game smirks and tells them all to go get ready because tonight, they are in for one hell of a night. “The Game” blasts out again as a stare down ensues between both parties.




Ron Killings & Cryme Time are in the hallway and they seem to be plotting something. Killings tells them to wait down here until he gets them out, before he, Shad & JTG then hit their fists together. Killings then walks round the corner and down the hall and stops at a door, knocking on it and then running back down the hall, hiding behind the corner with Cryme Time. We then see Melina step out of the room and take a look round before she steps out and takes a look to see no one there. Santino Marella then steps out of the room in his jeans and his Italia T-shirt. They both look pissed, Santino especially as he looks round to see no one and says this is not a playground with Killings & Cryme Time popping their heads round and laughing. Killings then walks round the corner and in to the shot. He walks past them and stops so that Santino & Melina turn round and have their backs to their locker room. Santino says he should have known he was behind it and tells him he is a child and that he should go on a playground with all the German children. Killings jokingly says he’s sorry and says he just thought he’d stop by and say hey before their match tonight.

Santino puts his hands on hips before saying to Killings that he is not that stupid and that he knows Killings is up to something while Shad & JTG sneak round the corner and in to the locker room. They stay in there for a while as Santino & Melina remain pissed and unaware of what is going on behind them. Santino tells Killings he needs to grow up and stop playing childish games. Killings holds his hands up and says Santino’s right, he should grow up as we see Shad & JTG walk out with two travel bags, still unknown to Santino & Melina. Killings can’t help himself as he laughs while Shad & JTG walk round the corner with the bags. Santino gets angry and asks him what he is laughing at and then says everything is a joke to him, before telling Killings that he will teach him a lesson tonight in their match. With Shad & JTG out of sight, Killings looks at his watch and says he’s got to go, saying he’ll see them later as he walks up the hall laughing. Santino & Melina turn round looking very unhappy as Santino then says Killings will not be laughing at the end of the night because it will be Santino who has the last laugh tonight. Melina says he’s right as they stand there looking proud.

From Last Week

The ending of the tag team match with Kofi Kingston picking up the win for him & Cody Rhodes over The Colon Brothers, leaving Carlito looking very frustrated



Cody Rhodes w/Kofi Kingston & Kelly vs. Eddie Colon w/Carlito

With Eddie hitting the mat following a hip toss, Cody urges him up to his feet. And as Eddie starts to make his way back up, Cody turns round and runs in to the ropes, then comes back and dives at Eddie for a CROSS BODY. . . . . Eddie though ducks to his knees as Cody lands chest first on the mat. Eddie turns and laughs as he sees Cody on the mat, but then walks over to the corner behind as Cody sits up. With Cody standing up with his back to Eddie, the younger Colon brother dives off for a DIVING BULLDOG. . . . . He catches Cody and plants him head first on the mat, then follows up for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cody just gets his shoulder up, leaving Eddie frustrated. Carlito looks on in shock from the outside. Eddie stands back up and looks to be getting a little panicked as he then runs to the ropes and climbs to the top. He takes a second before leaping off for the CANNONBALL TWISTER (CORKSCREW SENTON). . . . . As he comes down, Cody gets his knees up and Eddie’s chest crashes into them. The crowd cheer for Cody as Kofi and Kelly encourage him by clapping and bagging the mat. Both men struggle as they sit up, but out of nowhere, a tall guy jumps over the guard rail behind Kofi and pushes him in to the ring post. Kelly screams, alerting Cody as he stands up. He walks over to the ropes and stares at the mystery man while Carlito laughs. As Cody & the mystery guy exchange words, Eddie stands back up and walks over to Cody, then spins him round and hits with a STUNNER. . . . . Eddie rushes as he goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Cool” plays as Carlito & the mystery man jump in the ring and congratulate Eddie. Kelly looks concerned on the outside as she tends to Kofi and looks up to see Cody lying flat as the three men taunt her and the crowd, as well as raising their arms in the air with big smiles on their faces.

WINNER: Eddie Colon by pinfall @ 5.41


MVP is sitting down in a locker room with Elijah Burke & Layla. A lot of heat comes from the arena as MVP then tells Burke he did what he had to do to Rey Mysterio last week and apologises to Burke for everyone thinking it was him (Burke) that attacked Rey. He tells Burke that he never meant for anyone to put that tag on anyone, but Burke butts in and tells MVP that it’s fine because it all worked out for the best. With a smiling Layla’s arms around Burke’s neck, The Guiding Light says that it all worked out for the best because he’s going to be part of this years Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania. MVP smiles and says that every story has a happy ending, and this one had two with Rey looking like the loser that he is. We then hear the door slam with all three of them watching on as Eric Bischoff walks in to a decent pop while Layla, Burke & MVP look confused. He stares right at MVP for a couple of seconds before turning to Burke and telling him reluctantly that he’s sorry he accused him of attacking Rey. He then turns back to MVP and says that he guesses the rumours are true. MVP has the audacity to show his face on Raw after what he (MVP) did last week, walking on to his show and blind siding a long term colleague of his, Rey Mysterio.

MVP just smiles, looking proud as Bischoff tells him since he’s come to Raw again tonight, he’s going to be in competition, then looks at Burke and says he will be too. They both ask him what the hell he’s talking about with Bischoff telling him that since they pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes last week, he thinks that they should have some real competition this week. MVP tells Bischoff he’s not a Raw superstar, but Bischoff tells him he doesn’t care because if he’s on his show, he can do what he wants with him (MVP). He then says that since Rey will want the chance for retribution, he’s going to make Rey one of their opponents and then thinks about who else hasn’t got a match tonight. After five seconds he stops and looks like he’s hit the right idea and says Rey’s partner will be. . . JOHN CENA. MVP & Burke stand up and go ballistic, with MVP telling Bischoff he hasn’t brought his ring gear, but Bischoff just says it’s not his problem and walks out of the room. MVP stares at the door with a lot of anger in his eyes when he hears some shouting. He, Burke and Layla all walk to the door and open it to see Bischoff and some officials holding Rey Mysterio back from getting to the door. MVP taunts Rey by telling him to come get him, but as Rey is held back, he shouts at MVP that he’s gonna be sorry and that he’ll get him back. MVP, Burke & Layla just laugh as the officials pull Rey away from the door.


Ron Killings
makes his entrance to a pop from the crowd before Melina & Santino Marella then make their way out to the ramp in the same clothes as before. Santino has a microphone and tells Killings he knew he was up to something before and says that he and Melina want their clothes back right now, and if they don’t get them, he will walk down there and make a fool out of Mr. Cool Running’s man. Killings shrugs his shoulders, leaving Santino frustrated. He says that he warned Killings and that now it is the kicking of the ass time as he paces down to the ring, looking very angry along with Melina.

***MATCH #2***

Ron Killings vs. Santino Marella w/Melina

Killings reaches down and pulls Santino up to his feet and grabs him for a waist lock. Santino though fights it with elbows, swinging his right arm back in to the side of Killings’ head, forcing him to let the grip go. Santino then steps forward as Killings looks a little groggy from the shot to the head. Santino turns round and takes advantage with an INVERTED SWINGING NECKBREAKER. . . . . Santino doesn’t waste a second as he turns round on the mat to go for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Killings just gets his shoulder up, leaving Santino a little frustrated. He stands back up and walks over to the ropes, then climbs to the top. He taunts the crowd for a second before diving off for a DIVING HEADBUTT. . . . . Killings rolls to the side as Santino crashes down to the mat. Both men take a while before they are able to stand back up, and it’s Killings who is up that split second earlier as Santino then turns round to face his opponent with Killings going for a SUPER KICK. . . . . Santino ducks his head and then grabs Killings as he turns back round and tosses him to the mat with an STO. . . . . Just as Santino cracks a smile, we see Shad & JTG walking down the ramp, each with a travel bag in hand. Shad has a microphone and distracts Santino as he says it’s time for the chance of a lifetime deal to purchase a designer Italian thong for just $5. JTG whispers in Shad’s ear with Shad then correcting himself and saying he’s sorry, he meant to say 5 euro’s, asking them who wants it. The crowd cheer as Shad pulls the leather thong with the Italian flag on it out of the bag as they then walk down the ramp. Santino turns and looks embarassed as Shad takes an offer and says next they’ve got a great deal on a Melina special. JTG pulls out a pink bra from the bag he’s holding. Melina snaps as Santino gestures angrily towards them, unaware that Killings is getting back up. JTG points at Santino to turn round, which he does as Killings stomps him in the gut, runs the ropes and nails him with a SCISSOR KICK. . . . . The crowd cheer as Killings then follows up for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Killings stands back up and joins Cryme Time on the outside as Melina looks on in horror. She grabs a microphone and tells Cryme Time to give her stuff back, but they then pull out some real skimpy knickers from her bag and hold them up with Shad offering them to a guy in the front row. He accepts an offer of 2 euro’s as Melina screams out while Santino starts to come round. He stands back up looking a little groggy with Shad then saying good morning to Santino and says he’s got a real special deal for everyone, an authentic Santino Marella Penis Pump. Shad pulls the pump out of the bag and holds it up as Melina looks on in disbelief and tries not to laugh while Santino flips, mouthing the words “give me that back”. Killings & JTG just laugh as they see Santino going crazy, but Shad takes pity on him, and says from what he hears, Santino really needs that pump and tosses it in the ring. He then says that this special sale will continue as he, JTG & Killings jump the barricade with Shad then telling the fans that they will be in the stands to get their hands on some “money, money, yeah, yeah”. The crowd join in as all three of them walk through them with Santino & Melina leaving the ring to follow, but before Santino jumps the barricade, he slides back in to the ring to collect his penis pump. He then joins Melina back on the outside and instructs her to follow him as they go after their stuff.

WINNER: Ron Killings by pinfall @ 3.49


Maria is standing by and she then introduces her guests, Beth Phoenix & Natalya. They get booed as the camera zooms out to reveal them standing there. Maria says it really nice to meet Natalya, and then asks her what it’s like to be on Raw and about her debut match tonight. Natalya says that it might have been nice for Maria, but one person who doesn’t want her on Raw is Victoria. She then says that last week, she and Beth showed Victoria why, because they are the two most dangerous women to have ever stepped foot on Raw, something she’ll find out very soon. Beth then says that Victoria should have learnt her lesson at Saturday Night’s Main Event, but it appears she hasn’t, as last week she ended up with her back lying flat on the mat again. She looks in to the camera and tells Victoria that no one with any kind of intelligence would try and get in their way a third time, but clearly she doesn’t. She then says that they have no problem in finishing her and Mickie James off once and for all tonight, and says that Victoria and Mickie need more than a miracle. Beth & Natalya hear a sni-gger just as they look menacingly in to the camera.

The camera zooms out to show Michelle McCool stood with another female, a worker. Beth & Natalya don’t look impressed as they walk over to McCool, who tries to look like she’s not intimidated. Beth asks her what her problem is, with McCool telling them that it’s listening to them make threats they can’t back up. Natalya smirks while Beth looks pissed and tells McCool she always had too much to say when they used to train together and she’s lucky that no one has put her in her place. McCool stands up to her Beth who then says that they both know who the real champion is, and it’s not McCool before slapping her across the face. McCool holds her face before slapping Beth back, but between them, Natalya & Beth take her down by shoving her in to some storage boxes. They just grin as McCool lies there with Natalya looking down at her and telling her this is real women’s wrestling, and if she doesn’t like it, she can go back to where she belongs with the rest of the plastic bitches.


Vote for the Class of 2008 WWE Hall of Fame
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***MATCH #3***

Victoria & Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart

After a hard kick to the stomach and then one to the face, Natalya reaches down and pulls Victoria up to her feet. With Natalya smiling and looking a little too confident, Victoria is able to block a right hand and then whips Natalya in to the ropes. As she comes back off, she ducks underneath an outstretched arm from Victoria, but as she turns round, she walks right into a SAVOTE KICK. . . . . Victoria nailed her right in the face and looks to finish the match off as she drops to the mat and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Beth Phoenix just breaks it up at the last second with a kick to the back of Victoria’s head. Mickie is pissed on the apron with the referee then ushering Beth back to the outside. The crowd get behind Victoria as she crawls to her corner, as does Natalya. With both divas getting close, they are both able to make the tag to their partners. Mickie comes in flying as she charges at The Glamazon, taking her down with a clothesline. Beth is right back up, but Mickie takes her down with a second and then a kick to the ribs. As Beth gets to her knees by the ropes, Mickie walks over and sets her up for a DDT. . . . . Beth though holds on to the top rope as Mickie lands on her ass. Beth takes a second as she recovers by the ropes while Mickie makes her way back up with Beth then kicking her in the chest. She then grabs Mickie by the arm and whips her in to the ropes and plants as she comes back with a SIDEWALK SLAM. . . . . Just as Phoenix goes for the cover, Victoria enters the ring and pulls her away from Mickie by her feet. The ref ushers Victoria out of the ring, but just as she steps back on to the apron with her back still to the ring, Natalya charges across and pushes her down to the arena floor. Natalya looks down and laughs before walking back to her corner. Beth is already back on her feet, and with Mickie still a little dazed, she pulls her into position and plants her with THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (CRADLE SUPLEX). . . . . With The Glamazon holding on for the cover, the ref counts the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: The Glamazon’s music hits as Phoenix quickly slips under the bottom rope and out of the way as Victoria tries to get to her. Natalya walks round to meet Beth with the Womens title belt in her hand. She passes it to Beth as they stand by the ramp and taunt Victoria, who checks on Mickie but looks disgusted as she looks back up at Beth & Natalya.

WINNERS: Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart by pinfall @ 6.47


Bobby Lashley
is warming up, stretching in his locker room when Chris Jericho walks in to a big pop. Lashley doesn’t look happy to see him as he asks him what he wants. Jericho is in a referee shirt for later on and tells Lashley that since he’s the referee for his match with Kennedy Kennedy later on, he thought he’d stop by and make sure nothing untoward is going to take place since some strong words were exchanged last week. Lashley walks closer towards Jericho and says Jericho was the one who crossed the line last week, and that he’s lucky he’s not the one facing him tonight. Jericho steps back and smiles, then tells Lashley they’re strong words before turning more serious and says that he should be careful about what he says when he’s in a difficult position tonight. Lashley then walks right up to his face and tells him that he should be the one who’s worried, walking in to his locker room after what he’s said the last two weeks. He then says that out there tonight, he’s going to shut one loud mouth up and if Jericho’s not careful, he’ll shut one more up too. Jericho grins and says he’s never heard so many words come from Lashley’s mouth before, but Lashley stares right back at him and says actions speak louder than words, just like he’ll find out if he crosses him tonight. Jericho holds his hands up and says he’s going to call it straight down the line like he’s been told to do. Lashley tells him to make sure he does as Jericho then turns round and walks out of the room with both looking tense.


From Last Week

The Highlight Reel and Chris Jericho announcing that he will be refereeing a No Disqualification match between Bobby Lashley and Mr. Kennedy this week

***MATCH #4***

John Cena & Rey Mysterio vs. Montel Vontavious Porter & Elijah Burke w/Layla

Burke lifts Rey back up to his feet and whips him in to the corner. He pulls his knee pads down and charges at Rey, going for the ELIJAH EXPRESS. . . . . Rey is able to step to the side, getting a big pop as he then slips behind Burke and rolls him up 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burke just pushes off with a little force as Rey is thrown forward a little, giving Burke the chance to jump across and make the tag to MVP. Getting a lot of heat as he steps through the ropes, MVP sees Rey back on his feet and runs at him, but Rey jumps up and is able to hit a HURRICANRANA. . . . . A big pop hits as the ref makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP just kicks out, leaving the fans shocked. Both men make it back up to their feet, and Rey swings a right at MVP’s head, and it connects. Rey then runs back in to the ropes and hits a SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY. . . . . Again the fans cheer as the ref makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . MVP pushes Rey off before the three. As Rey stands back up, he steps back and makes the tag to John Cena, who comes in to a strong reception. He charges at MVP as he gets up, ducks under MVP’s arm and runs in to the ropes, comes back and connects with a DIVING SHOULDER TACKLE. . . . . The crowd goes nuts again as Cena pulls MVP up from his knees and plants him with a SPINNING SIT DOWN POWER BOMB. . . . . Burke comes back in and breaks up the count with a soft kick to Cena’s back. The referee gets up and tries to get Burke out of the ring, but he’s not budging. Rey then steps through the ropes as both Cena and MVP get back up. MVP sees Rey and runs in to a drop toe hold, where he lands on the second rope as Cena charges at Burke and clotheslines him over the top. Layla looking pissed, gets on the apron, catches the attention of the referee as she tries to warn him about Rey. Rey though dials up and hits MVP with the 619 with MVP falling back in to the clutches of Cena, who lifts MVP on to his shoulders and plants him with the F U. . . . . The ref tells Layla to get down as he turns round and sees Cena drop to the mat for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “My Time is Now” hits to a big pop as Rey walks over and enjoys a guy hug with Cena before they get their arms raised. Burke & Layla watch on from the outside, not looking too happy as Rey smiles as he sees MVP squirming on the mat. They then pose for the crowd for a good twenty seconds.

WINNERS: John Cena & Rey Mysterio by pinfall @ 8.11



***MATCH #5***

Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy

Lashley whips Kennedy in to the ropes and ducks his own head, and as Kennedy comes back, he sees that and kicks Lashley square in the head. Lashley’s head snaps up as Kennedy then pounces with a kick to the stomach and a SNAP DDT. . . . . Kennedy turns over quickly on the mat and hooks both legs as Jericho drops down to count the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kennedy looks at Jericho and accuses him of making a slow count, but Jericho firmly tells him it was a two. Kennedy stands back up looking agitated as he then urges Lashley up, and as he slowly picks himself back up too. Kennedy reacts straight away and he pulls him in to position for the MIC CHECK. . . . . Lashley is able to slip behind Kennedy and tosses him overhead with a HARD RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX. . . . . Lashley stands back up and sees the impact hurt Kennedy there as he walks over to him, pulls him up to his feet and scoops him on to his shoulder, setting him up for a RUNNING POWERSLAM. . . . . The crowd cheer as he then steps back and then runs in to the opposite corner, but Kennedy is just able to slip off the shoulders and pushes Lashley chest first in to the pads. Lashley turns round in to a hard right hand and remains up against the pads in the corner as Kennedy then runs in and nails him with a FACEWASH. . . . . Kennedy smiles as Lashley slumps to the mat before then sliding under the bottom rope.

Jericho checks on Lashley as Kennedy grabs a chair on the outside and slides it in to the ring with Lashley starting to sit up. Kennedy stares at a disgusted JR for a couple of seconds before he slides back in to the ring, still looking at JR. But as he stands back up on the inside and turns round to pick up the chair, Lashley is back up and he charges at Kennedy, nailing him with a SPEAR. . . . . The chair just falls out of Kennedy’s hands as he hits the mat while Lashley reaches across and goes for the cover, but Jericho seems more concerned with the chair as he picks that up. Lashley looks pissed and argues with Jericho, telling him to make the count while Jericho points to the chair with the other hand. Lashley drops down to cover Kennedy again, but Jericho just stands there. Lashley looks up at him and shouts at him to make the count, but Y2J looks in to the crowd and laughs. Lashley stands up and shoves Jericho, knocking him back a couple of steps. Again Jericho just smirks in to the crowd before turning back and HITTING LASHLEY ACROSS THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR. . . . . The crowd gasp with most of them cheering as Lashley falls to the mat, next to Kennedy who seems to come round. Jericho drops the chair as a groggy Kennedy looks up and sees Lashley laid out, and so reaches his arm across his chest with Jericho dropping to the mat and making the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Turn up the Trouble” hits as Mr. Kennedy eventually stands back up and looks curiously at Jericho who just grins back. Kennedy sees the chair on the mat and looks back at Jericho who picks the chair up as if to ask Kennedy if that’s what he’s looking at. The music cuts as Kennedy looks at the chair and points down at Lashley with Jericho just shrugging his shoulders. Kennedy looks pissed and then pushes Jericho back a few steps. Jericho looks in to the crowd and smiles before stepping forward and SMASHING THE CHAIR IN TO KENNEDY’S SKULL. . . . . Jericho gets a big pop as he then drops the chair to the mat and smiles at the sight of both Lashley and Kennedy laid out on the mat with “Break The Walls Down” then hitting.

WINNER: Mr. Kennedy by pinfall @ 7.40


Todd Grisham
is standing by as he then introduces us to his guest, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton. He walks in to the shot to a lot of heat from the arena, looking very focused. Grisham reminds us that last week Orton told the world that at Wrestlemania he wants to make John Cena tap out and asks Orton if he really thinks that is possible. Orton looks right back at him and says that there is nothing he can’t do, saying that he’s done everything he’s ever set his mind to, like becoming the youngest World Championship in history. He then says that he delivers on every word that leaves his mouth, and that includes what he said last week, saying he will make John Cena tap out at Wrestlemania. He takes a short pause before telling Grisham that he’s been wrestling for years and he’s used submission holds before, but says that he’s been working real hard with his dad the last week to find a hold he can call his own, something that will go down in history as the hold that made John Cena tap out at Wrestlemania 24 to The Legend Killer. Orton looks in to the camera and tells Cena and even Kane to get a close look tonight because they’re going to find out just what’s in store at Wrestlemania. He stares in to the camera for a couple of seconds before walking out of the shot. Grisham then tells us that Orton will be in action next, when we come back.


Just before the match starts, “My Time is Now” hits as John Cena walks down to ringside and joins JR & King at the announce table, leaving Randy Orton looking unhappy in the ring. Cena tells JR & King that since he heard Orton earlier on say that he wants Cena to watch, he’s going to do just that and take a real close look at how Orton’s going to make him tap at Wrestlemania.

***MATCH #6***

Val Venis vs. Randy Orton

Orton throws a right hand at Val, but Venis ducks underneath it and hits a stunned Orton with a couple of hard rights himself. With Orton on the back foot, Val then grabs him by the wrist and whips him in to the ropes. As Orton comes back, Val sends him overhead with a back body drop. The crowd get behind the underdog as he then walks over to the corner and climbs to the top rope. As Orton stands back up, Val jumps off the top, looking to hit a double axe handle, only for Orton to kick him in the gut and nail him with an INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER. . . . . Orton doesn’t even think about going for the cover as he walks back in to the corner and stalks Val for the RUNNING PUNT. . . . . With Val squirming and starting to come round, Orton sets himself up and races towards Val, only for Val to see it coming and pull his head back. Orton runs through in to the corner but reaches out and grabs hold of the top rope while Val picks himself up. As they both turn round and Orton steps out of the corner, Val throws a right hand, but Orton ducks underneath it, and as Val turns round, Orton leaps up and plants him with an RKO. . . . . The crowd boo the WWE Champion as he then stands back up and pulls Val in to the middle of the ring. With Val lying on his stomach, Orton stands over him and applies THE CAMEL CLUTCH. . . . . Val screams out straight away, and it’s clear how much pressure Orton is putting on him with the intensity in his eyes. Val doesn’t even try to move towards the rope and taps out with the ref then calling for the bell.

AFTERMATH: “Burn in my Light” hits as a satisfied looking Orton stands back up and gets his arm raised by the referee. He then walks over to the ropes, staring at a serious looking John Cena as he asks for a microphone. His music stops as he stays by the ropes and tells Cena he just proved to not just him but everyone that he is more than capable of making him tap at Wrestlemania. He then backs away from the ropes and says that for everyone who can’t see, Cena looks more scared than a German solider from World War Two. Orton revels in the heat he gets as he then says that just like the German’s in the war; at Wrestlemania, Cena doesn’t stand a chance. He drops the microphone as his music hits again while Cena just smiles through it, but as Orton gets to the top of the ramp, looks back towards the ring and poses with the belt, “Burned” hits and the lights go out, replaced with red ones as Kane walks out behind Orton. The WWE Champion looks worried as he turns round and sees Kane right in front of him. Orton just freezes as the music stops with Kane then grabbing him around the throat and chokeslamming him down on the stage. “Burned” hits again as Paul Bearer walks out to the stage with a microphone and a big smile on his face as Cena just watches on from the announce table in disbelief. Bearer says that Randy Orton might have just made some inadequate submit, but says that there is absolutely no chance of him making Kane quit. He looks down at Cena and says that Cena won’t make him quit either because Kane will be the next WWE Champion with an “oh yesss” to follow. Kane then raises his arms and then brings them crashing down as his pyro explodes from the stage and the ringposts. Bearer smiles and points at Cena and says he’s next, catching Cena off guard.

WINNER: Randy Orton by submission @ 5.22


CM Punk & Sunny
are in the hallway whispering outside a door with Eugene’s name on, getting a lot of heat from the arena as the fans see the duo on the tron. Wearing a long jacket (clearly covering something very slutty up), Sunny asks him if this is such a good idea, saying that Bischoff hasn’t said anything tonight. Punk says that Bischoff is a snake and that if he wants to play games with him, then he’s not going to sit around and wait for Bischoff to strike first. Sunny says she’s not sure about it, but Punk tells her that this is the easiest way for both of them, saying that Eugene is easy prey and that she found that out last week. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about before telling her to go work her magic on the special one. Sunny seems to become more confident and says to Punk that he’s right, they have to make a stand against Bischoff tonight. She hugs him and knocks on the door, then calls out Eugene’s name before opening the door without looking inside and then reaching in to turn the light out. We then see her close the door after blowing a kiss at Punk who then waits outside, rubbing his hands together, but he panics as we hear Sunny scream from the inside. Punk drops his belt on the floor and opens the door.

The light is on and Jeff Hardy is stood there holding a scared Sunny, wearing a corset with her jacket on the floor. Punk looks stunned and runs at Jeff, who just pushes Sunny to the side as he and Punk exchange right hands. Jeff picks Punk up by the waist and runs forward, ramming him in to the wall, back first. Punk slides down the wall with Jeff then stomping away at his chest. Sunny then jumps on Jeff’s back as he then tries to shake her off. Punk is slow getting to his feet, looking in pain as Jeff manages to shake Sunny off. He then kicks at Punk and pushes him up against the wall, grabs him by the head and then bangs his head against it. Punk drops to the floor as Sunny runs at him and jumps up at him. Jeff grabs hold of her and puts her back on the floor, but she slaps him across the face. Jeff smirks and then pushes her to the floor as we then see Eric Bischoff & Eugene walk in. He smiles at the sight of Punk clutching his head as he lies on the floor. Sunny looks pissed and shouts to Bischoff that he’s going to be sorry. Jeff looks back with sheer hatred at Punk who raises his head slightly with a look of real anger. Jeff walks over to Punk and tells him that there’s no more games and he’s back to make him pay. He then turns round and walks out of the room, past Eugene and a smiling Bischoff as Punk, still holding his head in pain & Sunny look on angrily.




Triple H vs. The McMahon Men

As Triple H steps through the ropes, all three McMahon’s charge at him and attack him with vicious shots to the head and chest, forcing him down to the mat where they continue the attack, stomping away at him. Mike Chioda tries to stop them, but they just push him away. Chioda gets up after several second and tries to break it up again, but Vince knocks him out with a hard right hand. Vince & Shane then lift Trips to his feet as JBL then slaps The Game in the face. JBL then pulls him in to position for THE LAST CALL. . . . . Just as he’s about to lift him up, “Line in the Sand” blasts out to a huge pop as Batista & Ric Flair charge down the ramp and slide in to the ring. Batista charges at JBL and clotheslines him down to the mat as Flair punches Shane down and then Vince. As JBL gets back up, Batista whips him in to the ropes and plants him with a SPINEBUSTER. . . . . The roof is close to being blown off as Flair applies the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK ON VINCE. . . . . As Shane gets back up, Batista kicks him in the gut and then plants him with the BATISTA BOMB. . . . . Triple H makes his way back up to his feet as Batista too stands back up and Flair lets the hold go on Vince. They all meet in the middle of the ring and hug for a couple of seconds before they raise each others arms in the air to “Line in the Sand” as that plays again to the delight of the German fans with the show coming to a close.

WINNER: No Contest


Eddie Colon df. Cody Rhodes
Ron Killings df. Santino Marella
Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart df. Victoria & Mickie James
John Cena & Rey Mysterio df. MVP & Elijah Burke
Mr. Kennedy df. Lashley
Randy Orton df. Val Venis

Carlito df. Jim Duggan
Candice Michelle df. Jillian Hall
Cryme Time df. Stevie Richards & Tommy Dreamer


Official Theme Song

Fall Out Boy “Thanks For The Memories”
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WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge

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