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WWE.com - Television - Raw (Preview - 18th February 2008)

RAW Preview
18th February 2008

Olympia Halle
Berlin, Germany


After being set up for a fall by The McMahon Men just over a week ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event, we all wondered what kind of response we would get from Triple H last Monday night in the UK. Well he was in for one big shock when he entered the building as he had missed out on seeing Eric Bischoff announce that later on in the main event, The Game would be going one on one with his father-in-law, Vince McMahon inside a Steel Cage with the winner getting to decide the fate of the loser at Wrestlemania. It was also made clear that if Triple H was victorious, he would have control of not just Vince, but Shane McMahon and JBL too. After entering the arena and learning the news from Todd Grisham, The Game took the news well and made it clear he was looking for revenge. And in the highly competitive cage match, it was The King of Kings who emerged as the victor.

With the control in his hands, just what will he decide for The McMahon Men for Wrestlemania? Tune in to find out!

Have the cracks started to appear in the WWE Champion? Randy Orton has been on edge ever since learning that Kane will be challenging for his title at Wrestlemania, along with John Cena, but it looked like Orton wasn’t himself last week. He told Cena that he is determined to make him tap out at Wrestlemania when they collide in the triple threat match. Just how does Orton intend to do that? Later on in the evening, we witnessed one hell of a battle when Cena met Kane head on, and with Orton watching on from the announce position, it was always going to be interesting to say the least. With Orton determined to strike, he ended up costing Cena the match with a shot to the head, using his WWE Championship, followed up by a Tombstone to give Kane a big win going in to Wrestlemania.

With Orton in action this week, just what can we expect to see form him following his threats last week? Will he be able to make Cena tap?

It’s hard to believe it was just three weeks ago when Rey Mysterio was attacked backstage before his match with CM Punk. Rumours were flying around regarding just who the attacker was, with Punk and Rey’s rival, Elijah Burke being touted as the likeliest suspects. Having been put in a match with Burke at Saturday Night’s Main Event just over a week ago, Rey prevailed with the big win and still no admission from Burke or anyone else, we were still left to guess at just who the attacker was. Last Monday night saw a very frustrated Burke go to Eric Bischoff and demand an apology. Raw’s Head of Authority was surprisingly apologetic and even gave Burke a chance to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania. The match would see Burke go head to head with Mysterio just 48 hours after losing to the same opponent. However, we were all in for a shock when Smackdown’s MVP appeared through the crowd and attacked Rey, resulting in Rey losing and Burke qualifying for Money in the Bank.

This past Friday on Smackdown, MVP offered his explanation as to why he attacked Rey, and even claimed Rey would be a guest on The VIP Lounge. With MVP clearly knowing Rey wouldn’t be there, we are left awaiting Rey’s response this coming week on Raw in Germany. With MVP blaming Rey for his Royal Rumble loss and lack of a title shot at Wrestlemania for the horrific sneak attack, just what will Rey have to say?

It seems that the quest to gain the Money in the Bank briefcase is causing a lot of trouble between not just the bitter rivals of Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy, but Bobby Lashley as well. Two weeks back while Jericho and Kennedy argued about who would be a more fitting winner, Lashley felt the need to make his case, and that he did. In a match made there and then by Eric Bischoff, Lashley overcame them both in a triple threat match. And last week when Kennedy was scheduled to be a guest on The Highlight Reel, Lashley took exception to some comments made by Jericho as he joked about Lashley’s personality. Lashley stood right up to Jericho before Kennedy made his appearance and traded insults with both men.

Jericho then dropped a bombshell on them both by announcing that this upcoming week will see them go at it with Y2J acting as the special guest referee. How will Jericho call the match? Is it enough to expect that he will call it down the line? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to make sure you catch Raw this Monday night.

After Beth Phoenix enlisted the help of a mystery woman to help her leaves Saturday Night’s Main Event with the WWE Womens Championship, she unveiled her accomplice last week after overcoming Mickie James in a non title match, with the help yet again from the woman we know now goes by the name of Natalya Neidhart. Natalya is the daughter of the WWE legend, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and along with The Glamazon, gave Victoria another beat down just 2 days after Natalya cosy Victoria the chance of taking Beth’s title.

However, this Monday night will see the official in ring debut of Natalya as she joins forces with The Glamazon to take on the team of Victoria and Mickie James. How will she fare as Victoria continues to look for revenge against the dangerous duo?

Ron Killings continued to give Santino Marella a headache last week as Killings enlisted the help of Cryme Time, the returning tag team to defeat Santino and his chosen partners of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. As Killings, Shad & JTG celebrated at the end of the match, it was clear that Lance Cade wasn’t too happy as he saw Murdoch take another loss for the team, and headed for the back, leaving Murdoch all by himself. Will we find out anymore on this situation this coming Monday? We will however see Killings and Santino look horns once again, this time in singles action. After being disqualified two weeks ago against Killings, will Marella take the high road this time out?

Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes picked up a big victory over The Colon Brother’s last Monday in the UK, leaving Carlito looking very unhappy. The older brother wasn’t happy to see the two young superstars overcome them after weeks of arguments between the four men. We have learnt that Carlito’s younger brother, Eddie will meet Cody Rhodes in singles action. Will the fortune of The Colon Brother’s improve this coming week?


Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. Kennedy

The WWE Champion, Randy Orton in action!

Victoria & Mickie James
vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart

Ron Killings vs. Santino Marella

Cody Rhodes
vs. Eddie Colon

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