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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Smackdown Review:

MVP getting a bit of time to talk is very nice to see but the British troops line sounded very corny and forced to get heat. I think we can all see where this is leading going in to 'Mania but you are making it very interesting and this looks like it could be a very good feud judging from what I have seen the past few weeks. I like the way you have been gradually pushing MVP over the last months and now it is his time to hit the big time but I hope it is a DQ finish otherwise you could hurt MVP's credibility.

I thought Chris Harris was Bret Hart then, thanks for getting my hopes up...

Edge is on top form again, you can write him extremely well and I like that a lot. The heartbreaker line was very clever but I don't know exactly how Edge can call HBK over the hill when he has been here a good ten years so please don't do a new breed storyline as that would kill it but I would seriously mark if someone had the balls to have a heel champion walk out of 'Mania.

I like the Masters of the Mat name. Shame the Cruiserweights jobbed once again but you are really making Haas and Masters look strong and once again you are doing a great job of building teams up and I see them getting the tag straps soon. The Haas of Pain is also being built up as a match-ending move which it wasn't before which is a better move than his German Suplex pin.

It looks like you have a fantastic tag division once again. Morrison and Miz were extremely arrogant here and their characters were spot on but a GM should NEVER panic, it shows weakness and you don't want that if you are in a high position like Regal is but I am intrigued to see where this leads to now as the tag division could become very unpredictable but don't make a 24 man tag match for 'Mania!

The Harris/Finlay match needed more description in my opinion because you have given it come intricate build but it was very physical and the ending was very good with Finlay trying to hit him with the shillelagh and Harris had to go over, being the newcomer but I guess it was a little clichéd.

I am liking the storyline with people being agitated with Regal but finally Shelton got his comeuppance with a match against the Undertaker but I am guessing it will be really good.

Ahhh the traditional UK match from the UK crowd. They make really great tag champs and it was probably better that is was back and forth instead of the British dominate and win scenario we normally see so that was a neat twist on things. The Pitbulls interfering was inevitable but I really don't know where you can go from here.

Why did MVP only get one move in? That wasn't exactly the best way to get MVP in to the main event scene but he seemed arrogant throughout the recap. Batista looked to be going through his 2 movez of doom!!! But MVP made this match, walking out on Batista, it didn't prove he has 'it' but MVP certainly has a bright future under you but I don't know why Batista didn't chase after him.

I liked this long promo from the 4 men. A tirade of insults were thrown about but I would have liked a mass brawl at the end because it all seemed very anti-climatic and wasn't really fitting to the situation and they obviously have a deep hatred for each other. I liked the fact Dykstra is a marked man and it is obvious we will see a fatal 4 way match, or a singles match for the title at 'Mania, I honestly think Chavo will face him.

I really would like to see who Hardy is facing at 'Mania, probably Benjamin by the looks of things which definitely isn't bad.

Nice to see a routine victory for Michaels and it was fairly obvious he was going to win so no shock there at all. He says he is Mr. Wrestlemania every year but hasn't he lost 6 or 7 matches in his career at 'Mania? He's lost at least 4.

I would have liked to have seen more action in that match and Benjamin at least getting some fightback but that would have been a touchy subject if he would have given Undertaker too much fight. Umaga comes down and dominates 'Taker- love it! Someone finally has the cojones to have someone dominate the Deadman not once, but twice! A bit obvious what the outcome will be for 'Mania (unless you want to shock me)

Overall: A very, very solid show, at times it seemed like you wanted to fit too much in with 6 matches with a total time of 55 minutes, maybe a little too much but I loved the Umaga section at the end, the tag and CW situation. I still want to see some direction for Batista heading in to 'Mania.

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