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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Good to see another show in the UK again, would rather see it in Birmingham though so I could go..

Wow great promo to kick off the show, I liked the two announcements and the Cena/Orton confrontation was very good. Steel Cage match between HHH and Vince is huge and has very interesting stipulation if HHH wins. Look forward to Kane/Cena aswell to see if Cena can stop Kane’s run of late, hopefully not.

Never keen on Womens matches opening show, and looking through the show either of the two tag team matches would have been a better choice. Saying that it was a pretty decent match and good to see Beth get the much needed win to regain some momentum after losing to Victoria at SNME. I am pretty sure I guessed Natalya as the mystery diva so where’s my prize?

Nice little segment here with Burke getting a rematch with Mysterio. Thinking Burke will win this time, maybe the person who attacked Rey costs him the match? Punk’s segment with Bischoff was interesting and will be interesting what Bischoff has in mind next week. Lol at the crowd booing the mention of Germany

Good Tag Match, looked to be an exciting match and as I said earlier this would of made for a better opening match. Good to see Kofi get the clean win, but would like to see Carlito get a bigger push than he is getting.

Entertaining segment with Cryme Time and Killings, and Killings makes a good partner for Cryme Time.

Great match between Elijah and Rey.Good to see Burke get the win as he will make a good addition to the MITB and two losses in row to Rey would make him look weak. Little surprised to see that the attacker turned out to be MVP, looks like this will lead to a MVP/Mysterio match at WM.

Triple H segment was pretty good, showed off his intensity very well and expect him to win against Vince.

The description of what Sunny was wearing was very good, but I would rather see pictures please. Another entertaining promo with Sunny and Eugene, lol’d at Eugene playing with the wrestling figures. Bit strange that Bischoff was hiding in Eugene’s shower, but anyway promo adds interest to what Bischoff will have in plan for CM Punk.

Another good tag match and the right team picked up the win.

Very well written segment, was definitely the promo the night and Chris Jericho was especially entertaining in this promo. Meh Liverpool > Man Utd and Chelsea. The PM line was also funny. Looks like you are trying to build up a three way feud for WM, but think all three of them will be in the MITB.

Wow surprised to see Kane get a pinfall victory, as I was certain the match would end in a DQ or countout. Again a well written match, and you kept both men looking strong with Orton hitting Cena with the belt the main reason for Cena’s loss. This three way feud looks rather one sided with Kane destroying and winning everything, so am hoping Cena and Orton get one over Kane sometime soon otherwise it will be obvious that Kane loses at WM. And I want him to win lol

The main event was pretty good, made Triple H look a little weak as Vince shouldn’t of had as much offence as he did unless there was interference imo. However it was an entertaining match and look forward to see what match Triple H makes.

Overall was a very good show as always Nige. Had a good mix of great matches (Kane/Cena, HHH/Vince) and great promos (Highlight Reel) and everything is looking good as the road to WM continues.
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