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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw Review

Nice to see Raw in the UK again, it's up north this time but it'll do!

The opening promo was good, having Bischoff open the show was a good idea as having the GM or Independant Head of Authority in your case come down and announce matches is a great way to get this UK crowd pumped for the show. Wow, Triple H versus Vince in the Steel Cage is a massive match to have on Raw, I was expecting you to have something like this at Mania but I suppose you have other ideas for that, plus having this match tonight really gives Raw in the UK a real importance. I like the stipulations too, Bischoff is right down the middle and I like it. I really like that you gave Bischoff all the power too as he normally wouldn't be able to do this without the McMahon's overturning the decisions. I liked Orton and Cena getting involved too, both seemed in character and the second match announcement from Bischoff is huge, again showing that Raw in the UK is a big deal.

Decent match to kick off the action, not the best match you could have to kick off the action, but looking at the other matches this is the right decision as the others need to be high up on the card. Two very talented diva's here so it was going to be an exciting match, I liked how this mystery diva kept getting involved as it kept us wondering who she was. Nice finish and a good win for the Glamazon. So it was Natalya then, good choice, what an alliance this is. Them beating down on Victoria until Mickie made the save was cool, tag match next week then?

Nice little segments here, Burke against Rey Mysterio again tonight is cool but I think we know who is going to win this time. The Punk segment was also very well written and I'm loving this heel Punk, I wonder what Eric has planned for next week? Funny line about Germany too BTW.

I liked the interview with Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston last week so I was looking forward to this match, just seeing Rhodes and Kofi all aggressive and looking for revenge was cool. The match seemed like a good match, the right team won for sure and the right person took the pinfall. This was a good little feud, I wonder if it will continue.

Cool interview, Cryme Tyme are perfect partners for Ron killing IMO. You added some humour with the line from Maria too, that was funny.

Great match between Elijah and Rey. I'm happy that Burke got the win this time as he needed it after losing to Rey at SNME, and by having both men beat each other once it meant that neither man looks weak. Didn't expect the MVP interference at all, there goes my Batista theory! I did say that Rey's match at Mania would be an interpromotional match though at least. I'm looking forward to MVP's explanation as to why he attacked Rey.

The MVP/HHH segments were pretty good, the MVP thing was a bit strange but I guess you wanted to show that MVP was proud of what he did. The Triple H thing was pretty good, I can see him being like that and the last line was cool.

The Eugene segment with Sunny was very good and very well written but I would not like to watch that Lol, it would be so cringeworthy to watch! It was funny though with Eugene playing with his figures. "Pedigree"! That would be hilarious to see. Bischoff looking after Eugene was good, it was funny that he was hiding though.

Nice little comedy promo from Santino before the match. The match seemed pretty good and again the right team picked up the win here.

I was going to say in my SNME review that the show could've done with a highlight reel or some kind of in ring promo, as we normally get one at SNME, but I'm glad that we have got the highlight reel tonight. This promo was brilliant, really well written again. Taking this piss out of the South though and Chelsea? That didn't make me laugh being a Chelsea fan! The rest of the comedy bits from Y2J were funny though and I liked the PM line. Next weeks match is huge and Y2J as ref is a great decision. This was a great segment and it really added more to this three way feud.

Okay segment with the McMahon's, we had to hear from them really after the match announcement earlier. All were in character and I liked what Vince had to say, his confidence was certainly building towards the end but I don't think he can defeat Triple H on his own.

Kane picking up the win was slighlty suprising tbh, I expected Orton to get involved and cause a double DQ or something. The match was good and again very well written with Orton trying to get involved. I don't think there was anything wrong with the ending at all becuase it was a good little twist, as instead of getting revenge on Kane like he said he would Orton cost Cena the match instead. This won't sit well with Cena at all and I expect he will be looking for revenge next week. Kane is looking very strong at the moment but anyone could win at Mania tbh, and I think that Kane won't continue his dominacne all the way up to Mania, either Orton or Cena are going to take the monster down before then.

The main event was very interesting to read, and although Triple H was always going to win you had Vince get some offense in too which was good. Vince used his typical heel tactics to ground Triple H and the clothesline from wall street was cool, all that was missing was Shane's coast to coast from Vince! The finish was good and the low blow from Triple H before the Pedigreewas cool as it shows the hatred between the two men, and the match showed how much they want to hurt each other. I'm interested to see what Triple H does now with the Wrestlemania power in his favour, as I don't know how he will involve all three McMahon's in a match.

Overall Nige it was another quality show, nothing much wrong with it at all. I really enjoyed the matches this week, all of them seemed to flow really well and the promos were good too, the highlight real especially. The storylines you have going are really interesting too heading into 'Mania. Good job mate.

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