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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Heyman Decipleís Raw Review

Hey Nige, sorry about not reviewing you lately itís just I wanted to take a break and just do a whole lot of nothing but now that Iím getting back into the swing of things I just thought Iíd do a review because well you do good work and youíve always been super nice to me. Any way on with the review.

Bischoff Promo: Nice opening promo from Bischoff setting up the Main Event, which then leads to an interruption by Randy Orton and an appearance from John Cena. Cena and Orton then have a really good, intense verbal showdown.

Mickie Vs. Beth: Good Womenís match with Beth picking up the win thanks to some help from the mystery diva who is revealed to be Natayla Neidhart. Which I really like because just the idea of Beth and Natayla forming this badass female tandem sounds pretty damn awesome to me. After the match out came Victoria who eventually got beat down by Beth and Neidhart until Mickie made the save.

Bischoff Ė Burke & Layla: Nice segment here with Bischoff granting Elijah a rematch with Rey Mysterio. Then after Burke and Layla leaves here comes what in my opinion may be the greatest super couple since Luke and Laura; Punk and Sunny. Punk was great here with his little digs at Eugene and having that hot cougar piece of ass, Sunny by his side certainly didnít hurt.

Kofi & Cody Vs. The Colons: Pretty cool tag match here with Kofi & Cody picking up the win. I liked the fact that after the match Carlito is in the ring going bat shit and Kofi and Cody are just looking at him smiling.

Maria Interviewís Killings: This segment ruled, Cryme Tyme is just awesome. Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah.

Mysterio Vs. Burke: Burke wins, Burke wins, Burke wins. This was great, oh yeah and Burke had a little help from MVP. Greatness.

Todd, MVP, & Triple H: Fun segment here with MVP getting some interview time before a door almost whacks Grisham in the face as Triple H arrives, which I thought was just really funny.

Eugene and Sunny: Greatest segment ever, by the way Eugene is my hero and the big reveal at the end with Bischoff listening the whole time was very well done.

Six Man Tag: Solid 6 Man Tag with Killings & Cryme Tyme getting the win.

Highlight Reel: Good stuff, I enjoyed Jericho asking Lashley where he hides his personality. Itís funny because itís true. Then out comes my main man Kennedy for a little back and forth between him and Jericho. Good stuff.

McMahon Family Meeting: Fun little segment here building towards the cage match later.

Cena Vs. Kane: Good match with a good finish. I liked how Kane scared Orton off from interfering and then a minute or so later the ref is out of position temporarily and wham Cena gets cracked in the head by Orton and Kane picks up the win.

Triple H Vs. Vince: To be honest I was expecting this match to be kind of one sided but this turned into a very competitive main event. I always thought Triple H was going to win but you kept me guessing with the fight Vince was putting up and expecting maybe some kind of swerve with Bischoff or maybe somebody else but Triple H did pick up the win in what was a great main event.

This show was great, Now I almost never do this especially for a weekly television show but I was so entertained with this show between Beth and Natayla, Punk & Sunny, Burkeís upset win and the edge of your seat main event that Iím going to give this a 10 out of 10. Great show Nige.
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