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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nige. Really sorry for not reviewing SNME but you knew the circumstances. Anyway, I am here to review what looks like a very good Raw show.

Live here in the United Kingdom Nige, our home place so I was looking for a good segment to kick off the show and you delivered. Reading Ericís segment here its obvious to me that McMahon basically cheated Triple H at SNME and that doesnít come to a surprise to anyone I am sure. A steel cage for tonight is absolute huge TBH and something I am already looking forward to. I need to ask one thing though, I donít get how Eric can tell the McMahonís what too do . I think I have missed something? Apart from that however, this was a great segment as I have said. Eric Bischoff was in character throughout which also helped it. Him being down at ringside I wouldnít be so sure about as I can see him turning heel tonight L and by doing so, helping McMahon get the win but hereís hoping he doesnít.

Okay quite embarrassed here. Didnít notice that there was another part to the opening segment and as I strolled down I found out. There wasnít much out of this other bit though. TBH I canít remember the last time I seen your Raw without Orton kicking off the show. He always seem to be doing it. Anyway, it just really built up the feud more and got a great match announced. Two awesome matches so far announced for Raw here in the UK Great stuff!

Am not liking this TBH. A womens match kicking off the show. I donít think that should ever really happen. Womens matches In WWE anyway are usually toilet break so I wouldnít say having it first on the card is good. The actual match I donít have much to say about but Beth winning isnít a surprise as usual. The aftermath was good and brings a lot of divas onto the show. Natalya came out looking the strongest you would have too say.

Another segment here. So far there has been a lot of them thatís of course including after the womens match. This was an interesting one however and once again you used it wisely too set up another match for later on tonight. Two men with bundles of talent going at it again should be good. Especially with what is at stake. CM Punk and Sunny coming in after. They have a habit of walking in straight after someone else is finished . Anyway, Didnít like the use of bastard in this especially coming from the GM. CM Punk really did talk down too Eric also and I am fully expecting Eric to get pay back next week. I was expecting another match to be made for tonight but anyway. Nice funny line in there with Germany.

Now this was a much better match and I think if you had just swapped this with the divas match it could have been so much better of a start to this show as its been good so far. Kofi and Cody as a tag team is something I like although I also like the Colon brothers. Four men with complete talent and I wasnít too bothered who went over. Good match

This was a good segment and one I enjoyed. Cryme Time coming into brought a little bit of humour to it and just a well done segment with all 3 in character.

What a match Nige. No surprise really with the guys you were using. Didnít see the attack from MVP coming as I didnít really think about it but I like it. Really good booking. Now I doubt MVP will be in the MITB and I would have liked to see him in it but I am happy too see that now a feud has developed which will be a great one. Elijah is the first one into the MITB. Am I correct?

Once again you used the words bastard. Well bastards . I donít like this on a Raw or any WWE show for that matter but you have decided to use it. I liked that MVP walked away, very character like him getting out of that situation. Triple H just finding out live on an interview is awesome

This was a great segment were you got Eugene spot on to say the least really. Him playing with his toys and wee lines such as this are excellent when doing a promo using Eugene In my opinion. No surprise too see what Sunny was trying to do but Eric was too smart for this.

This match seemed a good one and I think this is the sort of match even though it has a feud behind it I think itís the sort of match to make the crowd happy. Especially with Cryme time and Ron Killings going over. Decent match here.

The highlight reel was awesome. Really great stuff and probably your best promo of the night. Every man was in character. Chris Jericho as TKOW said was in top form with the Man UTD v Chelsea thing and saying Bobby Lashley doesnít have a personality and it was the way he said it TBH. Really awesome there. Like TWOW however I also could not see Mr Kennedy using they words and I think that was the only time you drifted any of these men out of character. Overall however, best segment of the night.

Just a segment there to build up the main-event. Nothing more really. TBH if itís the real McMahon he will find away to get out of this. A bad way or a good way. I could see IRL him just saying to Triple H go out the door and letting him win but getting his ass kicked anyway. Donít know if you would have went with this.

Kane going over John Cena was the best thing TBH and as for booking decisions go this was the best of the night. People can say it takes a little of Kanes credibility from the win away that he had to be helped but I would disagree. I think you got everything you done here correct. The aftermath was great also and Kane is looking very strong in this 3 way feud IMO.

These two have been through hell in the past in this BTB together and its still going on and I love it. You really are creating one of the best feuds between two men BTB has ever seen I think Nige. No lying here. It reminds me off the Stone Cold v McMahon days but just not yet at that level, however hatred wise it may be. Trust me. Triple H getting the win was obvious IMO but I am surprised that there wasnít anything that happened except from just a straight up normal match. McMahon was unlucky in few occasions but you always knew Triple H had this one in the bag. Be interesting too see what is happening heading into Mania now.

Overall Nige: Probably one of the best shows you have produced in a while not including the SNME as I didnít read that. Overall though great show well done!


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