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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey Nige, once again here I am to leave comments on Raw, live in the UK:

- The opening segment was good and a nice way to kick off Raw. Triple H vs. Vince in a Steel Cage is huge, and with the McMahon men barred from ringside, I can see Triple H picking up the victory. WOAH! Kane vs. Cena is even bigger! Although I'm not sure whether Cena/Kane one-on-one should be given away for free on Raw when it could've been saved for a PPV later. Nevertheless, it should be a very competitive match. I predict Randy Orton interfering and causing a No Contest because I can't see either Kane or Cena losing this big match.

- A nice win for Beth Phoenix and a good way to debut Natalya Neidhart. I'm not sure about Victoria getting beat down though, because if you're keeping here as the challenger to the Women's Title, then she looked quite weak here. Personally I would've had Mickie get double-teamed by Beth and Natalya and have Victoria make the save. That way she looks stronger, if you can see what I mean. Anyway, the segment helps set up a Mickie/Victoria vs. Beth/Natalya match next week I guess.

"...maybe even next week in Germany. The mention of that country draws enormous heat from inside the arena."

- A decent segment with Bischoff/Burke/Punk, and I like how you're getting Bischoff over as the one sole authority figure on Raw now that the McMahons are powerless. I think Rey Mysterio will beat Burke one more time tonight as I think he could contribute more to the Money in the Bank match. Also I'm intrigued to see what Bischoff has in store for Punk next week.

- A good Tag Team match, and it was nice to see Kofi picking up the clean win. I can't really say much more here.

- A big win for Elijah Burke, and interference from MVP confirms him as the mystery attacker I guess. Looks like MVP/Mysterio will maybe take place at WrestleMania.

- The Triple H segment was OK; it's difficult to comment when the promo is in recaps. Although I can understand why you need to write some shows in recaps.

- Haha, I liked your characterisation of Eugene. Sometimes the best booker doesn't just write a promo for a character, they create segments which suit the character, which you've done here (Eugene playing with the toys). at Bischoff hiding in the shower room. Again, you're continuing to build interest for next week's match, and I'm now even more eager to see what Bischoff has planned for Punk.

- Another decent match, with Cryme Time & Killings picking up the win. Good decision not to have Santino as the man pinned.

- Man Utd > Chelsea. Jericho was on top form, but I'm not sure if Kennedy would say the "bullshit reel". Just doesn't seem like something he would say. This segment was probably my favourite of the night so far, and I liked Kennedy's comment about the PM and President, as well as Jericho's comeback.

- The McMahon men segment again, was ok, but nothing special. I guess it serves it's purpose in hyping the main-event. Although personally I feel Cena/Kane should've been the main-event. Maybe you have something big planned for Vince/Triple H. Also I think you shouldn't have put the segment here, right after the long Highlight Reel.

- Wow, I was really surprised by Kane's victory, as I really didn't see Cena losing. Although the interference from Orton makes sure Cena doesn't look weak. The only thing is this feud seems to be developing into Cena/Orton rather than a 3-way rivalry. Yes, Kane is involved, but at the moment he feels like an extra. I mean you're doing well in making him look like a threat, but as I said he seems like a bit on the side of a conflict between Cena and Orton.

- I think you could've put something in between Vince/Triple H and Cena/Kane - probably the McMahon men segment. I don't think a commercial break is enough to separate these two big matches. Anyway, let's look at the match. A very entertaining main-event with Triple H getting the win, and now the ball seems to be in his court heading into WrestleMania. I'm not sure which match this will be, but considering his issue is with all three McMahons and not just Vince, I can see him including JBL & Shane in the match.

Final comments:
- Overall I think it was a good show Nige. Some things were better than others. My main concern at the moment is the Cena/Kane/Orton rivalry. I think something more needs to be done to make Kane seem like more of a part of the feud. I think the Highlight Reel was the highlight (no pun intended) of the show. I'd give the show 8.5/10.
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