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WWE.com - HOMEPAGE (Raw Results - 11th February 2008)

RAW Results
11th February 2008

The M.E.N. Arena
Manchester, England

From Last Week

  • The McMahon’s choosing Kane to be Triple H’s opponent for Saturday Night’s Main Event and giving themselves special guest roles
  • Eric Bischoff making a match between John Cena and Randy Orton with Orton getting a shot for Orton’s title at Wrestlemania if he wins
  • Cena vs Orton and Orton looking on course to win until Kane appeared, distracting Orton to give Cena the win
  • Paul Bearer after the match making his return and confirming that Kane will challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania

*From Saturday Night’s Main Event*
  • Randy Orton asking The McMahon’s to be the Special Referee instead of Vince, but being shot down due to his intentions towards Kane
  • Triple H vs Kane and The Game fighting back, only for JBL to cost him the match with Vince counting the fall
  • Orton after the match trying to sneak attack Kane, but with Kane turning his neck to shock Orton and stop him in his tracks, ending with the nervous stare down between Orton and Kane

“Wanna Be Loved”

The UK Flags are draped either side of the stage as the pyro goes off with a Steel Cage looming above the ring


“I’m Back” hits as Eric Bischoff makes his way down the ramp, not looking very happy. After collecting a microphone from Lillian Garcia, Raw’s Independent Head of Authority says that he has something that he really needs to get off his chest. He says that he’s had a lot of complaints from fans, not just in the US and the UK, but from all over the world about how The McMahon Men stacked the odds against Triple H at Saturday Night’s Main Event. He accepts that it was his fault for allowing The McMahon’s to put Triple H in that position but says he didn’t think for a minute that there would be such a blatant abuse of that power. He then says that that abuse of power didn’t give Triple H a chance, and tells the crowd that he has to try and even that up since he has to be totally independent. He then says that right here in The UK tonight, Triple H will have the chance he’s craved to get his hands on not just the patriarch of the McMahon family but the entire wrestling business. . . Vince McMahon. With the crowd cheering, Bischoff looks up at the cage and points to it as he says that the two will go at it tonight inside a Steel Cage match, and if Triple H can win, he will be given the same chance The McMahon Men had two weeks ago, but this time it’s a whole lot bigger. He says that Triple H will be allowed to choose what match any and as many of the family will be in at Wrestlemania. The crowd cheer like mad as Bischoff then says that this time there will be no interference from Shane, JBL, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley or even the damn make up lady, because if there is, that person will be fired on the spot, getting another big pop as he says that he will be sitting at ringside to make sure nothing out of hand goes down.

However, just as Bischoff smiles, “Burn in my Light” blasts out as Randy Orton storms down to the ring in casual clothes with a microphone in hand. He looks at Bischoff in the centre of the ring and tells Bischoff that his main concern shouldn’t be dealing with Triple H, it should be explaining to the WWE Champion just why he has to defend his title against both John Cena and Kane at Wrestlemania. He accuses Bischoff of being incompetent and deliberately targeting him to make an impact on his return, but Orton says he’s not going to stand for it. Bischoff tells Orton that he’s the WWE Champion and he should be ready to take on all comers. Orton looks as intense as ever as Bischoff then tells him that the odds are stacked against him, just like they have been before and he challenges him to prove he is the WWE Champion by walking in to Wrestlemania and then walking out with his title intact. As Orton stares intensely at Bischoff, “My Time is Now” plays as John Cena walks down to a mixed reception. Cena laughs as he looks Orton, telling him that it seems like Randy’s got a new TV show called “How to look like a big dumb baby in Manchester, England”. The line gets a pop from the crowd and Cena then continues by calling Orton pathetic and tells him to take a chill pill, saying it’s not the end of the world. He then says, sarcastically to Orton that he could try and jump Kane to take him out, but then brings up the fact that he tried and failed to do just that at Saturday Night’s Main Event. He then says that everyone saw the clip and that everyone knows Orton’s strategy, attack from behind. Orton shouts that it’s bull with Cena yelling straight back and telling Orton that he’s a coward and a champion living on borrowed time. He tells Orton that last week he lost to the FU, but it could have been any number of things, including the STFU and making Orton tap like the baby that he is.

Orton says it’s crap, getting real angry with Bischoff watching on. Orton says that he’ll never tap to Cena, not tonight, not next week and especially not at Wrestlemania before telling Cena that if anyone will be tapping out at Wrestlemania, it will be Cena. The challenger looks at Orton with a smile and asks him just how Kane is going to make him tap, getting Orton even more pissed. He shouts at Cena that it won’t be Kane making him tap, but The Legend Killer. He says that he wants to make Cena tap more than anything and it will be the crowning moment of his career when he achieves it, and says that he will because he achieves everything he ever sets out to do, like beating Cena at the Royal Rumble in their TLC match. Cena’s smile goes as Orton then tells him that he will be spending all of his time from now until Wrestlemania to make sure that he retains at Mania like he did at the Rumble and that he will make Cena tap out. Cena looks like he is about to respond when Bischoff says that as much as he would love to see these guys argue, he wants to see some action instead. He says that he’s already given the UK crowd one huge match tonight, but says they’re going to get one more. He looks at Orton and tells him that he can take the night off after what happened last week before turning to Cena. He says that everyone around the world is wondering just who has the best chance of taking the WWE title from Randy Orton at Wrestlemania, and says that tonight we’re going to get a chance to find out, because tonight, the two challengers for the WWE Championship at The Citrus Bowl will go at it tonight when John Cena goes one on one with Kane. The crowd cheer like crazy as Orton smiles. “I’m Back” hits as Bischoff leaves the ring as Orton smirks at a very focused looking John Cena as we go to our first commercial break.




Beth Phoenix makes her way down to the ring with the mystery diva that helped her defeat Victoria at Saturday Night’s Main Event two nights ago. Mickie James then makes her entrance, looking a little concerned as both Phoenix and her partner in crime stand in the ring looking very serious


Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix w/Mystery Diva

Beth throws a right hand at Mickie, but she blocks it and pushes The Glamazon back several paces, and as Beth walks back towards Mickie, she is hit right in the face with a MICK KICK. . . . . Beth falls in a heap on the mat, near to the ropes as Mickie then drops down, and with the crowd cheering she goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The mystery diva on the outside places Beth’s foot on the bottom rope, not seen by Mickie, but the ref sees the foot on the rope and stops the count to Mickie’s dismay. She then stands back up and urges the Womens Champion up to her feet. Slowly but surely, Beth makes her way back up with the help of the ropes, but as Mickie then walks over and pulls her in to position for the IMPLANT DDT. . . . . The diva on the outside stands up on the apron to distract Mickie, and it works as she lets go of Beth and walks over to the ropes. The mystery woman drops to the floor before Mickie gets there. Mickie stops and looks at her for a few seconds before turning back round in to a kick to the stomach from Phoenix who then pulls Mickie’s head under her arm and lifts her up for a suplex.

She walks over to the ropes, drops Mickie’s legs down against the ropes and then lifts them back up and hits her with the SLINGSHOT SUPLEX. . . . . She doesn’t waste any time as she turns over and goes for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Mickie kicks out to a big pop from the Manchester crowd. Beth thinks the match is all but over as she stands back up and lifts Mickie up to her feet, setting her up for the CRADLE SUPLEX. . . . . The crowd boo as Beth takes a couple of seconds, acting very confident before Mickie stuns her as she slips behind and rolls her in to an INSIDE CRADLE. . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . KICK OUT! . . . . . Beth pushes off and both women stand back up, but Mickie ends up by the ropes where the mystery diva grabs her by the foot. Mickie turns round and pulls her foot out of the grasp, but as she turns round, Beth pounces straight away with a kick to the gut and plants her with the CRADLE SUPLEX. . . . . The Glamazon doesn’t waste a second this time as she hooks both Mickie’s legs for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Beth collects a microphone as the mystery diva kicks Mickie under the bottom rope to the arena floor. The Glamazon says that she’s heard lots of unpleasant comments from fans and jealous divas in the back about what happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event. She says that some people think if it wasn’t for this woman alongside her, Victoria would be the Womens Champion right now. The fans cheer but Beth says it’s simply not true and the only thing that matters is she is still the Womens Champion, not Victoria. As the boos start and then stop, she then taps the diva standing next to her on her shoulder and says the other thing people have been talking about is just who this woman here is. Beth says that they’re better off not knowing because she is just as dangerous as The Glamazon, just as focused and just as dominant. She says they trained together not so long ago and now it’s time for her good friend to come on board and see what the big leagues have to offer, then introduces her as Natalya Neidhart. Beth passes her the microphone and Natalya says that everyone will recognise the surname, and so they should because she will do what her family before her has done, and that is dominate the WWE.

She says every member of her family that stepped in this ring took on all comers and beat every last one of them, something she intends to follow. She says that after seeing successful Beth Phoenix has done on Raw, she was appalled by the actions of Victoria and says that she wasn’t going to stand by and watch her friend being disrespected by someone like Victoria. “Lady to Mess With” hits as Victoria makes her way down the ramp, getting a big pop as she slides in to the ring and goes for both of them, putting up a good fight until the numbers game becomes too much and they stomp her to the mat. Natalya then takes advantage as she locks in the Sharpshooter on Victoria, getting a number of cheers from the marks in the crowd. Victoria screams in pain, but Mickie James comes to her rescue as she turns Beth round and knocks her down with a forearm shot. She then gently kicks Natalya in the back of the head, resulting in the Sharpshooter being broken. Both Natalya and Beth roll under the bottom rope to the outside and walk round to each other at the bottom of the ramp as Mickie checks on Victoria as they stare back at Beth & Natalya

WINNER: Beth Phoenix by pinfall @ 6.12


Eric Bischoff is in his office watching the last match with his hand on his chin, not looking very happy. He says to himself he’ll deal with Beth Phoenix next week when Elijah Burke walks in with Layla, neither looking at the best of moods. Burke goes right up to Bischoff and asks him if he’s happy now after he got to watch Rey Mysterio’s luckiest ever victory at Saturday Night’s Main Event, telling Bischoff that he said two weeks ago it wasn’t him who attacked Rey and asks for an apology. Bischoff just looks at him in shock before telling him that there is still no evidence to rule Burke out, with Layla butting in and saying there isn’t any evidence full stop. Bischoff agrees and says he’s willing to make it up to Burke and says that since we’re all on the road to Wrestlemania, it’s about that time to start thinking about Money in the Bank. Burke’s eyes light up as Bischoff then tells him he’ll get his chance to prove that Rey’s win on Saturday was a fluke, because tonight they will meet again in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. Burke smiles and tells Bischoff it’s exactly what he should have done in the first place instead of jumping to conclusions.

Burke and Layla then turn round with Bischoff turning his back for a second before we see CM Punk and Sunny walk in behind Bischoff. Punk asks him if he’s ignoring them on purpose after Eugene’s return got spoiled last week. Bischoff turns round and tells Punk that Eugene is just fine and that he’s just meeting some old friends. Punk then sarcastically reminds him that it’s a wrestling show not a mental facility. Bischoff looks angry as he tells Punk that Eugene is a lot wiser to people now, especially manipulative bastards like him. Punk says he resents the comments and says the only way Eugene could have actually gained some wisdom is by spending time away from Bischoff and spending it with true role models like him. Bischoff tells Punk that he had better be careful and reminds him who he’s speaking to. Punk tells Bischoff that he doesn’t care about him, Eugene or any other mentally damaged member of their family, all he cares about is continuing in his dominance on Monday Night Raw. Bischoff looks less than impressed and tells Punk that some day soon, he’s going to get what’s coming to him, maybe even next week in Germany. The mention of that country draws enormous heat from inside the arena. Punk tells Bischoff he’s not intimidated by him, but Bischoff tells him that he might re think that next week. Punk looks at Sunny and just turns back to laugh at Bischoff as he and Sunny walk out. Bischoff stares right through him as they leave.


***MATCH #2***

Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes w/Kelly Kelly vs. The Colon Brothers

Carlito looks in control of Cody as he waits for him to get up, looking like he’s going to explode. As Cody stands back up, Carlito then charges at him, looking to connect with a clothesline, but Cody ducks underneath it and immediately reacts by hitting Carlito with a side russian leg sweep. Both men hit the mat, and after a couple of seconds, Cody stands back up and walks over to the corner, then climbs to the top rope as Carlito too starts to stand back up. Cody then leaps off for a DIVING CROSS BODY. . . . . Carlito though connects with a great counter of a dropkick to the chest of Rhodes. Carlito looks to finish the match as he reaches across and hooks both legs 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cody kicks out, leaving Carlito looking shocked. The Cool one from the Caribbean stands back up and pulls Cody up to his knees before running back into the ropes and going for the SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW SMASH. . . . . Cody sidesteps it though as he drops to the mat and then crawls across to his corner while Carlito does the same, with both men making the tag to their partners.

Both Kofi and Eddie climb through the ropes, but it’s Eddie who charges at Kofi, with Kofi ducking underneath an outstretched arm. He reacts straight away as Eddie turns back round by running through off the ropes and then connecting with a HIGH ANGLE REVERSE ELBOW SMASH. . . . . The crowd cheer Kofi loudly as he then stands back up and reaches down to pull Eddie back up to his feet before whipping him in to the corner. He runs in straight away and jumps up to the second rope, getting an even bigger pop as he unleashes right hand after right hand to the forehead of Eddie Colon with the crowd counting along out loud. As Kofi steps back down off the ropes, Carlito slips in the ring and walks up behind him, but the referee is quick to see it as he walks over and blocks him off. As Eddie stands back up, he charges out at Kofi, but The Jamaican superstar sees him coming and reacts quickly, nailing him with a 540 KICK. . . . . The roof comes off as the ref turns round with Carlito just back on the apron. The ref runs over and makes the count as Carlito then tries to get back in the ring in time to save the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Kofi’s music hits as he slips out of the ring quickly with Carlito trying to get at him. Cody jumps down and raises his arm as Kelly hugs them both. Carlito looks pissed as he stares at them back up the ramp, as does Eddie as he comes round and sits up. Carlito walks over to the ropes, grabs hold of the top one and kicks the bottom one in frustration before gesturing at Cody and Kofi who just smile back

WINNERS: Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes by pinfall @ 7.20




Maria is standing by and introduces her guest, Ron Killings. She says that tonight Killings will team up with two other men to take on Santino Marella and two superstars of his choosing. Killings cuts Maria off politely and says that he wants to point out clearly to Santino that there is no easy way out last week because he’s not going to let that happen again. He accuses Santino of not having what it takes downstairs to take defeat like a real man, but tonight he’s not going to have a choice. He then says that finding two partners was just as easy as it is going to be when he gets in the ring with Santino later on. He then says that he would proudly like to introduce his partners, Shad Gaspard and JTG, Cryme Time. There’s the usual loudness from the duo as they walk in to the shot. Shad tells Maria it’s great to see her again and says he’s got a great deal on some real off the hook designer watches for her later on after he and JTG do what they’ve come back to do, and that’s tear Raw apart because they’re all about climbing to the top to get all that money, money, yeah, yeah. The crowd join in inside the arena as Killings grins until Maria says she doesn’t see any money. Shad and JTG look at her and stop before Shad reaches in to his back pocket and pulling out a wad of cash, saying that’s what it’s all about baby. They start off again as the camera fades out.


***MATCH #3***

Rey Mysterio vs. Elijah Burke w/Layla

Burke has looked very aggressive throughout, but as he whips Rey in to the ropes, the flying Mexican comes back and takes him down with a CROSS BODY 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burke lifts Rey off of his chest to stop the count with both men rushing to get back up to a vertical base. Burke is first to react again as he grabs Rey by the arm and whips him in to the corner. He doesn’t waste a second as he runs in at him, but Rey lifts his boot up in to Burke’s face who just staggers out of the corner holding his face. Rey then helps himself up to the top rope, and as Burke turns round, Rey flies off the top and hits a PERFECT ASAI MOONSAULT. . . . . A huge pop breaks out as Rey hits it and holds on for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burke just got his shoulder up but looks a little out of it still as he remains on the mat while Rey races back up to his feet and to the corner. He again climbs to the top rope, but with the referee checking on Burke, Layla stands up on the apron and pushes Rey down off the top and down to the mat. Lots of boos come from the crowd as Rey hits the mat. The ref looks surprised and walks over to Layla who acts all innocent with a look of satisfaction on her face, and she’s not had her taste of the Elijah Experience yet tonight. Back on the inside, Rey and Burke both start to show signs of movement, and as they both struggle back to their feet with Burke in the middle of the ring, Rey runs at him.

Burke though shows a lot of courage as he catches Rey and plants him with a SPINNING SIT DOWN SPINEBUSTER. . . . . With Burke holding on for a cover, the ref counts 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The fans cheer loudly as Rey somehow manages to get a shoulder up with Burke and Layla looking absolutely gobsmacked. Burke holds his head in his hands for several seconds before standing back up. He again whips Rey in to the corner and then pulls his kneepads down, getting ready for the ELIJAH EXPRESS. . . . . With Rey looking in danger as he remains in the corner, Burke then runs in at him, but Rey steps to the side as Burke runs through and hits the pads chest first. Rey steps behind him and reaches down, then rolls Burke up for a pin attempt 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Burke just kicks out, but Layla looks really worried and climbs to the apron, distracting the referee who then walks over and tells her to get down, but she stays there arguing as Rey waits patiently for Burke to get back up. Out of nowhere though, MVP comes through the crowd and slides in to the ring behind Rey. He turns him round and plants him with the PLAYMAKER. . . . . The crowd boo like crazy as MVP stares down at Rey for a couple of seconds before leaving the ring. Layla looks on in shock and drops to the floor with Burke standing in the corner, also looking shell shocked. With Rey seemingly motionless, Burke charges across and goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: Burke’s music hits as he slowly stands back up in amazement as the referee raises his arm in victory. MVP turns round as he walks up the ramp with a big smile on his face. Layla climbs in the ring and hugs Burke as he looks down and talks smack at Rey before posing for the crowd, who just boo right back at the cocky superstar with MVP laughing

WINNER: Elijah Burke by pinfall @ 7.51


MVP is shown walking through the back with a big smile on his face. We then hear Todd Grisham’s voice, shouting at MVP to hold on as he walks towards the entrance to the parking lot. MVP stops and turns round as we see Grisham running to catch up with him. MVP aggressively asks him what the hell he wants, wasting his valuable time. Grisham asks MVP why he just did what he did to Rey Mysterio. MVP looks at him and smiles, then asks Todd if he liked it too, because he sure as hell did and that there’s a lot more of it to come. He then turns and walks through the door with Grisham trying to get another word, but MVP just walks away. The camera stays on Grisham for a couple of seconds before the door swings open and nearly hits him in the face as we then see Triple H walk through the door, looking very intense. The crowd inside the arena cheer like crazy as he stops and looks at Grisham, asking him where the hell Vince and his damn bastards are. Todd steps forward and takes a deep breath before telling him that they’re getting ready for the match later on. He then asks Hunter if he’s not heard about the match tonight, to which he asks what match he’s talking about. Grisham tells him that he’s facing Vince in a Steel Cage Match and that he can choose the Wrestlemania match for The McMahon’s if he wins. He smirks a little and asks Todd if he’s serious, to which he says that Bischoff made the match at the top of the show and barred Shane and JBL from interfering. The Game grins sadistically and says that payback is going to be one hell of a bitch. He then walks off with Grisham looking a little shaken.


We have Sunny & CM Punk walking down the hallway, looking very serious. Sunny is wearing a short black leather skirt with a tight leather jacket too, all zipped up as they stop outside a locker room door. Punk tells her this is it and instructs her to go and do what they discussed with Sunny saying he’ll be like putty in her hands before she puts her hand up against the door. He tells her to make sure she is as she looks back and giggles with a sarcastic “please” being muttered back at Punk. She then pushes the door open and we see her walk inside where we see Eugene playing with a couple of action figures, shouting out “Pedigree” as he has his Triple H figure pedigree his Vince McMahon one. Sunny catches his attention by saying his name. He drops his figures as Sunny walks over to him in a very flirtatious manner. She asks him how he is, but he just looks smitten and nods as she gets closer to him. She then asks Eugene if they’re friends to which he just nods again, getting a response from Sunny by saying that’s great because she thinks that they’re friends too. She then starts to pull the zip down suggestively as she sits on Eugene’s lap, who just looks mesmerised with Sunny talking at the same time, asking Eugene if he wants anything bad to happen her, because that would be terrible now that they’re best friends. Eugene looks upset and says he doesn’t like bad things, with Sunny saying she doesn’t either. She then says that friends look out for each other and she asks him if he can do a small favour.

She drops her jacket on the floor, revealing a very nice low cut bra with everything on show. It doesn’t seem to register with Eugene as to what Sunny is saying before she asks him if he can talk to his Uncle Eric about her and CM Punk because Uncle Eric doesn’t like them. She asks him clearly if he can do that, and again he juts nods while staring at her chest. She smiles and kisses him on the cheek, then picks up her jacket to bend over right in front of Eugene, who goes bright red. She walks away, then turns back to wave at him before saying he’ll get a treat next week and then leaving the room with a big smile on her face. The camera zooms in on Eugene who looks in shock still, and then we hear footsteps at the side of him. Eugene looks to the side as the camera zooms out to reveal Eric Bischoff, getting a mixed reception. It shows the shower room in the background that he must have been hiding in while Sunny was there. Eric tells Eugene that’s what he’s got to be careful of and says Sunny is a bad person and that she was trying to use him, to which Eugene says he thinks he knows. Bischoff says everything he’s told him will help him find out who is good and who is bad, and that Sunny and CM punk are definitely bad, saying they’ll never be Eugene’s friends. Eugene sits there and listens as Bischoff then says that those two will regret trying to manipulate them and that next week will be a night they will never forget. The camera zooms in on Bischoff who looks very serious indeed.


With Ron Killings & Cryme Time making their entrances and then waiting in the ring, Santino Marella walks out alongside Melina to his music with a microphone in hand. He says that he is not a-happy to be here tonight since he has had to deal with some British street thugs trying to steal from him and has had to stop them from touching up the lovely Melina. He says no one here in Scotland is deserving of such a beauty like Melina, getting a ton of heat since they’re in Manchester and not Scotland. He then says if that’s not bad enough, he has been forced to compete in this miserable country against some disgusting American thugs. He does then smile as he says it was not hard to find two men to help him teach the thugs a lesson, introducing his partners as Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, which is met by boos from the crowd.

***MATCH #4***

Cryme Time & Ron Killings vs. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch & Santino Marella w/Melina

Killings pulls Santino back up to his feet and whips him in to the ropes, but as Santino hits the ropes, he holds on to the top rope. He and Killings stare across at each other, resulting in Santino running back at Killings, but in to a super kick. A pop breaks out from the crowd as Killings then drops to the mat and covers Santino 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Lance Cade makes the save as he steps trough the ropes and stamps on the back of Killings. The ref stands up and tells him to make his way back on to the apron, but Shad decides to take matters in as he charges in, resulting in the referee turning his attention to Shad. Cade takes full advantage of the situation as he instructs Murdoch to enter the ring too as they stomp away on Killings as the ref deals with Shad. JTG makes matters worse by getting in the ref’s face too while The Rednecks continue to decimate The Truth. They give it up as they then retreat to their corner with Cade helping Santino across by dragging him across the mat, allowing him to make an easy tag to Murdoch, something the ref sees as Shad & JTG stand back on the apron. Murdoch then enters the ring and walks straight over to a beaten up Killings, then pulls him to his knees and sets him up for the SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB. . . . .

The crowd boo, but as Murdoch wastes a couple of seconds to pose, Killings uses it to his advantage as he counters with a back body drop. Both men drop to the mat, but Killings crawls towards his corner and jumps up to make the tag to JTG. Murdoch makes his way back up as JTG climbs through the ropes and then charges at him, connecting with a DIVING LEG LARIAT. . . . . The crowd get right behind him as once he stands back up, he charges across the ring and knocks Cade off the apron with a back elbow drive to the head. Santino looks pissed as he then steps through the ropes, once again giving the referee a headache as he then walks over to instruct Santino out of the ring. With the ref’s back turned, Shad enters the ring as Murdoch gets back up. He whips him in to the ropes and sets him up for a SAMOAN DROP. . . . . JTG comes running and connects with the NECKBREAKER. . . . . Cryme Time hit the G9 ON MURDOCH. . . . . The crowd go nuts as JTG then runs and clotheslines Santino over the top and then goes back for the cover on Murdoch 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Bringin Da Hood to You” hits as Shad & Killings storm the ring and celebrate to a big pop from the crowd. Santino looks pissed as he stands back up on the outside with the help of Melina. Killings gestures at him with a smile on his face while Shad & JTG pose for a delighted English crowd while Cade looks very angry on the outside as he just storms up the ramp, leaving Murdoch by himself

WINNERS: Cryme Time & Ron Killings by pinfall @ 5.47




The ring is set up for The Highlight Reel as Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring in jeans and a T Shirt. He picks up one of the microphones from one of the two stools to a pop from the crowd. He says that tonight isn’t just a normal episode of The Highlight Reel, it’s a special British, then apologises and says it an English episode of The Highlight Reel with the same host of the American version, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, The Sexy Beast and the winner of this year’s Money in the Bank match, Y2J Chris Jericho. Getting a good pop from the crowd, Jericho says he has a lot in common with people in Manchester, because just like the Manchester United soccer, sorry football team as he points out, he says he will once again retain his crown like The Red Devils will this year ahead of that deplorable team from the south, Chelsea. He hits the right spot with the crowd and says that just like everyone wants to see United on top again, everyone wants to see the first ever Undisputed Champion with the WWE Championship around his sexy waist once again. It seems the crowd can’t get enough of Jericho and he continues to get them on side as he says that like United also, he has no competition because his so called rivals are a stuttering ass clown with some kind of diseased hair and a man that has the personality of a someone from a place called London, and looks like he ate his own mother as a child in Bobby Lashley. He then says that it was Y2J that was the brains and the innovator of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and that this year he will show the world just why he is the King of the World. As soon as he says that, “Hell Will Be Callin Your Name” hits as Bobby Lashley walks down to the ring in jeans a long sleeve shirt.

He steps through the ropes to a decent reaction and then collects a microphone. Jericho looks surprised and says to Lashley that he doesn’t remember inviting him on to the show and tells him that as much as he would love to have him on the show tonight, he already has a guest lined up and tells him he should probably hit the road before he makes him leave. Lashley smiles and says that as much as he would enjoy seeing Jericho try that, he’s not come to cause any trouble. Jericho cuts him off, not leaving him a little frustrated as Y2J then says that he appreciates Lashley showing him some kind of respect because the show’s not about trouble, it’s about asking difficult questions, something only he can do. He says if Lashley wants to be a guest tonight too, then that’s fine with him, but he asks Lashley if he can handle tough questions. Lashley nods at Jericho who responds by saying that one thing he’s never understood since coming back as where Lashley keeps something hidden. Lashley looks puzzled and Jericho then says all the Jericoholics in Manchester want to know just where Bobby Lashley keeps his personality, because he sure as hell doesn’t seem to have one. Lashley smirks and says he doesn’t need to talk because his actions do the talking for him, kind of like last week when he beat Jericho and Mr. Kennedy in a triple threat match. Jericho says he’ll give him that but the facts don’t lie, it was Kennedy Kennedy who he actually beat last week, not Y2J and says that no one, not even Lashley could actually believe that he would be able to beat Jericho.

Lashley looks pretty serious and tells Jericho that he’s not intimidated by anyone, even someone who has to hide behind his mouth. Jericho looks a little shocked as Lashley then says if Jericho wants some words, he can have some. He says that Jericho is all mouth, but admits that although Jericho was the first ever Undisputed Champion, he asks him what he’s done since then. Not letting Jericho answer, he says a failed music career doesn’t matter when you’re stood in a wrestling ring and if Jericho wants to talk Money in the Bank, he says that the only person who will get the title shot will be him. Jericho remains a little taken back when “Turn Up The Trouble” hits and Mr. Kennedy walks down to the ring, also not looking too happy. He climbs through the ropes and picks up a microphone straight away. He immediately turns to Lashley and says that this time was his, he was the guest tonight on The Bullshit Reel. He says that they should both get real because they are looking at the reigning Mr. Money in the Bank and the only one of them to ever climb the ladder and collect the shot that dreams are made of. He looks at Jericho and says what Lashley said about him is what exactly everyone around the world thinks. He turns back to Lashley and says that he should remember just who it was that put him on the shelf last year and that if he messes with him again, he won’t hesitate on putting him back there. Kennedy looks very intense as he walks over to the ropes and tells the stinking UK fans as he calls them, that if they want to look at a proper star than they better stand up and take a real good luck because this is the man who will once again become Mr. Money in the Bank.

With the crowd booing, Jericho tells Kennedy it’s so nice of him to finally make it and since he’s real late and they’re running out of time, he’d better say what he came here to say. He looks at Kennedy and says that ever since he came back to Raw last year, he’s had to listen to more crap than these people when their Prime Minister tries to explain that his head is not up our President’s ass. He says that Kennedy too has a lot in common with whatever the PM is called because he has an exclusive, yes Mr. Kennedy officially lives with his head up his ass. Kennedy lifts the microphone back up but Jericho tells him to shut the hell up and says that the reason he brought him here tonight as his guest was to make an announcement for a very special event next week. He then tells Lashley that he’s glad he came as it effects him too, and since they both think they can win Money in the Bank, next week they will get their chance to showcase their so called talents. Kennedy asks Jericho just what bull he’s talking about now with Jericho then explaining he went to Eric Bischoff after their match last week and they made a deal that next week that will see Lashley go one on one with Mr. Kennedy in a No Disqualification Match. That gets a big pop but Jericho quickly interrupts and says that’s not all because there is one last piece to the puzzle and that is that there will be a very, very special guest referee. . . Y2J CHRIS JERICHO. . . . The crowd cheers as “Break The Walls Down” hits with all three men staring at each other with Jericho smiling while Kennedy and Lashley look very focused.


We see a very unhappy locker room as The McMahon’s all have angry expressions on their faces. Vince is in his wrestling gear and looks at his sons, Shane and JBL, plus Orlando Jordan, who just sit there in shock with Vince shouting out loud, questioning who the hell Bischoff thinks he is, putting him, the creator of this damn company in this position tonight. He just walks back and forth as he says that if it’s not bad enough to put him inside a steel cage with a lunatic, he even has the audacity to threaten his family by issuing an ultimatum about the security of their jobs. He says that Bischoff will pay somewhere down the line and that tonight he is going to make sure he doesn’t give that smug bastard the satisfaction of seeing Triple H beat the crap out of him, and he sure as hell won’t have the pleasure of sacking Shane and JBL because he won’t let that happen over his dead body. JBL & Shane look nervously at each other before standing up and telling their father that they know he has what it takes to beat Triple H and there’ll be there afterwards to make sure both Triple H and Eric Bischoff realise that no one messes with The McMahon Men and gets away with it. Vince says he has the two best sons in the world and he’s going to beat Triple H for not just himself, but for them too. They’re all smiles as the camera fades out.



***MATCH #5***

John Cena vs. Kane w/Paul Bearer

With Randy Orton watching on from the announce table, Kane and Cena exchange some vicious right hands with Cena seemingly getting the advantage. But as he lands three straight rights, he looks to go for an irish whip, but it’s reversed by Kane as Cena is whipped hard in to the ropes. As Kane goes for a big boot, Cena ducks it and runs through, coming back and taking Kane down with a DIVING SHOULDER BLOCK. . . . . A huge pop roars its way through The M.E.N. Arena as Cena gets back to his feet, showing a lot of energy as he brings the crowd in to the mat. Kane is right back up though, but Cena slips behind and lifts him on to his shoulder, then sends him back down to the mat with a SPINNING SIT DOWN SIDE SUPLEX. . . . . Holding on for a cover, Cena watches on as the referee makes the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kane kicks out with ease, but Cena isn’t getting down hearted as he races back up to his feet, goes back in to the ropes and comes back looking for the FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE. . . . . Just as Cena is about to drop the fist, Kane sits up and grabs him by the throat, getting a strong mixed reception as The Big Red Machine stands back up with his grip firmly still around Cena’s throat as he gets ready to hit a CHOKESLAM. . . . . Cena though puts up a fight and kicks Kane in the stomach three times to force the grip to be released. Kane slumps a little, allowing Cena to then lift him on to his shoulders for the F U. . . . . The crowd cheer loudly with some boos mixed in, but Kane is able to slide down the back of Cena.

He then whips him in to the ropes, and as Cena comes back, Kane plants him with a SIDEWALK SLAM. . . . . Cena landed hard and Kane follows up by going for a cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Cena gets his shoulder up, but looks in pain as he squirms around on the mat. Kane gets back up and signals for the end, bringing his arm across his neck with the crowd firmly in to the match, but we then see Randy Orton jump up from the announce table with his title belt in his grasp as he walks over to the side of the ring. Just as he’s about to slide inside, Kane turns his neck like he did at Saturday Night’s Main event, stopping Orton in his tracks as they just glare at each other. Orton then backs down and stands by the ring, but Kane walks over towards him as Orton then takes a couple of steps back, looking slightly intimidated. Kane stands by the ropes for several seconds, just staring down at him while Cena gets back up and approaches behind Kane, then rolls him up 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Kane pushes off with force with the referee being knocked to his knees temporarily as Orton then walks back towards the ring. Cena gets back to his knees and sees Orton. He sticks his head through the ropes to talk smack, but Orton takes offence and SMASHES HIM IN THE HEAD WITH THE BELT. . . . . He then sits back down at the announce table with the referee just getting back to his feet while Cena just falls back flat to the mat as Kane then drags him away from the ropes and pulls him up to his feet. He quickly scoops him on to his shoulder and plants him with a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. . . . . Kane places Cena’s arms across his chest as the ref then counts the fall 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “Burned” blasts out as Randy Orton watches on from the announce table. He tries not to make a big deal of things as Kane turns his head to the side and stares right at him. Orton asks JR & King what Kane is doing. Kane turns his head back round as Paul Bearer gets in the ring. Kane then sets his extremely explosive pyro off, shaking Orton, JR & King as they sit at the announce table. Bearer looks over and laughs towards Orton who doesn’t look at all amused. Kane then leaves the ring and walks up the ramp with Bearer alongside as Orton continues to watch him, looking

WINNER: Kane by pinfall @ 10.38




Triple H vs. Vince McMahon

Vince looks in trouble as Triple H takes charge, whipping him into the ropes and hitting him with a high knee lift. As Vince holds his face and spins round, The Game takes him down to the mat with a neckbreaker. Triple H looks to finish the match off as he goes for the cover 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Trips draws a huge pop from the crowd as he pulls Vince’s shoulder up to prevent the match from ending. He looks down at Vince and shakes his head to say it’s not over as he then makes his way back up to his feet, then reaches down and pulls Vince back up. He goes for an irish whip, but as Vince hits the ropes, he grabs hold of them and stands by them. Trips looks pissed as he then charges at his father-in-law, but Vince steps to the side as The Game then runs and jumps in to the steel. Triple H just falls back to the mat, and he looks to be busted open as he then looks to get back up to his knees. Seeing the sight of blood, Vince walks over and pulls Triple H in to position under his arm and plants him with a ONE ARM DDT. . . . . The crowd boo The Chairman of the Board as he then goes for a cover on his bitter rival 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . The crowd’s delight is clear as they cheer very loudly, leaving Vince even more frustrated as he stares at Mike Chioda and orders him to count again, which he does 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . Triple H gets his shoulder up again, leaving Vince angry, but he seems to snap out of it. He stands up and walks over to the cage where he then starts to climb up. With the crowd booing, Triple H sits back up and panics as he sees Vince climbing the cage. With Vince getting close to the top, Trips is able to get to his feet and walk over to the cage as he then reaches up and grabs him by the foot. Vince drives his foot back several times, but he can’t shake The Game off as he ends up being pulled back, sending him crashing down to the mat, back first. With Vince now down, The Game spots his chance as he decides to climb the cage. Slowly, he gets higher up, but Vince is fighting through the pain as he crawls to the ropes and then uses them to help him stand up before reaching up and grabbing his son-in-law’s foot.

The Game kicks Vince away, but the billionaire comes right back at him as he steps on to the middle rope to reach up and pull Triple H down, with The Game’s legs landing either side of the top rope before he just falls down to the mat. Vince also drops to the mat, feeling the fatigue of the match catching up with him. With Vince standing up first, he looks unsure of what to do as he watches on while Triple H starts to make his way back up. Vince then stands still and tiredly urges him to get back up, and as Trips gets upright, Vince runs back in to the ropes, then charges back at The Game, taking him down to the mat with a CLOTHESLINE FROM WALL STREET. . . . . The crowd boo as Vince hits his bastard son’s finisher on Triple H with Bischoff looking a little shocked as he sits at ringside. Vince hurries over and yells at Chioda to make the count 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . NO. . . . . KICK OUT FROM THE GAME. . . . . Vince is in absolute shock as Triple H gets his shoulder up to a huge pop from the English faithful. He shakes his head in devastation for several seconds before the cage door catches his attention. He then crawls on his hands and knees towards the door, but as he gets closer, Triple H sits up and crawls behind him. Vince gets within touching distance as The Game then crawls a little faster and jumps forward a little to grab his father-in-law’s foot. Vince panics and then turns over to kick The Game away, but he ducks and grabs Vince’s other foot before dragging him away from the door. The referee on the outside shuts the door as Triple H then stomps Vince between the legs to a huge pop from the crowd. He then pulls him up to his feet and whips him in to the ropes, and as Vince comes back, Trips plants him with a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER. . . . . Still feeling the effects, Triple H stands up a little slower than usual as he then throws his arms above his head before reaching down to set Vince up for the PEDIGREE. . . . . The crowd are on their feet as they then see The Game send Vince’s head crashing in to the mat and then count along with the referee as Trips hooks the leg 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3.

AFTERMATH: “The Game” blasts out as Triple H stands back up inside the ring. Mike Chioda raises his hand in the air as The Game just stares down at Vince with an evil smile on his face. He walks over to the ropes and does his signature taunt as JBL & Shane walk down the ramp with a look of anger on their faces, forcing Bischoff to stand up from his seat and warns them not to try anything. Trips then climbs to the top rope, beside the cage and poses for the ecstatic crowd in front of JBL & Shane as Raw comes to a close

WINNER: Triple H by pinfall @ 14.52



Beth Phoenix df. Mickie James
Kofi Kingston & Cody Rhodes df. The Colon Brothers
Elijah Burke df. Rey Mysterio
Cryme Time & Ron Killings df. The Redneck Wrecking Crew & Santino Marella
Kane df. John Cena
Triple H df. Vince McMahon

Candice Michelle df. Shantelle Taylor
Eugene df. Colt Cabana
Hardcore Holly df. Jim Duggan


Official Theme Song

Fall Out Boy “Thanks For The Memories”
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WWE Championship
John Cena vs Kane vs Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Edge

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