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Survivor Mafia Discussion Thread

Night 0

Everybody went to bed in their tents, hoping that they could make it through the Night without anything bad happening. Unfortunately for WwF, he was shivering with nerves and fear, as he did not want to die. He couldn't get to sleep, so his only option was to get away from his tent and try to relax. WwF threw on a ratty old sweater, and quietly unzipped his tent so the others wouldn't think he was Mafia. WwF then snuck down a path in nothing but bare feet, slowly, but peacefully.

After about fifteen minutes of peaceful walking, WwF ventured off of his original path into a sector of the jungle that was unknown to his fellow Surivors. Ten minutes later, WwF realized ... ... he was lost.

Panic immediately set in as his breaths were shorter, his head spinning, and fear trembling from head to toe. He ran as fast as he could, loking to where the campsite was, but he couldn't find it. After about twenty minutes of searching, and a difficult Roadblock, he gave up, and sat on a nearby log, but he heard a rustling noise in the bushes. He looked ahead, and a dark figure approached him.

???: Lost?

The figure stepped out of the shadows to be revealed as none other than Hooper

WwF (shaking): Wh-wh-wha...

Hooper: Enough. Your games are no more. I shall report to Ozzy of your night watchings.

WwF: I-I... I don't understand.

Hooper: I SAID ENOUGH!!!! If I hear another peep out of you, I will kill you right now. But if you have the decency to keep your mouth shut ... ... you might be spared.

All of a sudden, Hooper pulls out a metal bar from behind him, and nails WwF right in the side of the head. Hooper drags WwF for a few miles, deep into the jungle, to a tent. WwF finally wakes up once inside, and there is the Mafia, looking down at him with smug looks on their face.

WwF: Wh-where am I?

Ozzy: You are in ... the pit ... ... of the Mafia. Your little night stroll is not wanted, and because of it, you are going to have to pay the price.

Hooper holds WwF in place as Ozzy picks up a sword ... ... and stabs WwF right in the heart, killing him instantly as blood gushes everywhere and he drops to the ground.

WwF was Amanda Kimmel, a Survivor.

Ozzy: Stay, my friends. Our Night's work ... ... is not over. You are next.

Ozzy points over to Hooper, who all of a sudden looks freaked out.

Ozzy: You disappoint me, and now, you'll see the same fate as this nobody.

Hooper: What are you talking about? I brought him here for you...

Ozzy: SHUT UP?! I know that you are just waiting to turn on me, and nobody, and I mean nobody ... ... double crosses me.

All of a sudden, Hooper is shot in the back of the head as Jerri looks at her work, before putting her gun down.

Jerri: Is that all?

Ozzy: ... ... ... Yeah ... yeah, I think so. But Dreamz, get me a list of these so called 'Survivors'. I need to know all of them as soon as possible.

Dreamz: Umm ... I-I, I can't do that...

Ozzy: What?! ... Can any of you?

Ozzy looks at everybody, as they all put their heads down in shame.

Ozzy: You know what? Fine ... fine, I'll figure this out myself, but you all better do something worth your while. And now, now we're done ... ... ... for now.


It is now Day 1. With 28 left, it's 15 for a Lynch. Lynching is done in the Gameplay thread remember. Roles are being sent out now, and will be done within an hour.

Clue #2:
Youíre scratching the surface, itís time to dig deeper
Ten times the pages will draw you close to the keeper
A post in the triples, but separate the numbers
Whose total will equal this seasonís number.

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