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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Howdy Nige. Sorry this review is awfly late, but I told you about my laptop problems (which still haven't been completley resolved), but here I am to give you some feed on your awesome looking Saturday Night Main Event, and a few notes on your Hall of Fame stuff. Lets get to it.

619s Feedback For Niges Saturday Night's Main Event

Well this sort of lengthy segment to kick off the show certaintly will lead into something later tonight, I just have no clue what outside of an Orton interferance. Orton getting turned away is funny to me, but great use of JBL's character to turn away any plan that doesn't benefit himself.

You and your UK. Just has to be in London

Flair and Edge to make the biggest impact in the main event, if they weren't already, this pretty much solidified it.

Wow. Who's that mystery chick? Either way, great to make Pheonix look dominant here. I was almost sure Vicky was gonna walk out of this with the title, but I guess you saw differently. I'm wrong already at the outset, but hey, after a solid match like that, it got me into things.

Hehe Mysterio and Batita might have something, but I think thsi is just a filler friendly segment.

OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOoooohhh...intriguing promo with Bischoff and M&M. I'm quite unfamiliar with the Open House rules, but they seem to be an interesting concept.

Burke gets ripped here. I thought he could've pulled out a clean win here, but I guess again you thought otherwise. I mark for a Rey win, but I expect this thing to continue, possibly with the both of them, if not one, going into MITB at 'Mania.

Trips promo was great. I can picture Trips getting that intense in a promo on Vince. Props here.

You made the Pitbulls still look strong and great heel-ing, with the win, but no titles. So far, all my predictions have been wrong, but I still like the way the show's gone so far.

I love that you seem to be including all the participants in the main event in segments. It appears that Estrada/Umaga seem to be trailing off in a program with 'Taker toward 'Mania. Well, then that pretty much solidifies with me that Flair and Edge will look the best coming out of that match. MVP was great here too. I loved the way you just dissed a whole other country. Way to get heat.

...Chokeslam From Wall Street? Lol! I love the names you give things. From the UK Pack to the Flight of the Pheonix, I can see your creativity booming forth in that area. Anyway, a great match here even for recap, with everything I would expect from all the men against Trips. However as far as Trips goes, I would've thought he'd put up a bigger fight, despite the numbers game against him. Orton looks like a pussy here after failed attempt. It looks like you're rebuilding Kane into the monster he once was and we all loved, and I gotta say I love it, though I didn't like it that it came tonight at the peril of the WWE Champion.

Another great match here in recap, with the ending teasing us all. I can definatley see 'Taker going with Umaga toward 'Mania. Also, with that ending, I can definatley see Edge and Flair duking it out for the #1 Contender's spot again. Edge is the former champ, is he not, so he is a prime suspect for a match, and Flair was being built into that direction. I would be thrilled if this just added to the Michaels/Flair stuff, but Edge/Michaels is solid enough. Edge/Michaels/Flair, however..

FINAL THOUGHTS: GREAT READ AND OUTSTANDING HEADING INTO 'MANIA. The recap took away from a few things (mainly just the # of promos), but that wasn't that big of a deal. I loved it and I'll be sure to try to get some Hall of Fame votes in. I bid thee luck on Wrestlemania, but for the moment, I hope you keep the excitement going into No Way Out.
OVERALL: 8.5/10. Great job, man.


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