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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Great review AJ! I think Lockdown, Sacrifice, & Slammiversary from 2006 was probably TNA's best string of consecutive PPVs. All three shows were great (LD & Slammy being two of my favorites)

Jushin "Thunder" Liger vs. Petey Williams: World X Cup Match

This was a very good match. Anytime they include Liger, I'm going to be glued to the screen because he is a lot of fun to watch. IMO, this match was better than his bout with Joe at BFG (and I really liked that one) Very hot opener. For those that saw the PPV live, the broadcast cut out right before the finish which sucked, but they showed us video footage of it on the website. The complete match is very good.

My friend had a great joke though. When the PPV came back on, they showed that Liger had won and they did a promo where Jackie Gayda revealed she was pregnant. My friend then said "Whoa. Petey lost & Jackie's pregnant...that was one very powerful blackout!"

America's Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels: NWA Tag Titles

Amazing tag team match. These two teams managed to have some of the best tag team matches of the decade bar none. I loved their New Year's show match & the match at Slammiversary is my pick for TNA's MOTY for 2006, but this one was definately right up there with them. I actually really liked the ending because it showed Gail Kim's cleaverness and once again showed that without Gail, AJ & Daniels can beat AMW. It was just a matter of getting rid of her.

Raven vs. A-1

I didn't think this match was too bad. It was pretty old school and told a basic story. Whoever got rammed into the exposed steel was going to lose the match because they set that up to be the main spot that mattered. It was decent. At least as good as you were going to get out of A-1 anyway.

Rhino vs. Bobby Roode

This was one of the early signs of TNA wanting to show off Roode as a singles star. He did alright in there with Rhino. Nothing special here, but not bad. Robert Roode has definately improved since then.

Team 3D vs. James Gang

Surprisingly decent. Now if you want to see these teams at their best, check out the Bingo Hall brawl from Slammiversary. But yeah, this was a good match up between two veteran teams, and it delivered well enough for my tastes.

Team USA vs. Team Canada vs. Team Mexico vs. Team Japan: World X Cup Gauntlet

X Gauntlets are always a lot of fun, and this was no exception. It was basically just a spotfest, and for that it was fun to watch and provided some great action. Also, Nash's appearance after the bout was over was a PERFECT set up for that awesome angle they did with Nash against The X Division. Now unfortunately we never got a big payoff to it, but in its infancy, the angle was probably the hottest and most interesting thing in TNA.

Sting & Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner

I was really looking forward to this match and it proved to be a very entertaining contest. It was great to see Joe interact with guys like Sting, Jarrett, and especially Steiner in his first go around in the heavyweight division. Joe & Steiner have an amazing chemistry. Say what you will about Steiner, but when they pitched that match to me, I bought into it because it instantly became a battle of who is the bigger bad ass and it worked wonderfully. This match was very entertaining, and a big moment for Samoa Joe, so if you need a reason to check out this PPV, I think this match is definately a major one.

Christian Cage vs. Abyss: NWA World Title Full Metal Mayhem Match

There was just no way in holy hell these two were going to top that amazing match they had at Lockdown, but they gave us a nice action packed match here and a pretty damn good main event. It also served as a nice payoff to the awesome feud these two had so it worked like gold.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, from LD06 to Slammy06 is probably my favorite string of TNA PPVs, and this particular show served as a great middle to this trilogy of awesomeness. Lots of great matches, tons of excitment, and just an all around fun PPV that I definately recommend.

Match Rankings:
1) AMW vs. AJ/Daniels
2) Sting/Joe vs. Jarrett/Steiner
3) Christian vs. Abyss
4) Petey vs. Liger
5) X Gauntlet
6) Rhino vs. Roode
7) Team 3D vs. James Gang
8) Raven vs. A-1


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