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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Lockdown (2006)

1.) Dutt/Shelly/Lethal vs Minoru/Black Tiger/Goto - ***1/2 - ***3/4
Great opener to the show. Nice spot where Shelly did a chin breaker, lethal held Minoru up, and dutt came flying with a springboard moonsault. Great action. Shelly was the star here.

2.) Daniels vs Senshi - ***1/2
Very stiff match, mostly from Senshi. He did this devastating looking dropkick on Daniels. First time I've ever heard a "Holy shit" chant on a simple move like that lol. Good hard hitting competitive matchup.

3.) X-cape match - Puma/Petey/Sharky/Sabin/Stevens/Skipper - ***1/4

Fun spotty match as you would expect. An unbelievable spot from Stevens as he did an incredibly dangerous looking SSP from the top of the Cage! Definitely the highlight of the match.

4.) X - Title - Samoa Joe vs Sabu - **1/4

Basically a squash as Joe just completely destroys Sabu almost the entire 6-7 minutes. Made Joe looks great but not much of a match tbh.

5.) Anthem Match - Team3d/Runt vs Team Canada - **1/2
Not a bad contest but a bit overbooked.

6.) NWA title - Christian Cage vs. Abyss - ****1/4
Great match between these 2. They started off fighting amongst the crowd for the first few minutes then proceeded to beat the living hell out of each other in the cage. Very brutal throughout, the tacks come into play on more than one occasion. Guess who gets it twice lol. An unreal Frog splash off the top of the Cage from Christian as well. Fantastic title match.

7.) Lethal Lockdown - Sting/AJ/Killings/Rhino vs JJ/AMW/Steiner - ***3/4
Really good ME here. Everyone got their chance to shine in this one. I just love when the pyro goes off as the top of the cage lowers. Good stuff. And of course one of the sickest spots in TNA ever. Aj and Storm climb up to the top of the cage, set up a table where Storm is placed. Aj then climbs a nearby ladder and jumps onto some hanging structure, where he then splashes The Tennessee Cowboy right through the table! Unreal stuff there.

An amazing show and one of the absolute best Tna ppvs. There was this ridiculous arm wrestling contest between Bullet Bob and Konnan but I'm not counting that as a match. Awesome to see Hernandez with LaX though.

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