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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^^^ Great reviews as always man!

I posted a few days ago my picks for Top Five Matches in the history of Victory Road. I had Ultimate X Gauntlet, AJ vs. Petey, Christian vs. Harris, The Match of Champions, and The 1st Monster's Ball as my picks, but I think after tonight's show, its time to adjust.

1) AJ Styles, Christian Cage, & Rhino vs. Kurt Angle & Team 3D: Full Metal Mayhem - Did it live up to the name Full Metal Mayhem or what? There were so many great spots, I can't list them all here. I knew with these six invovled a TLC-ish match would be amazing, and it certainly was.

2) Ultimate X Gauntlet

3) 12 Man Elimination Tag Team World X Cup Match - This match was just fucking crazy. It went way longer than I expected and all 12 guys did well in there, especially Shelley & Yoshino.

4) AJ vs. Petey

5) Christian Cage vs. Chris Harris

And to be honest, the Ultimate X & Booker/Joe are pretty high up as well.

And with Hard Justice coming up, my current top five matches in HJ history:

1) The Naturals vs. America's Most Wanted: Tag Titles from HJ05 - It was the unofficial Chris Candido tribute match and the crowd was really emotionally involved because of it. It was a very intense and memorable tag match, one of the greatest in TNA history.

2) Samoa Joe vs. Monty Brown vs. Rhino: Falls Count Anywhere from HJ06 - This is a very underated match, but these three were able to put on a very intense and fun hardcore match. They meshed extremely well. I had hoped we would get Joe vs. Monty one on one out of this, but it was still a great match regardless.

3) XXX vs. MCMG vs. Lethal/Dutt from HJ07 - A very good X Division spot fest opener. Not much else to say besides that, but some of the spots they came up with were very cool.

4) Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles: NWA World Title from HJ05 - They've had better matches, but AJ's title win was so well booked that I will always remember it very well.

5) Rhino vs. James Storm: Bar Room Brawl from HJ07 - Many people seemed to hate this match, but to be honest I loved th feud these two had and this match was very enjoyable, especially since it made Storm look like an awesome heel and took Rhino ona downward spiral.


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