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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Watched this earlier in the day but didn't have time to post.

Destination X (2006)

1.) Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley - ***1/4
Solid opener as you would expect from these 2. A good mixture of aerial and mat wrestling.

2.) Lance Hoyt vs. Matt Bentley - *1/2
As a match this was fine, but what really killed it for me was the ending. They cut from the action and went up to the rafters where EY and Shelly were apparently looking for Sting. It just showed that they didn't care what so ever about this one.

3.) The Naturals vs. Team Canada - **1/2
Average type of tag action, some nice moments here and there but the hockey stick usage by TC is/was so predictable.

4.) James Gang/Bullet Bob vs LaX - *
I might actually be overrating this, it was that bad...

5.) Petey vs Sabin vs Puma vs Dutt - ****
Here's where the ppv takes a drastic turn to awesomeness. This is an insanely fast paced match with some great spots as you would expect. Everyone did exceptional in this match.

6.) Rhino/Killings/Team3d vs JJ/Amw/Abyss - ***1/2
Really fun 8 man. It starts off as an all out brawl with them pairing up and beating each other down all over the impact zone. They work their way back into the ring where it's some standard tag action, until the ending when all hell breaks loose again. Fun match, I think it went a little too long though.

7.) Ultimate X - X title - Joe/Danies/Aj - ***3/4
This match had a lot to live up to and unfortunately it didn't quite reach the hype. Not to say it was a bad match because there was some really good action in this. But UX is definitely not suited for Joe, and there wasn't very memorable spots besides an awesome dual Musclebuster on Joe. It's also should have went longer and the finish was a bit underwhelming. Still another good contest between these 3.

8.) NWA title Cage vs. Monty Brown - ***1/4
A good solid technical match. The story here was, Brown had injured Cage on Impact earlier with a viscous Pounce and he worked over the ribs throughout. Nice selling from Cage but I felt the Alpha Male got a little too much offense in. The ending suffered a bit as Cage hit the unprettier out of nowhere. But a fine ME.

The after match stuff was great. Cage is lying in the ring getting beatdown by hordes of heels when Sting comes through the crowd in street clothes and cleans house. Only to get a surprise from non other than a debuting Scott Steiner. Great ending to the show.

Overall: Started off really slow with some rather terrible matches but the last 4 definitely made up for it. Great ppv.

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