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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Just finished watching Best of AJ Styles Vol. 1, and its a very good collection for anybody looking for great work from AJ Styles & stuff from the weekly PPV era.

- In between the matches they have comments from AJ about certain topics like the X Division, the punishment in wrestling, and his idols. There were some interesting comments but nothing ground breaking. This DVD collection is all about the matches.

Disc 1

AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Psychosis vs. Low Ki: Double Elmination Match to Crown 1st X Division Champion

This was an amazing match. I still rank this up there as one of the greatest (if not the greatest) in TNA history. The action was constant throughout, and when it came down to AJ & Lynn, it was pure gold. Their exchange really reminded me of Savage/Steamboat from Wrestlemania III. The first match on the set, is definately my favorite. It was amazing.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn: X Division Championship Triple Threat Match

This is kind of a forgotten classic from the early days of TNA. Some of the reversals & three man moves they did in this one were very creative, and all three men gave a great effort. Not the best match, but like I said, its a bit of a rare gem and definately worth a look.

Low Ki (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn: X Division Championship Triple Ladder Match

This is often referenced as one of the greatest matches in TNA's early history, and with good reason. You won't find too many ladder matches that are better than this and some of the bumps taken in this one were just plain sick (Lynn Piledriving Low Ki off the Ladder for example) This is another contender for best match on the set for sure.

Syxx-Pac (c) vs. AJ Styles: X Division Championship No DQ Match

This match took place while AJ was alligned with Mortimer Plumtree, who was a pretty decent heel manager. This was one of AJ's bigger matches up to this point, and he worked well with Waltman. They had a much better match at No Surrender 2005, but this one was pretty good.

AJ Styles (c) vs. The Amazing Red: X Division Championship

Anybody who wants to see Amazing Red when he was at his best should check this match out. It was a really good X Title match and it was interesting to see AJ work with somebody significantly smaller than him. Red should have been the 2nd coming of Rey Mysterio, but unfortunately his career got cut short.

AJ Styles & D'Lo Brown vs. Triple X: Anarchy in the Asylum Qualifying Match

Now we get to see AJ shine in the tag team division. This is a different match from the one included on the Best of Title Matches DVD, as the titles aren't even involved in this one. AJ & D'Lo were a good team and its a little surprising they didn't get a run with the tag belts. The match was solid with some really cool spots. I'd say its the weakest match on the DVD, but its still a worthy addition to the set, especially since its rare.

Disc 2

Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Raven: NWA World Championship Triple Threat Match

Of course this match has to be included since it was AJ's first World Title victory, but the match itself is very good too. AJ & Jeff had great chemistry & Raven brought a lot of excitement to his early work in TNA, so it made for a great match. Raven got taken out of the match about half way through and it came down to Jarrett & AJ which led to a very memorable finish.

AJ Styles (c) vs. D'Lo Brown: NWA World Championship Best of Three Finals (Ladder Match)

This the ending to their Best of 3 series (also included on the Best of TNA Title Matches DVD I reviewed a while back) and it is a pretty good match up. That spot where D'Lo did the Frog Splash to AJ from the top of the ladder, to the outside of the ring, through a table, was simply insane. The ending was a little silly, and unecessary, but it didn't ruin a really good match up.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Low Ki: NWA World Championship

This is another one of those rare gems and is definately a reason to pick up this set. This was a very good World Title match, and its really cool to see X Division guys, two of the main pioneers even, wrestling for the World Title. I don't think the ending was ever really in question, but it is still a really fun match to watch.

AJ Styles vs. Abyss

Now these next two matches were the reason I picked up the set. AJ Styles & Abyss is one of my favorite pairings in TNA, and I really wanted to see some of their early work. As far as I know, this was their first match, and this was a great match. Aj really knows how to sell a beating from a big man, and the underdog thing worked really well for him. I really enjoyed this one.

AJ Styles vs. Abyss: Falls Count Anywhere

Not as good as the first, but its more of a wild brawl. They did one really cool spot where AJ did his flip dive off of the stands. I'm surprised AJ's knees didn't give out when he landed. Once again, the match was a lot of fun and very good.

Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. AJ Styles: NWA World Championship Steel Cage Match

It was supposed to be Chris Harris vs. Jeff Jarrett, but an injury to Harris resulted a substitution. After a long promo from Vince Russo, he announced that AJ was the replacement. This match was once again really good and they did a great job of making it seem like AJ was the perfect choice to take down Jarrett. I had to spoile the ending, but I think you can all figure out what happens. It was a great way to end this collection of AJ Styles' best matches.

Like I said, if you want a great collection of AJ's best work of the weekly PPV era, then definately pick this up, and if you get Vol 2 as well, then you will have an excellent collection of "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles.

Match Rankings
1) AJ vs. Lynn vs. Psychosis vs. Low Ki
2) AJ vs. Low Ki vs. Lynn: Ladder Match
3) AJ vs. Abyss
4) AJ vs. Jarrett vs. Raven
5) AJ vs. Low Ki
6) AJ vs. Dlo: Ladder Match
7) AJ vs. Red
8) AJ vs. Jarrett: Cage
9) AJ vs. Low Ki vs. Lynn
10) AJ vs. Abyss: Falls Count Anywhere
11) AJ vs. Waltman
12) AJ/Dlo vs. XXX


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