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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Final Resolution 2008

1. LAX vs. RNR Infection
LAX have to be the best PPV openers in the business today because they never fail to deliver a great performance, it also helps that these two teams seem to have good chemistry together. All four guys did a good job and made the most of the 6-7 minutes they had and delivered a real fun opener. ***

2. Kaz vs. Black Reign
Kaz proves he's a miracle worker in this match as it actually ended up being pretty good, atleast by Black Reign standards. The match itself was a little weak to have been placed on PPV but it would have made a great TV match. There was some good back and forth action mixed in with a little brawling here and there. Much better than I expected, really solid. **1/2

3. Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim in a No DQ Match for the Knockouts Championship
Oh man what a match this was. These two very talented ladies went out and once again shocked the world with how awesome women's wrestling can really be when some effort is put into it. These was an all out brawl at first and become a strong back and forth contest once they made their way back to the ring. These two brutalized each other, whoever thinks women can't wrestle seriously need to check this match out. A Great match and kudos to both ladies who always deliver! I have no problem with pulling the trigger on this rating ****

4. Judas Mesias vs. Abyss
After Judas' unfortunate accident that pushed this storyline back it was great to see these guys finally meet 1 on 1 at a PPV. The match though wasn't as good as I feel it should have or could have been. But that aside the match was quite solid. Watching these two wrestle seemed very basic and I couldn't get into it very much, it seemed just a little off to me like the action in the match just didn't click. Still a solid match **1/4

5. Booker T and Sharmell vs. Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks
I don't think anybody expected this match to deliver very much considered the women were involved and we were right lol it didn't deliver very much. This was much more like something you'd see on TV and not something on a PPV. I have to say though, the post-match action was among the best I've ever seen and totally made this feud. Decent but I'd just skip to the ending I'm being pretty generous on this rating imo **

6. Team 3D and Johnny Devine vs. The Motorcity Machine Guns and Jay Lethal in an Ultimate X Match
I didn't know what to expect going into this much and it pleases me to say I liked what I saw. This was a good match where everybody played their role. Even Team 3D were able to perform well in this match and not slow it down like most anticipated they would. Some good spots like always in an Ultimate X including two very nasty landings by Johnny Devine, I can't believe he didn't injure himself! But overall a very good and fun match even if you just want to see how Team 3D fairs in this environment ***1/4

7. Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash vs. AJ Styles and Tomko for the TNA Tag Team Championship
Really good match! Lots of action involved in this one, both teams really went at it. I was happy to see that it didn't seem like Nash had to be carried alot in this match but he did leave Joe alone toward the end . The last few minutes are really what makes this match where Joe goes all out on Styles and Tomko and really looks like a beast. Good job by all four guys, they delivered what was pretty much a text book great tag match ***1/4

8. Christian Cage vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
What else could you expect from these two except greatness? That's what we got in this match, greatness. These two went out and delivered a great match and main event. This match had a little of everything, good wrestling, back and forth action and even some brawling. These two just worked so well together and pulled off an early MOTYC. The ending was a little disappointing but it gave us the classic encounter one month later at Against All Odds so I won't complain too much. Great stuff ****

Conclusion: A great PPV to kick off the new year and a nice rebound from the disappointing Turning Point PPV that ended 2007. This show was just great all around featuring a great opener, great main event solid midcard matches in Joe/Nash vs. Styles/Tomko, Gail vs. Kong and the Ultimate X. Much better outing than the previous year's Final Resolution and the start of TNA's great streak of PPVs so far into 2008. I'd recommend checking this show out atleast for the women's match and the main event, it's really worth your time!


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