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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Best of TNA 2007
DVD Review

Elevation X: AJ Styles vs Rhino
Destination X

Many have wondered how AJ Styles can stay over as one of the best wrestlers in the world with his wrestling style. I mean the high flying style can get stale pretty quickly. But what they don't know is that AJ is an amazing storyteller. He doesn't rely on flashy moves like other high fliers. He mixes his amazing athletic ability with great storytelling. This match is the finest example. You have a limited platform to work, and Rhino isn't exactly the best wrestler in the world, but a huge babyface. How do you pull a good match? Being an arrogant heel. Man i loved AJ in this match. Even though he knew he was going to take that sick bump, he played his role so well. Being cocky and mocked Rhino throughout the match. The match wasn't a match, but storytelling wise, one of the best in the recent times

Rating: **1/2

King of The Mountain: Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Chris Harris

Awesome Awesome match. 5 of the best in TNA in a ladder match = awesomeness. I think this is the best KoTM match in TNA history, and probably best match in Slammiversary history. Early exchanges were fun as AJ and Cage being buddies and exchange cheap pins. Kurt was a face at that time, it showed as he was so badass against anyone. Harris did well, as he had experience in the KoTM match. Cage is the master of the ladder matches, so he brought his usual goodness. Joe did well surprisngly, with the cutter from the ladder was sick and awesome. But the star of the match was AJ. He brought his usual arsenal of moves, with dropkick to the ladder and the dropdown-dropkick combo. He also took some sick punishments ranging from muscle buster to sick announcer table bump. The match was tremendous

Rating: ****1/4

Winner Takes All: Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle
Hard Justice

Ok here's the deal. You have Samoa Joe, one of the best wrestlers in the world. And you also have Kurt Angle, a olympic gold medallist and a wrestling legend. How do you build the match? TNA totally dropped the ball on the match. I wasn't against Karen's turn, but it was so obvious that she was going to turn. Joe came out looking like a total moron for misjudging Karen. The match was usual Joe-Angle goodness, minus some big spots. The reversals were cool as hell. But the spotlight went to Karen, and the finish was absurd.

Rating: ***3/4

Texas Death: James Storm vs Chris Harris

MINDBLOWING match. Old school southern style brawl with some of the spots you might not even see in CZW. Storytelling was amazing, as both men have hatred for each other after all their years together. They had to redeem themselves here after that horrid blindfold match at Lockdown. Both men brutalized each other with chair shots, trashcan shots, table bumps and high moves. It was also one of the bloodiest matches i have ever seen, particularly Storm who reached 1.2 in muta scale. The finish was also superb, as it took us back to the original spot that led us to the break-up of the greatest tag team in TNA history, AMW. Both men looked like million bucks in this match and Harris was clearly made to look like a bigger star, with the win in the feud ending match. Shame that they stuck him with Black Reign, while Storm headed for greatness with building some personality and charisma

Rating: ****1/2

Ladder Match: Christian Cage vs Kaz

Genesis was the show that was intended to bring up newcomers to center fold. Kaz was one of the wrestlers, who has been trying to reach the upper card, but seemingly couldn't reach that status. This match MADE Kaz. Make no mistake about it. You have master of the ladder matches, Christian as your opponent and how do you fare against him? Kaz was awesome in this match with some good spots and nice moves. He proved he's not a spotmonkey and stood toe to toe with Cage. Cage also deserves a huge amount of credit for taking some crazy punishments and good spots like Frog Splash and Inverted DDT of the ladder and tried his best to put Kaz over as a huge deal. My only problem is that the finish wasn't that clean and Kaz only challenged Kurt in a TV match instead of a PPV match. Still the match is one for the ages, and the perfect way to put over a young star

Rating: ****

Ultimate X: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) vs XXX (Senshi and Elix Skipper)
Bound for Glory

Didnt like this match to be honest. Usual run of the mill Ultimate X match, with some fabulous spots. Hernandez didnt look out of the place at all against the smaller wrestler who are accustomed to the Ultimate X Match. Homicide had some major spots, primarily the necbreaker off the cables. Hernandez was the real star, looking like a true star.

Rating: ***1/2

Sting vs Kurt Angle
Bound for Glory

Great match. Sting proved he still has 'it' by producing his best performance in TNA. Angle did his best by getting the best out of Sting. Angle also debuted 450' splash, which looked like 450' kneedrop, but that was a good try nonetheless. The tons of interference, actually did more favors than harm. The interference actually get the crowd's heat even more and the finishing sequence was truly of the charts. Sting also got busted on the hardway with the sick baseball shot by Angle. Sometimes overbooking can be fun, and this match was the epitome of it. Sting gets the win in a feel good moment of the year

Rating: ***3/4


2007 Awards (included in the DVD)

Finisher of the Year

1. Muscle Buster - Samoa Joe
2. Flux Capacitor - Kaz
3. Gringo Killa - Homicide
4. Black hole Slam - Abyss
5. Olympic Slam - Kurt Angle

Knockout of the year

1. Gail Kim
2. Christy Hemme
3. Traci Brooks
4. Karen Angle
5. Awesome Kong

Tag Team of The Year

1. Motor City Machine Guns
2. Latin American Exchange
3. AJ Styles and Tomko
4. Steiner Brothers
5. Team 3D

X-Division Star of the Year

1. Jay Lethal
2. Kaz
3. Chris Sabin
4. Alex Shelley
5. Christopher Daniels

Feud of the Year

1. Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle (2006 winners)
2. Sting vs Kurt Angle
3. Christian Cage vs Samoa Joe
4. Team 3D vs MCMG & X-Division
5. Sting vs Abyss

Who to watch

1. Booker T
2. Kaz
3. Judas Mesias
4. Matt Morgan
5. Awesome Kong

Moment of The Year

1. Booker T's Debut
2. Sting wins the world title
3. Angle wins at Hard Justice
4. Jay Lethal upsets Angle at No Surrender
5. Gail Kim becomes the first ever women's champion

MVP of the Year

1. Samoa Joe
2. Kurt Angle
3. Christian Cage
4. Sting
5. AJ Styles

Verdict: Great DVD top to bottom. Extras were cool with the annual awards. Thumbs Up easily 8.5/10
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