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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Dan's Raw review

The opening problem was good, it was the only way to start the show really after what happened at the end of Smackdown. I liked how Orton got straight to the point and I liked the aggression from him too. Bischoff coming down was unexpected, I liked what he had to say and he always tried to make Raw the best show, so that was a good explanation for why he wants Kane to come to Raw. Cena coming down next wasn't a huge shock, he seemed in character and him wanting the title shot was expected. Wow Cena against Orton is a huge match to have on Raw, the stipulation is interesting and I like how you are keeping Bischoff impartial too. The title situation is still very unpredictable which is good. I would've liked an appearance from Kane to tease it a little more but I guess you're saving him for later on.

This was a good choice to kick off the action. The ending was exciting and I liked how you brought Layla into it with her accidently tripping up Phoenix. Rey hitting Layla and Burke with a crossbody was a bit of a shock, Rey doesn't seem the type to assault a woman really although I suppose it doesn't matter as she is a heel. Victoria picked up a big win here over Phoenix and it would be interesting to see Victoria hit Phoenix with the Widow's Peak as she is used to htting smaller divas with that move. Victoria is looking strong now.

The McMahon segement was okay, just what you would expect from them really. I wonder what match they will pick for Triple H, whatever they decide I'm sure they will stack the odds against HHH.

The segements with Bischoff were pretty good too. Not sure who Cade and Murdoch will face but I doubt they will win as they've had enough chances. Punk defending the IC title again tonight is cool, again I'm not sure who he will face though.

The next match seemed like a decent little match. After their confrontaion last week they had to have a match really but by having it end a DQ you have left it open for another match, no doubt this little feud will continue with Killings eventually coming out on top.

The interview with Rhodes and Kofi came off really well. You got their characters spot on with Cody Rhodes saying they are like school bullies and Kofi talking about his experiences in Jamaica. Seeing Rhodes and Kingston with this aggression would be interesting to see too as Kofi in particular is seen a very happy and positive guy. This is another good little mid card feud that you have created.

I liked the next promo and it was a good set up for the next match. Kennedy as a heel is so much better and his promos with a babyface Chris Jericho would always be brilliant. Lashley coming down was a bit of a surprise and the other two are great talkers and he isn't really, but I liked what he had to say and he gave his arguement for winning MITB. The match was exciting with everyone going for their finishers and the finish was cool with Lashley hitting the spear on Kennedy. I didn't know who would go over in this match really but I think Lashley maybe needed to most.

Cryme Tyme are back! It's good to see them back as they are a good tag team. Cryme Tyme winning was obvious but it was a good finish, I think they should have won with the G-9 though but it doesn't really matter.

Nice little interview with Triple H. He was in character and showed that he isn't scared of the McMahon's, I think he will beat Jordan although the McMahon's will get involved no doubt.

Bischoff introducing Eugene was a surpise as Bischoff always hated Eugene in the WWE, but I suppose that you're trying to show that Bischoff has changed and that he is now impartial. I never liked Eugene tbh so I just wanted Punk to kick his ass here. You threw in the comedy move from Eugene at the start but after that Punk totally squashed him which is cool. He finished it off with the Anaconda Vice too which was cool, glad he's still using that move. The GTS after the match was a good heel move too.

Triple H beating Orlando Jordan was expected and he made short work of him too. But the attack we were all expecting came after the match. Triple H avoided the beat down this time which was a good move as the McMahon's have come out on top a lot recently so HHH needed this. I think we will hear from Mr.McMahon later on though.

I was surprised to see JBL, Shane and Orlando involved in this next segment as I think you always told me not to have a match follwed by a backstage segment with the same people in, although I think I did it the other way around. Wow Vince is really stacking the odds against HHH isn't he, that should be a great match at SNME. This idea is brilliant as everyone is involved at ringside, I think the only thing missing is Orlando Jordan as special guest ring announcer! I think this would've come off even better though if Shane didn't mention this idea earlier on. I think the plan may backfire though, I wouldn't rule out Kane going mental and beating up the McMahon's during the match.

The main event was great, you gave us a more detailed ending here and rightly so as this is a huge match. The ending flowed really well and you threw in all their signature moves and some near falls which made it really exciting. Kane's music played at just the right time and I think that would come off really well on TV. Cena hitting the FU quickly was a good way to end the match without Orton looking too weak and you described it well by saying that Orton was in a panic. Kane laying out Cena and Orton again was cool, so Kane has chosen Raw then?! It appears that way and it was a shock to see Paul Bearer back. A triple threat between these two at Mania would be really interesting. Great ending.

Overall Nige is was another top show. The show seemed packed tonight and the whole Kane situation has been written brilliantly IMO. SNME looks like it will be a great show and I can't wait. Good job mate.

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