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Re: A fucking Super Mafia Game thread.

Night 4

Night fell after the happenings of the day became quite quickly forgotton.
Hooper was again alone in his house cooking his dinner. He was hungry. Tracking people was serious business he though. He sat down at his table content. And happy to be alive.
Suddenly the door was smashed open.
A dark figure stood there. “Stealth is for fucking poopy heads” he shouted“ Since my lackeys can’t get the job done I’ve come for you myself” he said menacingly.

“That’s right you have the pleasure of being killed personally by the godfather“. There’s no one to save you this time.

Hooper tried to run but there was no escape.
The revving of a chainsaw startled Hooper. “Oh shit” he said. The colour draining from his face.
“That’s right, it’s gonna be fucking painful.” laughed the godfather, “your tracking days are over”
He lunged forward cutting through Hooper’s leg, the screams would have alerted people, but well the godfather didn;t give a fuck
Hooper fell to the ground and the chainsaw came across his neck decapitating him. The godfather picked up the head and decided to keep it as a trophy. He backed out the door carrying Hooper’s still twitching head.

He was happy with his nights work, confident now that he had killed another valuable innocent.

Hooper was dead(and headless lol) - He was The Flash (Tracker) and innocent aligned)

Day 5 begins

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