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Re: A fucking Super Mafia Game thread.

The mafia were thirsting for blood, ready to kill again tonight , glad that Galactus was dead.
The Mafia Hitman crept towards the victims house, making sure no one could see him.

He had his victim in sight as he slowly picked the lock on the door and drew his machete. Ready to cut Hooper open. Hooper turned around and looked in shock at the strange figure.
“ You’re an annoyance to my Godfather” he said as he menacingly stepped closer, “you’ll have to pay for that.”
He rose the machete above his head, Hooper was paralyzed with fear and unable to move.
“No, not this way"he said…
Suddenly a large figure came rushing through , I knew you’d be here he said so I waited, he charged the mafia attacker knocking the machete from his hand. He tried to make a grab for the attacker but he was already out the door off in the night. Thanks you Hooper said, the man just nodded and walked away.

The hitman trudged back, knowing His Godfather wouldn’t be happy at the result come morning. He cringd at the thought and went to bed, disappointed his blood lust hadn’t been satisfied

No one had been killed on Night 3.

It's not Day 4. With 19 alive it takes 10 to lynch.
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