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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Instant Classic: Best of Christian Cage
DVD Review

Cage talks about his family. His father is an American and his mom is a canadian. He loves exploring new things. He has two brothers. The elder runs a sears and the the younger is doing real estate business and into music

Cage talks about his college. He says he only went to college to study social science because he wants to get the loan to enter wrestling school (HAHA). He thanks his college for letting him enter wrestling school


Cage has worked in many places. Its a long story, but uncharacteristically boring here. So i skip

Cage says he is a huge (ice)hockey fan. He turns his attention to wrestling after breaking his shoulder during while practicing ice hockey. He was injured for 8 weeks and had to miss school. He says he got hooked with WWF shows at that time and taped the shows and watched them later.

Cage talks about Edge. Cage says Adam (Edge) is like his brother. He talks about things they did together. Cage tells a funny story where a small time promoter appoints them as apprentice for his promotion where they have to arrange chairs for the shows. Cage says he was excited because he felt he was going to wrestle in front of crowd (HAHA). During the intermission, Adam and Cage wrestled, and got thrown out by the security.
Cage says he and Adam looked at an article from Toronto Star and read that the winner of an essay contest got to train for free. Cage says they picked Adam because he had better looks (i mean wrestling wise). Cage joined Adam a year later. They show a clip on Adam and Cage's early indy wrestling matches.

Wrestling.. Finally

Cage says he and Adam will purposely turn-up for matches and try to get booked for the shows. Cage met Terry Richards (Rhino) while visiting some indy promotion show. Cage says he and Adam became best friends with Terry after that

Cage says he broke his nose after some guy botched a moonsault. He says his eyes were swallon shut after a day.

Cornette and WWF
Cage says Jim Cornette took him to the WWF training camp. Cornette had several problems to get Cage in there. But after few months COrnette called Cage to sign him for the WWF. A month later he was ready to go into the main roster. Cage says he got a call while watching a RAW episode, that he is going to work in the brood, tagging with Gangrel. Cage says he was very happy and confident working with Adam


Cage talks about his beautiful wife. He says he met her in England. He says working in TNA made it better for him to spare his time with his wife. Cage says he loves video games and watching sportcenter.

Jumping Ship

Cage says he was disappointed with his push in WWE even though he was getting good response from the crowd. (I feel the same, he was man handling Cena on mic at that time). He says he left them in good terms and we get clips of his fabulous debut promo at Genesis 2005. Cage says he loves TNA because he feels special here. He talks about safe and relaxing work environment here.

Cage in TNA
Cage talks about his best moments in TNA. He says he was choked after winning the NWA title, something he dreamed as a kid. He says he loved working with his best friend Rhino and 3D whom he had excellent chemistry with. Cage says AJ and Joe will be huge stars one day. He says AJ is like Adam for him. He is going to big things. Cage says he loves Daniels and the X-Division. Cage says he loves his new job and feels TNA is going places. Cage says he is not thinking about retirement. Cage says he will help new guys to groom after his retirement by becoming road agent or something


Match #1: Christian Cage vs Jeff Jarrett - Against All Odds 2006 (NWA World Title)
Good old school match with tons of interference and good crowd heat. Cage gets the win after 17 minutes
Rating: ***1/2

We see clips of Rhino and his wife congratulating Cage

Match #2: 8 Mile Street Fight: Christian Cage vs Rhino (Bound for Glory 2006)
Good hardcore match with tons of sick spots like piledriver from apron to a table and the crazy finishing sequence.
Rating: ***1/4

Match #3: Barbed wire steel cage: Christian Cage vs Rhino (Impact!)
Awesome Awesome match. These two has excellent chemistry toghether and it proved it here with some great spots like Super Unprettier and the sick gore which send Cage through the door. Cage's sick bladejob made it even better than their street fight at BFG
Rating: ***3/4

Match #4: No.1 Contenders Match: Christian Cage vs Sting (Impact)
Ok match which was marred by a commercial and a stupid no contest ending. This match also debuted Tomko to TNA.
Rating: *

Match #5: NWA World Title: Christian Cage vs Abys (c) vs Sting (Final Resolution 2007)
Good but short main event. Abyss getting eliminated early was a huge mistake and made the result very obvious. But still a good match. Cage picks his 2nd world title
Rating: ***

Match #6: NWA World Title: Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle (Against all Odds 2007)
Good match from the two as usual, but hurt cosiderably thanks to Samoa Joe as special enforcer stipulation. The match also marked first time that AJ has came to help Cage. Cage gets the win
Rating: ***1/2

Match#7: NWA World Title: Christian Cage (c) vs Samoa Joe (Destination X)
FABULOUS match. But i feel Joe had lot of offense in this match. Great counters with usual sick spots by Joe. Cage had great chemsitry with Joe. Great little ending too. Never made Joe like a loser.
Rating: ****1/4

Matches were all good, but i wish they had included his match vs AJ Styles from genesis 2006, which i still feel his best match in TNA. Interviews were great, and he looked like he is enjoying his time in TNA and very natural in delivery.

Thumbs up for the DVD.
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