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Re: A fucking Super Mafia Game thread.

Day 3.

Sticksy had woken up early and been on the internet trolling Cert’s Cena thread on Wrestlingforum. He was so caught up he nearly forgot about lynching until he was called outside.
“Sorry “sticksy said as he ran outside quickly.
"Your posts disgust me" Alcoholic and Certs said simultaneously. Both thinking what a blind hater Sticksy was.
Sticksy looked away embarrassed. While KIF was still smiling, obviously happy that CBR was dead now.

“So…..MetalX “Sticksy said, "wanna lynch him?"
“Why not, I mean ..he might be a serial killer” said Dan Marino
“A serial Killer?” jigsaw asked, “oh my I hope he doesn’t get me, F-U to all the serial killers out” there he said getting rather excited, while everyone else looked away, embarrassed for him.

So moving on TheHimtanHart said…
Lynch MetalX?

An answer of “Yes” greeted this proposal.

“Let’s hope you guys are right” Kif said.

With that they went into X’s room and dragged him towards the lake. “Tie rocks around him” said Sticksy, with that they did and launched him into the lake.

Fuck you guys he shouted before he slipped under the water, death would be slow, but it would come to him eventually.

MetalX was dead - He was Galactus Other aligned- Serial Killer

Galactus: You are Galactus other aligned. While the super villains and superheroes fight it out for supremacyit is your job to make sure they all die and you ,along with The Silver Surfer are the last man standing. Then you can destroy the Earth. You evil bastard you.

Your role is the serial killer, , you may pm me the name of the person you wish to kill each night. You are not alone in this quest though. You have help in the form of The silver surfer(C…B…R) you may communicate with him throughout the game. You’ll show up innocent on investigation too.
You win when everyone else is dead and at least you or The Silver Surfer are left alive

The innocents rejoiced, they'd eventually lynched one of the enemy and managed to get rid of any others/individuals. Only the mafia remained, but they were still at full power.

Get yer night roles in to me pronto. Night up ASAP
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