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Re: A fucking Super Mafia Game thread.

The moon was out, shining brightly. It gave the night an oddly eerie feel.
The sky was clear too, not a cloud in sight. It was a picture perfect night for most.

A man in a long black Jacket was walking tonight, with a purpose. He was determined to take justice into his own hands, not wanting to wait for the mafia to pick him off.
Stealth wasn’t one of his strenghts though he though as he walked towards his targets house. He knocked on the door, as 3dee answered his door he was great with punch to the face.,
“Die mafia scum” the man in the long coat said as he struck 3dee across the head with a crowbar.

He had killed wrongly though.

3dee was dead , He was John Cena, aka Super-Cena Innocent aligned and vanilla townie.
You are Super-Cena ,the alter ego of John Cena, superhero aligned. A WWE superstar you seem nigh on invincible. In reality though you have no real powers and it’s just bad booking. Still the champ is here so it’s all good.

You are a vanilla townie. You win with the town, when all ant-town forces are dead. Good luck. Your only power in in your vote

The mafia were on the hunt. The killer clutched his gun tight to him. Hiding behind a tree waiting for some sign his target was home. He grew impatient after a while though, and was resigned to give up..untill he heard a quiet cry in the distance.

He approached slowly , He saw CBR and Ownage fighting, rolling around on the ground.
Ownage was trying to defend himself from a frenzied attack, desperately fending off CBR who has a kniife.

“You don’t have the skill to kill me” Ownage said as he lunged at CBR kicking the knife from his hand.
It fell to the ground with a clatter and the mafia member could only look on in glee as these 2 tried to kill each other.

Another kick sent CBR flailing backwards and it looked like Ownage had him, however CBR wasn't finished, he pulled a vial from his pocket and threw it into the air. Ownage was blinded.
You put up a good fight CBR said ..walking back over to get his knife, but not good enough.
With that he stabbed Ownage through the heart. Such beauty, almost a shame to kill you he said as blodd flowed from from Ownage’s chest.

Ownage was dead, He was Wonder woman- Innocent aligned, and The motivator

You are Wonder Woman superhero aligned. You and some of your fellow superheroes have banded together to try and defeat the threat of the super villains(mafia).

Your role is that you are the Motivator , what this means is that you can select someone every second night(even nights only) and they will then be able to use their night ability( if they have one) twice (e.g. If you motivate the investigator he can make 2 investigations), this also works for mafia though so be careful as choosing the wrong person could cost you.
With that CBR licked his knife clean. “ Another succesfull night” he said, thinking he was alone.
The mafia hitman smiled, it was almost too easy he thought as he crept from his hiding place.

“Succesfull indeed “he called out to CBR as he walked towards him. “But it’s time for you to die Mr Bus Driver”
“What the hell CBR” said turning around, he saw the gun in the hand of the man approaching , and tried to rush him.
The shot rang out through the night as CBR was stopped in his tracks by a single bullet to the forehead.

“Tut tut the assasin said taking the knife from his dead hnad, don’t you know playing with knives is dangerous.” Laughing at his own joke, he walked off with a sadistic grin on his face.

CBR was dead, he was the Silver Surfer other aligned. He was the role stealer
You are the silver surfer other aligned. While the superheroes and super villains fight it out for supremacy it’s your job to make sure they all die and you, along with your master galactus are the last men/entities standing.

Your role is that you are the role stealer. You may pm me a name each day and you will steal that person’s role and be able to use it the following night. Be warned you may not steal the same person’s role twice during the game. You may also communicate with Galactus(Player name here) during the game.
You win when everyone else is dead and at least one of you or Galactus is left alive.
Day 3 begins.

With 20 alive it only takes 11 to lynch
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