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Re: A fucking Super Mafia Game thread.


Nobody read too much into write up’s. , but they’re just there so I have something to do really

Day 2
“Let’s lynch someone guys” Ownage said
“How about MetalX “Kantos suggested, I mean he started the bandwagon on Rising, and he was our Legend” Kantos said, unable to hide the tears as he choked up, as he often did if Rising was spoke of.
WwF tried to comfort him to no avail, Kantos had to go inside for a while over come by emotion as he was.
"Who do we lynch guys?" WWF asked coming back to the group?

Let's lynch MetalX

“No, lynch McQueen

No, Lynch MetalX

No we’ll lynch HBK91”

They weren’t sure but in the end decided on HBK91

Caught up in the moment they didn’t notice HBK91 was very silent , not speaking at all.
They grabbed him, and held him down tying his hands behind his back. “Who wants to do it” X asked?
“Do what?” asked He Hate Me
“This “Jax the ax , as he walked toward them carrying a big axe. He walked over and chopped off HBK91’s head, killing him instantly.
The crowd began to cheer. Glad they;d got mafia, or so they thought. However a select few in the crowd were smiling, knowing they were very much still in tact.
Kantos bent down to pick up the piece of paper that had fallen from HBK91’s pocket.

HBK91 was dead. He was Wolverine innocent aligned
His role was the Bas ass Wolverine.

You also have a role. Now you shouldn’t need one really due to the fact you’re pretty fucking cool(way better than that gay Superman), but well you have one anyway. Good for you really. Your role has 2 parts, the first part is that you can use your powers of regeneration. This allows you to survive one attempted night kill. Any more than one and you will die however.

The second part comes into effect once someone has attempted to kill you(and failed obviously). You from then on gain vigilante powers until you find the person that attempted to kill you, until then you must kill each night.
You win with the town, when all ant-town forces are dead. Good luck
You have 20 hours or so to get me your night roles.GO!
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