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Re: Official Indy DVD Help Thread

A New Level

FIP 3-Way: ***1/2 (So much fun action packed into such a short match....stiff, brutal, and insane)
Kel Steenerico vs. NRC- ***1/2 - ***3/4 (Generico is an awesome babyface, Steen is an awesome prick, and NRC are good at giving/taking beatings...this worked very well)
Tag Team Scramble- **1/2 (Fun spotty match, but three 'fun spotty matches' in a row is overkill...I'm shocked the crowd didn't burn out. This is where someone like Joey Matthews is SO valuable to the company; put him against ANYONE in a singles match and he'll give you a slower paced, entertaining match to settle the crowd down a bit in between the spotty matches)
Danielson vs. Marafuji- ****1/4 - ****1/2 (Awesome, awesome Junior Heavyweight style match...this is the Junior version of Danielson's match against Go last year. Glazer said it best; two great matches between these two and it still feels like they've only scratched the surface with what they can do)
Morishima vs. Necro- **3/4 (This could have been an epic Brody-type brawl, but instead it's just a very good brawl between two animals that made Necro look good)
Aries/Briscoe vs AOTF- ***1/4 - ***1/2 (Briscoe looked unmotivated and Aries seemed out of place and off his game...this was all thanks to AOTF, especially Jacobs)
Nigel vs. Claudio- ***3/4 (Really great match, but for the main event of Hammerstein's debut, not exactly what it shoulda been. A little snuff-up torwards the end as well as the arm work being shaky brings it down a bit)

Overall- Definitely worth buying this show for any ROH fan, and I'd use it as an introduction to any new fan interested in the product. Is it show of the year or one of the best shows ever? No. However, it's extremely important/significant and has a lot of fun matches on it, including a legit MOTYC between Danielson and Marafuji. BTW, they show replays at the end of the show; the slow-mo replays of the three way were awesome, but the FAST-MO replays on Danielson/Marafuji are fucking hilarious. What a dumb idea fast-mo was.

Sephy- why did you hate Claudio/Nigel so much? Thought it was a bad match or just not main event material?

EDIT- Didn't see PaiMei's post before mine...glad our ratings/thoughts are so similar.

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