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Re: A fucking Super Mafia Game thread.

Night will be coming...now

Night 1

It was a cold night. A dark night. This didn’t make any difference though.
The mafia were looking for blood tonight. They were eager for more death.

Fail was out for a walk. He was bored of staying inside, waiting for the mafia to take action. He wanted to stop them. Suddenly a bullet took him in the neck. He went down clutching his neck. Any normal man would be dead, but he wasn’t normal he was Superman. Suddenly to his horror he felt his powers draining. Kryptonite coated bullets! Conveniently his only weakness. Unable to stand he saw a figure approach and felt another bullet smash through his ribcage. He moaned in agony, as his lung was punctured. Feeling his powers drain a 3rd bullet was drilled into his head. This one was decisive.

The killer walked away laughing, letting the Godfather know another one was dead.

Fail , the Elite Bodyguard , Superman - superhero aligned was dead.

Across the village Phenom was coming back to his house after being out for the night, doing his thing. He opened his door and walked in removing his mask. Damn, I think I might have got one he says triumphantly.
“Got what?” a mysterious voice asks.
“Why one of the mafia of course” he replied, “and who are you?”
“Oh“, the voice replied, “I don’t care I’ll wipe all of them out as well as everyone else”
As the conversation ended, so did Phenom’s life. The figure engulfed him ripping him apart.
He was dead before he hit the floor.

Phenom , The investigator , Spiderman- Superhero aligned was dead.
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