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WWE.com - Television - Raw Preview (4th February 2008)

RAW Preview
4th February 2008

Erwin Center
Austin, Texas


We found out at the Royal Rumble that Linda McMahon would be appointing a new Head of Authority for Raw the next night, and she delivered in a big way. No one, in particular her husband, Mr. McMahon could believe it as she unveiled Eric Bischoff as the new independent authority figure for Raw, breaking up the power struggle between The McMahon family. The Bisch made his presence felt throughout the night, and we can safely assume he will continue to do so this coming week.

The WWE Champion received one big shock last Monday night when the winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble, Kane made an unexpected appearance. With Randy Orton attempting to set John Cena straight after their Royal Rumble match just 24 hours removed, The Big Red Machine stunned the entire Madison Square Garden crowd, just like he did the night before as he set the wheels in motion for what could be a very disturbing time for The Legend Killer. With Orton clearly intimidated by the arrival of Kane, he saw an opportunity and took it as he fed Cena to the lions, pushing him in to Kane’s grasp and then a chokeslam. As Orton retreated to safety, it was clear that Kane’s intentions for Wrestlemania weren’t as clear as first thought.

With this firmly in The Legend Killer’s mind, Orton travelled to Smackdown last Friday night and tried his best to manipulate the Smackdown superstar by telling the world that no one wants to see Kane and Orton at Wrestlemania, trying to sway him in to staying on Smackdown to face Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship instead. The Heartbreak Kid took obvious exception to this and made an appearance himself, telling Orton that maybe Kane feels differently. This brought out The Big Red Monster who looked at both men before grabbing Michaels and giving him the same fate that befell Cena on Monday night, a chokeslam. Orton was delirious as he watched on, but that changed instantly as he fell victim to a tombstone piledriver.

Just what are Kane’s intentions? Does he even know who he wants to face at Wrestlemania? This Monday may shed new light!

With Eric Bischoff keen to make an impact last Monday night, he gave both sides of The McMahon family feud one last chance of power as he announced that Triple H would face his brother-in-law, Shane McMahon with the winner being able to the losers opponent and stipulation for a match at Saturday Night’s Main Event this coming weekend. Despite Shane telling his dad and half brother JBL that he wanted to do it on his own, it didn’t quite turn out that way as they helped Shane to an all important victory over The Game.

This Monday night, Triple H is aware that he will be going head to head with JBL’s Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan, but with The McMahon’s now in control of his fate for Saturday night, just who and what will they have in store for Triple H as they play a game of their own?

Last Monday night gave Rey Mysterio the opportunity to become the Intercontinental Champion for the first time as he was scheduled to take on the man who won the title just 24 hours earlier, CM Punk. However, the night took a down turn for Rey as he was attacked in his locker room early in the night. He was found on the floor and the assailant was nowhere to be found. After being checked over by medics, Rey decided to go ahead with the match, but was unfortunate as he just lost out to Punk in what was one of Raw’s recent best matches.

Just who could have attacked the high flying superstar?

Eric Bischoff’s impact on his return last week was certainly felt by Elijah Burke and the WWE Womens Champion, Beth Phoenix. Having called them both to his office, Bischoff accused Burke of being the man who jumped Rey Mysterio earlier in the evening, based on the recent history between the pair. Burke was very adamant that he had nothing to do with it, but Bischoff stuck to his guns and told The Guiding Light that he and Rey would finally meet one on one at Saturday Night’s Main Event. He then told The Glamazon and Victoria that they too would be meeting for the Womens Championship on the same night in London, England, something that Phoenix didn’t look too pleased about at the time.

We have also learnt that this Monday night, these four will meet in mixed tag team action when Rey and Victoria team up to take on Burke and The Glamazon. Who will get the momentum as we head towards Saturday Night’s Main Event?

The Straight Edge Superstar followed up his highly controversial Intercontinental Championship victory from the Royal Rumble by defeating Rey Mysterio last week to retain his newly won title. However, we were all left wondering just where Punk’s bitter rival and former Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy was. No one has either heard from or seen The Rainbow Haired Warrior since that defeat where Sunny turned on him and cost him his title. One has to wonder if we will see Jeff this week, or will he remain in hiding while Punk and Sunny flaunt their success again?

Chris Jericho was explaining his disappointment at not winning the Royal Rumble to Todd Grisham last week, when Mr. Kennedy decided to mock Jericho after eliminating him from the Rumble match the night before. Kennedy made it clear he wasn’t too downhearted by not winning himself and told Jericho in front of the world that he had an alternative route to get what he wants. Just what was he talking about? Will we find out more this week?

We saw a tense confrontation last week between Ron Killings and Santino Marella with insults being traded from either side. After being informed of the situation, Eric Bischoff was quick to tell WWE.com that the two would go at it this week in the middle of the ring. Who will come out on top in this one?

Kofi Kingston went one on one with one half of The Colon Brothers last week after coming to Cody Rhodes’ rescue the week before when The Brothers Cool attacked the young superstar in front of his girlfriend Kelly Kelly yet again. Just when it looked like Kofi was going to pick up another impressive victory, Eddie was able to slip a steel chair in to the ring after Carlito and Cody’s antics distracted the referee. However, despite it not being an impressive victory, the unmistakable noise of the chair shot to Kofi’s head was enough to see Carlito disqualified. Cody was quick to try and even the score, but he too was the victim of a vicious shot to the head by the steel chair. It then looked like Carly and Eddie were going to subject Kelly to the same fate, however even they were not sick enough to go down that route. What response will we get this week?

One man who put on quite a show in the Royal Rumble match was Bobby Lashley. Entering at number one, he outlasted many to just come up short. However, last Monday night he was victorious as he picked up a very dominating win over Hardcore Holly. With Wrestlemania approaching, it seems that Lashley is making a strong statement as we approach the biggest event of the wrestling year.

Last week, the former World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch received a shot at getting their titles back from Paul London & Brian Kendrick. However, it was the young high flying duo that once again came out victorious, and most importantly, with the titles in their possession. Will we get a response from The Redneck Wrecking Crew this week? Maybe we will see the champions in action once again.

There’s only one way to catch all this action, and that’s to tune in to Raw this Monday night on USA!


Triple H
vs. Orlando Jordan

Rey Mysterio & Victoria
vs. Elijah Burke & Beth Phoenix

Ron Killings
vs. Santino Marella

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