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Re: I've enevr hated a presidential candidate more than.....

To come out and say that he is an idiot because he doesn't hold his hand over his heart during the pledge is just ignorant. What is the pledge, why is it so important. I don't stand up for the pledge or put my hand over my heart. Does that mean I am a dumb person or hate America. No, it means that I feel our country is in a bad place and the administration doesn't honor a lot of things that we say our country is in the pledge. Think about the lines 'and liberty and justice for all' tell me you can say that and keep a straight face, because I surly cannot.

Secondly to say because he is Muslim he shouldn't be president. Are you saying that there is a specification for what religion you have to be apart of to become president, because I have not seen that. America was a place where people came to escape religious persecution, and all you are doing by saying that is perpetuating the cycle or ignorance in America. To me it should not matter whether the man believes in the Christian God, or no God. If he or she is best for the job, then they deserve to win. Regardless of race, religion, or sex.

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