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Re: I've enevr hated a presidential candidate more than.....

Originally Posted by ItsWhatIdo View Post
He went tot eh same school the people who drove planes into the twin towers did. Bigotry, no? He isn't saluting our flag.
Typical Republican logic. "He went to the same school as the terrorists, his name includes "Hussein Obama", so he MUST also be a terrorist too!!1one1!"

Maybe you're right. It's not bigotry, it's probably just stupidity.
He shows no loyalty to our country.
Other pictures of Barack during the pledge/national anthem:

Also, did you even clearly look at the very picture you posted in which you claim that he "turns away from our flag"? Did you happen to look at the three other people in the picture? If you are referring to the flag that they are standing in front of, NONE of them are facing it. Any complete idiot could see that. This picture was taken during the singing of the national anthem, and there was another flag to the right of the stage that they were ALL looking at.

So basically, your claims are bullshit, but you know what, Barack's words speak louder than my post:


Originally Posted by William Regal
Referring to Jillian Hall's singing: "I should change tonight's main event to Roe vs. Wade, because that was an abortion."
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