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A fucking Super Mafia Game thread.

Some basic rules and stuff:

1) Respect your other players. Stuff like “ That was a stupid thing to say” is tolerated. Saying “ Your mother should have aborted you, so we wouldn‘t have to deal with an inbred prick like you” isn’t, and will probably get you banned from WF as well as mod-killed.. Play nice.
2) This is a game. Have fun.
3) Role revealing is allowed. As is character revealing. I advise againt it.
4) If you’re mafia, for god sake don’t tell anyone.
5) No outside of thread communication please, if someone does contact you, lie if you're mafia. Simple.
6) We’ll be using one thread. Better way to play.
7) Votes must be placed in bold . If not they probably won't be counted as I won't notice them
8) Unvote if you wish to change your vote before casting a new one please.
9) Don't quote your role pm, or anything I send you. If you do I'll modkill you.
Don't fake quote me either, I'll modkill you as it's basically the same thing, but lying too.
10) If I think of anything else I'll add it, but meh have fun and play mafia.
11) Oh yeah, no lynching, you can do it. It's gay though.
12) Please post and be active. I'll replace you with Postage if not. Also notify me if you do not wish to use your role, the sooner I know the quicker night is up.
13) I can change the rules at anytime, if something crops up.
14) If you think I've made a mistake PM please, I am human it happen k
15) Me or Nas will do a lynch scene once majority is reacher, whoever is on. Send night actions to me plz. I'll try to keep phases as short, but I needs sleep and I work so be patient please


Day 1 Begins

Player list:
1) HBK91- (wolverine- Bad ass wolverine)
2) Hooper -(The Flash) - Tracker
3) He Hate Me.
4) MetalX- (Galactus) - Serial Killer
5) Heat -(The Punisher) Vigilante with 3 bullets
7) Dan Marino
8) The Dealer.
9) Fail - (Superman)- Elite Bodyguard
11)TheHitmanHart - The thing - Weak Bodyguard/mason
14)Rising (Professor X)- The Legend
15)WWF replaced by sneapy
16)Certs.-(Hong Kong Phooey)- Vanilla Townie
17)PHEN0M- (Spiderman) - Investigator
19)Ownage (Wonder Woman) - Motivator.
20) -Showstopper-
21) 3dee.-(John Cena)- Vanilla Townie
22)KeepItFresh.- (Rogue) Roleblocker
23) C..B..R - (Silver Surfer)- Role Stealer
25)Jax the Ax, replaced By King Kenny.
26) McQueen.
27) Alcoholic.

Blue = Innocent
Red = Mafia
Green = Other

Replacement list:

Game time bitches

Day/night links
Day 1- Lynching a Legend.

Night 1 - A super bad night for the innocents.

Day 2- How to kill a Wolverine

Night 2 - More wonderful news for the mafia.

Day 3 - A super serial good lynch.

Night 3 - A quiet night.

Day 4 - Modkill

Night 4 - Flash loses his head.

Day 5 - mid-day - A certified fuck up

Night 5 - Innocents get pwned..again

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