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Ok which mod / member or admin is out to get me?

Since day one of coming to this website I have changed it around into one hell of a better website. Thanks to me and support or others but there is one little bastard on this website who is on the higher power of this website he wants me gone. That bastard will not tell me who he is.

He changed my sig around and called me a

Ruining the forum.

Well I am far from ruining it I am making it better each and everyday. Some of you should thank me for being here. I am here to save this forum. Itís not my fault I am an icon on this forum.

You seem some of you members were happy with a little quite forum but when I came along many of you can not handle that I am changing the website around and making it better. Its time to move on with the times so you bastards who are trying to keep me down can KISS MY ASS.

I am here to stay. It does not matter what any of you do or say because I am here until the site dies or I die. I love this forum I love this site and there are members out there who love my post

After guys like HEAT are dead and gone guys like me and other great members who really are out to keep the site going will be here and the heats of the world will be running yet another forum.

So this is for the mod who is trying to screw me over and those members who hate me fucking shut the fuck up and deal with me because I am going no where.

Some of you should show us the loyal members more respect.
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