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Re: Not Enough Black Moderators...

Originally Posted by Ghetto Anthony View Post
With the recent uprising of concern in College Football due to the lack of Black coaches being hired it has come upon me that Wrestling-Edge Forums (as I will refer to it from now on) does have enough Black staff members. I like to think of myself as a civil rights activist, and when I see hate crimes such of these taking place I do my best to get involved and try to solve the problem peacefully. I know first hand what it's like to be treated unfairly here because of the color of your skin. I had all of my rep points taken away from me and I was put into a user group known as the "Miserable Users" group which made my civil rights campaign almost impossible to continue. I have been wrongfully banned from WEF on many occasions, and in my profile you can all view the racial slur that was left in my gift box while I was sleeping one night.

In my first step to help solve this act of cruelty I took a look at the staff list and saw that only Bubba T, Alabastard Holt and Kaneanite were of Afro-Can decent. (No Headliner is not black, despite what some of you may think.) This to me is a slap in the face. It is 2007 and our people are still not being treated fairly. I hate the way they portray us on these forums. If you see a black poster you automatically think they're trying to cause trouble if you see a white poster you automatically think they're contributing. I know what's going on behind the scenes of WEF. The Staff forum for example has been segregated. But I'm not going to go into that because some of the postings there (about black posters such as myself) are too graphic for the rants section.

To conclude this rant I am going to make a bold statement:

Rajah doesn't care about black people.

Rajah is the worst type of racist. The type that throws rocks and hides his hand. A quick fix to this problem would be to promote my fellow Afro-can Kaneanite to Administrator and step down from your position as Admin, Rajah. It's the right thing to do.
Well that's the problem right there!
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