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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Cage vs. Angle: From Best to Worst

1) Against All Odds 2008 - Probably TNA's best PPV main event this year so far. It was an excellent match up that showcased both to the best of their abilities. The crowd was really hot for it too which always helps, and Tomko's turn at the end was well done.

2) Cage Match on Impact - I really enjoyed this one. The match just felt like it belonged in 1988, and I loved it. It was just very old school the way it was worked.

3) Final Resolution 2008 - Also very good. I didn't think their AGA08 match could possibly top it, but it did. However this match is definately worthy of praise and provided a strong main event to kick the year off.

4) Against All Odds 2007 - I don't know. Something about this match just didn't click with me. It was ok, but some people praised it as a MOTYC, and I personally didn't see that. They've definately done better. This was a weak PPV as a whole though.

Cage vs. Joe: Best to Worst

1) Destination X 2007 - I LOVE THIS MATCH!!! It's probably my favorite world title match in TNA history. There was no huge build up besides Joe simply being Cage's next opponent, and it wasn't a huge payoff to anything, but it turned out to be one of the best matches of 2007 without question. This match was simply fantastic.

2) Bound for Glory 2007 - Another fucking awesome match. Cage & Joe just had a great chemistry together that just clicked and it seemed like every time they wrestled, they just tore the house down. This one was also great because Joe finally got the big win over Cage, which was very well booked.

3) No Surrender 2007 - Once again, I loved this match. The intensity in this one was off the charts. I loved the ending too with Joe just not giving a damn and getting DQ'd in his pursuit of destroying Christian. It was a great set up for the BFG match.

4) Impact after BFG - For a TV match it was very good, but because it happened on TV, it often becomes forgotten. What I liked about the Joe/Cage matches is that they tried to make every match different, and this one was not a carbon copy of any of the others which was great. The match was basically just a way to get Cage in Fight for the Right and set up Joe vs. Roode for Genesis, but it was still very good.

Overall, I'd say Joe vs. Cage was definately my favorite of the two.


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