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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Victory Road (2004)

1.) 20 Man X Gauntlet - ***3/4 - ****
Great opener and lots of fun. It's a spotty match as you can imagine and everyone got their chance to shine. Really cool to see people like Spanky, La Parka, Sydal and Psicosis out there. Kaz was the definite star here though as he went from beginning to end. Nice finish as well.

2.) The Naturals/Kash/Dallas vs. Killings/Johnny B. Badd/Watts/Kenney - *1/2

Short pointless match here, nothing special.

3.) Midget SHOWDOWN! - Piratita Morgan vs. Mascarita Sagrada - 1/2*
Why the hell is this doing on any type of ppv anywhere is beyond me... Luckily they kept it short

4.) Tag Titles - Team Canada vs. 3LK - **1/2
Formulaic tag match here but it was surprisingly good. A lot better than I expected considering 3LK were involved.

5.) Trinity vs. Jackie - *1/4
About 2 minutes is what this match lasted and all the while Disco and Swinger were trying to interfere. Jackie damn near kills Trinity with a german and a great Moonsault by Trinity to end it.

6.) Monsters Ball - Brown vs. Raven vs. Abyss - ***1/4

Well this was pretty tame compared to the 05 brutal matches that followed but it was still a very good match. Abyss took a sick fall onto the tacks, and an awesome POUNCE!!!! by Monty at the end.

7.) X Title - AJ Styles vs. Petey Williams - ***1/2
Started off really great but then the D'amore interference kinda ruined it for me. It was way to short as well about 10 minutes or so. I must say that the ending with Petey jumping off the second turnbuckle into the Canadian Destroyer was excellent stuff though.

8.) Last Man Standing - AMW vs Triple X - **
I'm sorry but LMS shouldn't be used for tag matches. At about 11 minutes you can't do much when every other minute you're waiting for the 10 count. Terrible idea for this match. Poor Skipper takes a legdrop early on and knocks his ass out. Concussion I presume as he was unbelievably bad in this. After the shot he pretty much botches everything including the finish which he kicked out of, but the ref insisted he didn't. Not his fault of course, but really disappointing. Boy do they make up for this the following month though.

9.) NWA title - Ladder Match - Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett - ***
Pretty good match but not as good as I hoped for especially considering it's a ladder match. Some cool spots here and there and one noticeable botch on one of those sunset flip powerbombs from the ladder. Scott Hall was a nuisance throughout and takes one TERRIBLE looking twist of fate. The ending with Nash coming out and turning on Hardy was pretty cool. I liked how all 3 bashed him with guitars lol. The after match stuff was great as well, as Aj came out and tried to beat some ass after Nash challenged the locker room. After initial success the numbers game gets the better of him. 3LK come out only to get beatdown too. And then... OOOHHH YEAH!! sounds throughout the arena as Macho Man comes down the ramp. Nice ending to the show.

Overall: Very disappointing show, I understand it was the very first 3 hour ppv so it's special in that regard but as a stand alone ppv this doesn't hold a candle to most of the 05 shows. There were some nice promos from Piper featuring Jimmy Snuka and a Scott Hall one during the show which were both good.

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