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Re: Mafia V Return To Aifamville

MAFIA V: Welcome to Aifamville
Sunday, June 29th, 2008 – NIGHT 1

The people of Aifamville had hoped after HBK91 was found dead things would get better. He did after all kill the town doctor in cold blood. He had claimed to have gotten a letter threatening his life earlier in the day. The irony of the story was he died to the same mail from the same mailbox.

The town slept the best they could. They knew the Sheriff would be prowling the streets all night. They felt safe for the most part.

The mafia made a calculated strike tonight. The Sheriff came around the block once every 3 and a half minutes. They had to act quickly. One of the mafia approached the window and began to pry it open. Another one tried opening the door for no particular reason, assuming it would be locked.

But it wasn’t.

“Moron.” He whispered amongst his group of 3. One of his accomplices carried a trash bag. The other looked nervous.

They snuck into the room of their 2nd victim, whom slept soundly. Unbothered by the flashlights.

A shot was fired…

…And the deed was done.

“Revenge.” The gloved man exclaimed as he dropped a letter on the chest of the dead corpse. It was the same letter that had killed HBK91 earlier in the day.

EGame was dead. He was The Mailman, Town Aligned.

Lights flickered outside. Someone had pulled into the driveway. The man with the trash bag left the bag in the room of the crime and fled with the rest of his mafia friends.

On Day One you may send 6 letters to different people in the game they will have the choice of opening it or not. Here are the letters and what they do if people open keep in mind you want too send beneficial letters too the Innocents and the Death Mail & Bills too the mafia GL.

Junk: This one does absolutely nothing but you have too sent it anyways. : D

Bill: The person receiving this may not use their role for 3 Night Phases as they have too pay their bill.

Check: The person receives 50$ too buy items with; these items are beneficial if landed in a townies hands.

Love Letter: The person receiving this will be madly in love with you and may not use their role on you for the whole game. If they attempt it will be immediately blocked.

Chain Letter: The person will be asked too send this letter too all players in the game and have them forward it too me during the next night phase or they die.

Anthrax: You send a letter with Anthrax causing instant death.

As you can see this role is pretty orgasmic so chose wisely. You win when all the threats too the town have been eliminated.
Elsewhere in town, a man had lost his mind. He sat rocking back and fourth in the corner of his home and contemplated suicide.

“Why must I suffer alone?” the man asked himself out loud.

“I don’t have to.”

“I can make others suffer too.”

The man sprung to his feet grabbed his jacket and ran across the street. His across the street neighbors light was on. He knocked on the door.

“Hey bud. What can I do for you?” the man at the door asked.

“I was wondering if I could use your phone? My power went out.” He replied.

“Sure.” It’s right over here. The friendly neighbor led his long time friend to the phone and handed it to him. He turned to look at the TV news broadcast which was covering the recent killings in Aifamville.

And that’s when the killer struck. He wrapped the phone line around the mans neck and chocked him to death. The Serial Killer had struck for the first time.

Sticksy was dead. He was The Thief, Town Aligned.

You can steal roles. Once per night you may* PM me the name of the person you want to steal a role from for that night period. You must also PM me the name of the person you want to use their role on. You cannot steal a role from the same person twice in a game. You win when all of the threats to the town have been eliminated.

*- You do not have to use your role if you do not wish. Simply PM me letting me know.
The Serial Killer dialed 911, then casually walked out of the house and back to his home.

On mass street WWF strolled up and down with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He read the mail that was given to him earlier by the mailman.

“UR-GO-N-A D-I? 2NI-TIT” he sounded it out.

“Urgonadie2nitit? What the fuck is this shit about?” He threw the letter out in the middle of the street. He stepped off the curb and fell into a manhole. Shitty luck.

WWF was dead. He was The Town Drunk, Town Aligned.

You’re useless and a waste of time. You have no role, get over it. You should have went to College. You win when all of the threats to the town have been eliminated.
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