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Re: 3 days away till our future is decided

Ok, numbnutses(right plural form?), here we go....

Micheal Moore:
So, the movie was biased? And....? Its not meant to be a documentary like we all think of a documentary, which is a scientist telling you about tigers or a historian telling you about Hitler. It's a movie of his opinions, which use facts to back them up. Yes, he uses facts to back up his opinion, so don't go on about how big of a liar or liberal or satanist Moore is. Just because his opinions, as is something that can't be proven either way, differ from your's, he isn't a liar.

The Draft:
Truth be told, I think the draft could happen with either man. We're just so strained on troops that is possible with either candidate. However, Kerry would be able to get an unimaginable higher amount of intern national support. Bush has said that he doesn't care what Europeans think of him. In those words even. Talk about alienating yourself from the world. At least Kerry is a clean slate, besides the fact that he wants international help. Bush seems to have the cliched Republican mentality of "We're America! We'll kick all your asses with one hand tied behind our back!" Thats not a very good domestic policy, is it?

I'd like to know where any of Bush's original reasons to go to Iraq were. You know, al Queda connections and mostly WMDs. We've went from protecting America from a nuclear strike to spreading to democracy. We've went from "Saddam is a bad guy and is possibly capable of hurting us" to "Saddam was a bad guy and might have tried to hurt us if he would have had any capacity to so." Its rather funny,because a lot of the world would hurt us if they had the capability. Some even do, namely a Facist Asian country. It was proven that Iraq had extremely minimal connections with al Queda, so little that they don't even need to be mentioned, because the probably has at least as many. But, unfortunantely this wasn't the major news story it should have been because all the Republican news people would talk about to any length with Fahrenheit 9/11, which came out I think maybe the same weekend as the 9/11 Commission Report was released, which told us of this lack of Iraq/al Queda connection.

Truth be told, the economy wasn't as booming when Bush took office as it could have been. But, it continued to slump while Bush was in office, his projected new jobs continue to fall far short.

Katherine Harris, a member of Bush's election campaign in Florida, and Florida's Secretary of State, stopped the recount in 2000. This won Bush the election. Every independent recount since has proved Gore the winner. Not to mention that Brother Jeb Bush hired a company to weed out all the felons in the state who couldn't vote. Funny thing is, the company admits to a 15% inaccuracy rate, which is in the area of 800 votes. Bush only won by 537 votes. It was later proven that this list was, in fact, 95% inaccurate, causing thousands of people to be wrongfully denied their right to vote. Most of the people disenfranchised were black. Black people vote Democratic at a rate of somewhere between 85% to 90% off to top of my head. You don't think some shit was up with all this? If you don't.... then I pity your naive ways.

Patriot Act:
In the US, we have the 5th Ammendment, which makes it so people cannot be held without trial. The Patriot Act denies suspected terrorists this right. Surpisingly, they won't give these suspected terrorists a trial to prove if they're, in fact, terrorists or not. They just lock them up in Cuba and forget about them. Does it not scare anybody else that the government can just say "oh, you might be a terrorist" and lock you up forever, with no evidence at all? Frankly, it scares the complete fuck out of me. This isn't even mentioning all the rights to privacy that have been violated, which are guaranteed in the 4th Ammendment.
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