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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

After watching Victory Road 2004, I decided to check out Turning Point as well, and the show is just as great as I remember. For the longest time, I said that this was the best PPV in TNA history (finally surpassed by Bound for Glory 2007)

- First of all, there are several skits during the show involving impersonators of Vince McMahon & Triple H looking for "The Tape" of TNA superstars "invading" WWE while WWE was filming something in Orlando. Normally I hate this kind of skits, but I don't know. I thought it was pretty funny stuff. The impressions for HHH & Vince were damn near dead on, and supposively Trips was played by Petey Williams.

- The first match was a slight rematch from Victory Road as 3LK (w/Killings subbing for the injured Konnan) defended the tag team titles against Team Canada. This was a surprisingly good match up (like the VR match) and Roode & Young once again looked impressive. Team Canada won the belts back thanks to inference from the returning Johnny Devine.

- Next up was a Six Man X Division Tag Match with Sonjay Dutt, Hector Garza, & Sonny Siaki taking on Kid Kash, Matt Bentley, & Kazarian, as Dutt sought to get revenge on Kid Kash for what happened at Victory Road in the Piper's Pit segment. I don't like most of the guys in this match (the only ones I'd say I'm a fan of are Dutt & Kaz) but this turned out to be a good six man tag. There were some cool spots and Dutt did a good job of selling an arm injury. Dutt's team got the win after Garza hit a Corkscrew splash on Kazarian for hte pin.

- This next match was tons of fun. Monty Brown took on Abyss in a Serengetti Survival Match. It was a pretty cool hardcore match with some pretty cool spots like Monty Brown going for the Pounch only for Abyss to duck and Monty crashed through a table. The rules of the match said that the match could be won by Pinfall, Submission, or by putting your opponent into thumbtacks. Abyss took a bareback shot into the tacks, which it looked like he mostly missed, but then it turned out he had a ton of tacks drilled into the back of his head (and there is some disturbing footage on the DVD of them plucking the tacks out. Ewww) Very cool match, with Monty obviously getting the win.

- This next match was pure filler as Pat Kenney (SimoN Diamond) teamed with Johnny B. Badd to take on his former partners Johnny Swinger & Glen Gilberti with Jacqueline (who also had beef with Gilberti & Swinger) as the special referee. This was a decent tag match. Not much else to say besides that and like I said, it was just pure filler. The faces got the win after Gilberti got in Jackie's face & got a bodyslam for his trobles, allowing Badd to score the TKO for the pin.

- The next match was one I was very excited for when I first saw the PPV. The in ring return of Diamond Dallas Page against Raven wrestled under "Raven's Rules". This was a very entertaining and fun match. DDP looked great in there and the match was worked as an intense brawl between hated rivals. Despite interference from Erik Watts & two of Raven's hooded henchmen (who the hell were there?), DDP was able to get the win. This could have been a great long running feud, but TNA really screwed it up after this. Even though Watts turned on Page at this show, somehow it turned into Watts vs. Raven. Who knows what happened, but this match was very good.

- The next match was one of my all time favorite X Division title matches as Petey Williams defended the gold against Chris Sabin. This match was amazing with some great spots and counters. I also loved the story, with Sabin saying that Petey can't use the Canadian Destroyer because he has a counter for it. The made things very interesting and we got to see Petey do somethings that were new to TNA fans at the time, so it made for an awesome match. Petey got the win by using brass knucks that went undetected by the referee.

- Next up was the most heavily hyped match on the show with AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, & Randy Savage taking on The Kings of Wrestling (Jarrett, Hall, & Nash) Earlier in the show, KOW attacked Savage and had him taken away, leaving AJ & Hardy to fight in a 3-2 situation. This match was pretty good, with AJ Styles being the real star, and it was great to see him interact with the Outsiders. The only real disappointment with this match was Savage who came out the end and just pinned Jarrett. He was kind of a disappointment, but overall the match was pretty good.

- Before the main event, they played the tape of TNA "Invading" the WWE while they were in Orlando. Its kind of funny as its basically just 3LK acting like goofs, Abyss running around with baloons, & Traci offering cookies, and then 3LK getting friendly with two guys that can clearly be indentified as Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero, despite their faces being blurred out. Nothing special about the tape, but Tenay had a great line "Why would the WWE get upset over that?! It's not like we drove a tank up to their show!"

- And of course the main event is the main reason to check out this show. AMW vs. XXX in Six Sides of Steel with the losing team being forced to disband. This match had EVERYTHING. Violence, High flying, drama, great tag team work, a hot crowd and a really special moment as Elix Skipper walked across the cage and gave a Hurricanrana to Chris Harris. This whole match was just amazing and insane. Mere words can't do this match justice. If you haven't seen it & you are a TNA fan, you NEED to see it. For my money, this is the greatest match in TNA history, and a great way to cap off a great PPV.

It was really a blast going back and watching this PPV again because it really was a great PPV that still ranks among TNA's best. One of the reasons I liked it was that it was the perfect mix of old and young talent. You had The Outsiders, Savage, Hardy, DDP, & Raven, and for the most part they did well, and then you had young guys like AJ, Sabin, Petey, XXX, AMW, Monty, & Abyss being allowed to shine. There were some great matches and moments anf overall, it was a must see PPV for any TNA fan.

Match Rankings:
1) AMW vs. XXX: Six Sides of Steel
2) Petey vs. Sabin
3) DDP vs. Raven
4) Monty vs. Abyss
5) AJ/Hardy/Savage vs. Kings of Wrestling
6) 3LK vs. Team Canada
7) Sonjay/Siaki/Garza vs. Kash/Bentley/Kazarian
8) Kenney/Badd vs. NYC


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