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Post Re: Mafia V Return To Aifamville

Day One

Everyone gathered in town hall for the first lynching to begin. After a couple of minutes of heavy thought on who to lynch the town received a major surprise.

The door flew open and suddenly out came the original Mafia Guru Ace.

“Sup players what’s cracking? Heard you guys had a Mafia Problem and the Mafia Guru is always here too lend a hand when those bitches come”

Everyone was shocked but no was as shocked as RKO920 as he went into cardiaque arrest. RKO920 just stood there when the doctor Word came too check up on him. He was instantly Dead.

Ace then proclaimed.

“ We’ll I knew I was good at killing Mafia’s but ain’t that too much?”

We’ll the town got used too seeing the sight of a dead body so they continued on with there day.

During dead on in the middle of the ceremony HBK91 asked Kantos if he would like to swap places?

Kantos said “Well I might aswell the window is open and I’m getting the chills so here you go”

HBK91 & Kantos switched places and the lynching ceremony continued.

Many things happened during this ceremony the loud yelling of KIF saying, “I’m better than all of you” and the close lynching of Kantos but nothing was more surprising than this.

HBK91 got up pulled out a gun from his jacket and shot He Hate Me too death the entire town was shocked and clueless besides Chealseafan who knew what the fuck was going on and was acting smart about it. Everyone then got up and checked HE Hate Me’s role.

He Hate Me was….

The Doctor, Town Aligned

During the night you may* PM me the name of the person you want to protect. If they are targeted by the Mafia during that night period you'll protect them from being killed. You win when all of the threats to the town have been eliminated.

*- You do not have to use your role if you don't want. Simply PM me letting me know.

The crowd was looking at HBK91 suspiciously as they got ready for bed. Word left there for a few more minutes staring at He Hate Me’s cold dead body all he could say was…

“What The Fuck?”

Day One ends Night One begins you have 24 Hours to send me your night ability’s

And Seb for clarification I had to d this one in the end....

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