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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Top Ten TNA PPVs Of All Time.

10) No Surrender 2007: I loved the whole theme of the show with Angle having to defend all of his titles in seperate matches, which really gave the show a nice running story. And because the major star of the night Kurt Angle was in all 3 title matches and the PPV was sold on that gimmick, it actually allowed the undercard matches to have phenomenal build ups and that made for some damn good matches as well. Kaz vs. Roode & Storm vs. Rhino were two of the best undercard-midcard matches of the year for sure, and Joe vs. Christian delivered on yet another great and intense match up. The Tag Team Gauntlet provided a lot of action and was a great showcase for AJ Styles & The Motor City Machine Guns. And all three of Angle's title matches delivered in one way or another. Team Pacman vs. Sting/Angle did a great job of setting up Sting vs. Angle, Abyss vs. Angle was a really good main event to close with, and of course the X Title match with Jay Lethal was a great match and gave us the biggest upset in TNA history, which was great.

9) Final Resolution 2005 - The main reason I like this show is because of the title matches. The undercard was solid, with Skipper vs. Sonjay being a bit of a sleeper hit, but the title matches were what made the show worth my money. AMW vs. Team Canada is my personal favorite tag title match in TNA history, and you'll never see a better Ultimate X match than the one AJ, Petey, and Sabin had that night. And of course things closed out with Monty Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett did a great job of making Monty look like a nearly unstoppable monster, and its unfortunate that Monty never got the chance to hold the world title, but this match was great fun.

8) Sacrifice 2007 - This show had a little bit of everything. I mentioned this in my review of this show, but I loved the fact that all three title matches were Triple Threats, and I wish TNA had played that up as that could have been a fun little gimmick to sell the PPV on. Out of nine matches, only one of them was bad. Everything else delivered. Sabin vs. Dutt vs. Lethal was easily one of the best X title matches of the year. Roode vs. Jarrett was a great old school match with great crowd reaction. The Tag Title Match was really good, and made better because of the Steiner Brothers Reunion at the end which I marked huge for. AJ vs. Joe yielded another really good match for their on going series. And of course the main event was very good with Sting, Angle, and Christian putting on a great 3 way. Except for the handicap match, everything else provided good entertainment and was solid. But of course no discussion on this PPV is complete without Harris vs. Storm in Texas Deathmatch, which was my pick for TNA Match of the Year in 2007. Truly amazing match up.

7) Genesis 2006 - I saw this show as the card of dream matches. Obviously it was sold on Joe vs. Angle, which was a match that everyone was dying to see, but it also had a bunch of matches that I really wanted from TNA. Abyss vs. Sting for the World Title, Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles, & AMW vs. LAX for the Tag Titles. And IMO, all of those matches delivered in one way or another. AJ vs. Christian was my favorite match, but I marked out big time when Abyss won the title because I didn't expect (it was also nice to see them use the DQ title change rule) AMW vs. LAX was really good too and I had hoped they'd do more with this feud (they had one more really good match at TP, but that was it) And of course the Daniels vs. Sabin X Title match was very good too. Now as for Angle vs. Joe, alot of people were disappointed with it, mainly because of the length, but IMO, it was a great match. It really seemed like they were trying to kill each other, and they captured great intensity (although they would top this at TP)

6) Lockdown 2006 - I loved this PPV. In 2005, I thought the idea of an all Steel Cage PPV was absurd, but that show turned out much better than I expected, and IMO, this one was even better. The undercard was great (minus that stupid arm wrestling match) It was almost all X Division with a Xscape Match, a World X Cup Preview, Sabu vs. Joe for the X Title, and Senshi vs. Daniels, and all of those matches provided great action and entertainment. The Flag Match of Team 3D vs. Team Canada was very entertaining as well. But it was the double main event that made this show. Chrisitan Cage vs Abyss is easily one of my favorite World Title matches ever in TNA. That was an amazing match up, and the Lethal Lockdown of Team Sting vs. Team Jarrett was great and made up for the atrocity of the first Lethal Lockdown. It really captured the feel of an old school War Games match while also adding some new things to make it stand out. Those last two matches easily make the show worth checking out.

5) Turning Point 2005 - You had five matches on this card that could have easily been the main event. Abyss/Sabu in Barbedwire Massacre, AMW vs. Team 3D in a Tables Match, Christian Cage making his PPV debut against Monty Brown, Joe vs. AJ for the X Title, & Jarrett vs. Rhino for the World Title. All of those matches delivered in big ways and provided great action for this show and it really seemed like TNA was really running on all cylinders at this point with Hardcore action, X Division, Tag Teams, and Heavyweights all delivering. Another highlight was the Basebrawl match. I know alot of people hated it, but I thought it got TNA some mainstream exposure and they basically let Sabin & Dutt carry the match with great X Division action, so IMO, no harm done. It was also nice to see Bobby again. The match of the night was easily Joe vs. AJ for the X title which is probably my favorite X Title Match of all time. Very intense and brutal.

4) Bound for Glory 2006 - It was the first PPV held outside of Orlando and WOW!!! What a difference! I remember it being such a huge breath of fresh air and it really made the show feel big and important, but it also helped that the matches delivered to. You got an X Gauntlet, a Four Way Tag, and a Monster's Ball that all provided great action and a really good undercard. EY vs. Zbysko provided some laughs, and a Joe/Angle confrontation in the middle of the show really got the crowd going. And of course the big matches delivered to. Christian vs. Rhino was a great hardcore match, and Sabin vs. Senshi damn near stole the show with their X Title Match. AJ/Daniels vs. LAX in Six Sides of Steel was an excellent payoff to this fantastic tag team feud, and Jarrett vs. Sting was a great old school battle of Good vs. Evil with Sting getting a very satisfying win. This was the first time I felt like a TNA PPV was close to the level of Wrestlemania in terms of importance and having an epic feel.

3) Slammiversary 2006 - I'm sorry, but I think this is probably the most underappreciated show in TNA history. There were so many great matches with great build ups that I don't see how this show flew under people's radars. Team 3D vs. James Gang, Nash vs. Sabin, & Joe vs. Steiner were WAY better than anybody ever thought they could be, and all three matches got very good build ups. I actually ordered the PPV just to see Joe vs. Steiner and just to see what would happen, and it really delivered a nice intense brawl that made Joe look great. The X Division Rankings match is probably the only Multi Man X Match filler that I will say was fucking awesome because it gave time for individuals to shine rather than just doing a shit load of spots in a 8-12 minute period. Sonjay, Senshi, & Shelley really shined in that one. The Tag Title Match of AMW vs. AJ/Daniels was amazing and my pick for TNA MOTY in 2006. You'll have to look pretty hard to find a tag match as good as this in this day and age. And then of course you had King of the Mountain, which is a great annual tradition for TNA, and the ending was FUCKING AWESOME. I haven't seen a heel get that kind of a reaction in a LONG time. It was amazing and a great way to close an amazing PPV.

2) Turning Point 2004 - TNA's first great PPV IMO, and this one really got people talking, and with good reason. First of all, this might sound stupid, but I really enjoyed the skits with the fake Vince & Triple H looking for the tape of TNA "invading" WWE. They were silly, but got a good laugh, and to be honest they were more entertaining than the tape itself. The matches really delivered. 3LK faced Team Canada for the tag titles in what was actually a good match! Yes 3LK actually had a good match here. I'm not kidding. And Monty vs. Abyss was a great hardcore match, and DDP vs. Raven was an awesome return for Page, who I was really excited to see again. Petey vs. Sabin was probably the greatest X Title match that didn't involved either AJ, Joe, or Daniels (Sabin/Senshi from BFG is high up there too). It was amazing. And then there was the big six man tag where AJ Styles really got to shine with The Outsiders & Jarrett. Savage was a bit of a disappointment, but other than that, the match was fine. And the AMW vs. XXX: Six Sides of Steel Match, which thankfully closed the show, was probably the greatest match in TNA history. It was violent, the spots were insane, and I have never heard a match get the chant "Best Match Ever!" before. It was truly something special.

1) Bound for Glory 2007 - This was definately a show where everything just clicked. Even matches that I thought would suck turned out really well (Fight for the Right & The Tag Title Match) and there were some really cool moments too like Gail Kim becoming the first Women's Champion, Abyss winning his first Monster's Ball, AJ winning a belt in his homestate, and Joe ending Christian's undefeated streak. LAX vs. XXX in Ultimate X is probably the greatest opener in TNA history, Lethal vs. Daniels was one of my favorite X Title matches of the year, Steiners vs. Team 3D had a very good tables match with alot of great table spots (I marked huge for the Frankensteiner), Joe vs. Christian was amazing as usual, and Sting vs. Angle was a phenomenal main event that captured a big time feel. Both men really pulled out all the stops in that one and I haven't seen too many TNA World Title Matches that were better.

So what would you all say are your 10 Favorite TNA PPVs ever?


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