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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Dan's Smackdown review

The opening promo was good. I like what Edge was saying about him not being pinned at the Rumble, that's typical Edge there. MVP, Dykstra and Umaga all coming down was interesting and I like how you are bringing different people into this title picture. All of them had some good points and I liked what Dykstra had to say about him being the only one that won at the Rumble. Regal coming down was good and what he said was very interesting. I like this idea a lot, and I like how you have still left it unpredictable as Kane could still be in either the Raw or Smackdown match at Mania. I can see Kane being in the Smackdown main event to be honest as I expect a babyface to face Orton at Wrestlemania and Kane is a bit of a tweener I think. And if Edge wins this number one contender match at SNME which I think he will, HBK vs. Kane vs. Edge would make sense as it would be Face vs. Tweener vs. Heel. These matches should be good and Dykstra against Batista should be very interesting tonight.

Good opening contest between Chavo and Edge. It's strange seeing them against each other with them being friends at the moment IRL. The two counters from Edge were good and the ending of the match flowed well. Edge was always going to win this so it was no suprise to see him win, I liked the ending though and we've see him end many matches like this. Edge is the first man to qualify and he's my pick to win the match as well.

The segement between Shelton and Regal was pretty good, bot seemed in character and Benjamin was his usual arrogant self. So we're having a qualifying match for the qualifying match tonight? Lol that should be good, Shelton and Hardy could put on a good match.

I didn't really like the Haas/Masters segment tbh, I think you were just trying to give Haas some air time really. Masters doesn't really strike me as a guy who would give good advice, I don't think I would listen to him Lol. It just didn't sound right either when Masters said "I know you can beat Super Crazy tonight", if it was a bigger name it would be OK but I don't think Haas needs a pep talk to beat Super Crazy. Anyway at least Haas and Masters get some attention. The last line was good though.

Finlay against Harris was cool, this was a physical match from what you wrote as it would be IRL. Harris needed a tough match like this after having a few squash matches to establish himself, and the way you wrote the first part of the ending suggested that Finlay had given him a tough match. The ending was good with the Thesz press and the Catatonic, suprised he didn't hit a couple more signature moves though before his finisher. The Shillelagh attack was cool and I think we'll see a little feud between the two which should be good, and Finlay is a good guy to help get Harris over.

Decent segment between MVP and Edge, I don't know why these two hate each other so much though considering they're both heels, I suppose its a battle of the two huge egos. This adds a bit of hype to this contendership thing too.

The match between Super Crazy and Haas was good, it's good seeing you use Haas as he's a very solid wrestler. I liked all the moves he used including the Angle Slam, that was suprising. He's a man of many suplexes and you showed that here. I can't remember what the Haas of Pain is though, is it some sort of Figure Four or Indian Deathlock? This little push for Haas should be good.

Nice little interview with Kenny Dykstra. What he was saying was cool and you got his character spot on, I can't see him winning tonight though.

The Hardy/Benjamin match seemed like a great match. The ending flowed really well and you pulled out some more cool counters here. Ouch, that enzuigiri must have hurt. The ending was cool with Hardy quickly hitting the Twist of Fate for the win. I like Shelton Benjamin but Hardy is the US Champ so he had to win this one, Hardy in the qualifying match next week should be good, I wonder if you'll have him in the SNME match.

Good tag team match here. Again this match flowed really well from what you wrote and you threw in some great moves, that inverted brainbuster move is great and it has to hurt. I love the double underhook powerbomb too so it was cool to see that. Nice twist at the end with Morrison breaking the cover, but it was good to see Noble hit Miz with the Fireman's carry gutbuster, brilliant move that. The best team won here and it should be a very interesting match at SNME and I can see both teams winning tbh so it's unpredictable again.

Quality segment between Flair and Shane, really interesting segment and a brilliant way for a rookie to get some heat. I really felt that slap from Naitch, that would be cool to see. Their match next week already has some build, looking forward to that although I see Flair winning comfortably in the end.

I was wondering what you were going to do with this main event, as although Batista is the obvious choice for the SNME match Dykstra is recieving a push at the moment so I thought Dykstra could've got the win. The ending was cool and I loved the spinebuster counter into a DDT. Batista picking up the win with the Batista bomb was cool, and it doesn't hurt Dykstra really becuase Batista is a main eventer and Dykstra got a main event spot tonight too.

Ending with a promo as you did on Raw, you're really giving this Kane thing a lot of attention which is cool. What Orton had to say was cool, very heel like too in trying to get Kane to choose HBK for Mania. Bringing out HBK was good and I liked what he had to say. With the two champions in the ring it was obvious that we would see Kane and we did. Man, Kane chokeslams both of them! I loved how Orton was laughing at HBK but got a Tombstone for it. We still do't know who Kane has picked now! You've left us all wondering again Nige, I really like how you've worked this storyline on both Raw and Smackdown.

Overall Nige is was a quality show yet again. The Kane storyline is really good and I like what you're doing with the SNME qualifiers too. Nothing really wrong with the show tbh. Good job and again have a good holiday mate.

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