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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Royal Rumble Review:

A very good opening video package, slightly on the short side but that's OK as I am more interested in the event. Good job for the hype from the announcers, this could be something special.

Ahhh, now THIS is a match, this is a build up, this is the one I have been waiting for for Donkey's years! Punk/Jeff will it deliver? Awesome start with Hardy showing his intent, this sets up the story so nicely it is unbelievably awesome. I really liked the use of the big move to start off with because Punk REALLY wants to hurt Punk and I believe his actions. The back and forth of the early going and you incorporating the crowd's actions really added to the match, I have come to expect this from you now but it is still a hallmark of a great writer. A few flaws next, I am not sure how you could roll someone up from a shining wizard and Punk wouldn't slump down and then casually hook the legs. If you slump it indicates you are quite tired so you would just fall on him. I love the double underhook back breaker so top marks to you for using that and Hardy not giving up says a lot but I still sense a title change. I would have liked to have seen Punk dominate a little longer because you have built him up so well as not so much of a cowardly heel but as something you don't see everyday- a strong heel. I particularly loved the Anaconda Vise section as it had a great mini-chapter involved and you wrote that very well and I really did like that as Jeff did show a lot of courage. Jeff wears jeans now? Not the best wrestling attire but Punk constantly getting one ups on Jeff proves my point even more. Oh fuck yeah, awesome swerve ending and totally believable as we all know women don't have a sense of direction and can't throw a belt at all and it was a shocking ending but it makes Punk look awesomely strong (Punk/Cena plz) and Jeff doesn't look weak at all and I sense you holding this off for a grudge match at 'Mania.
****1/4-****1/2(Very good)

A nice interesting interaction here, Michael Shane seemed a little goofy and really not needed in this particular segment although he is a good addition overall. Orton was very cold and calculating here which I liked and I loved the New York line. Decent enough Flair/Dave promo but I don't see either man winning here in New York CITEH!!!11!

I must admit that this isn't my favourite match on the card but it is probably because every other match looks classic material but I just haven't been sucked in to this storyline as I have, say, Jeff/Punk. I feel that you really write Chavo well as a face in this match but at times it felt like it was just a big move than a pin of some kind. It wasn't a bad match but just not one of your strongest. I would have liked a big, strong section of the match with Dykstra going apeshit on Chavo but it wasn't to be. I thought the flow was affected by the constant pins in this match, it didn't ruin it but it just hindered my reading experience as I had to keep stopping. I want to see you write Dykstra like you did with your acclaimed (by me, and probably one of the best PPV's I have ever read) Backlash 2007. I keep mentioning it but I loved that Triple Threat but I didn't see a lot of that magic here which I would really love to see more of in this match. The ending was solid and believable with Dykstra cheating to win, the ending was built up very well and I enjoyed that part. There were a few moves in particular I liked with the Three Amigos being used to gain Chavo momentum at a key point in the match and the Rolling Cutter was the perfect impact move to use to take Chavo's momentum out and I think you are one of the few writers who think about momentum when writing a match, deliberate or not. A good match but it certainly pales in comparison to your last match which was amazing. Still sold, mind you. ***

Shawn Michaels seemed very confident, maybe overly so. He seemed very cocky here but the interaction between Cena and Michaels was very teasing... The Kennedy/Jericho encounter was very well written and there was a series of cool one liners, especially about the snow, that was funny but maybe a little too immature.

A pacy opening is something I expected and it was nice to see the flow didn’t let off straight away and eliminating one man from the equation straight away is a good move so we can focus more on the one on one aspect for a bit. I love the Canadian Hero moniker and the way he owned in the beginning of the match. You showed HBK doing a bit of his high-flying for the fans which he always seems to do, hell even if he was 70 he would still be doing that. Worry couldn’t be seen on Michaels’ face after being caught from an Asai moonsault because his face is facing the ground and the camera would most certainly be focused on Batista but that’s just being picky. The best thing you could do in a match like this was put emphasis on HBK’s back and it was good to see Batista working on it. Knowing what those New Yorkers are like, wouldn’t they boo HBK if he attempted a Sharpshooter, they booed Rey this year after all so it could be possible. Edge pulls off some good moves, the lull in action between moves is acceptable but why would HBK use the Figure Four? It’s Flair’s move and he is not involved with Flair at all at this point () I had a feeling that was over when Dave hit the Batista Bomb but then I saw you point out it took 5 seconds to cover him, it makes Shawn look strong without making Dave look weak. A good sequence of events that are evenly spread out over the wrestlers so you don’t favour a certain person in these triple threats, which I have seen happen, lead up the Super Kick where Edge is on Dave’s shoulder. That would be incredibly awkward to pull off as it would hit Edge and Batista wouldn’t be hurt and it all happened a bit too quickly for my liking. I don’t like Edge’s constant use of the Edgecution either as the Spear is the one he needs to end it as the Edgecution doesn’t have the same wow factor or impact or the ‘oh my God this has to be over’ feel. What an awesome ending! HBK outsmarted both of them and he looks like he is the perfect champion but it wasn’t entirely obvious he would retain in this great match. ***3/4

I wasn’t all that interested by the announcement of the head of authority but it could lead to new doors being opened and it keeps this feud fresh so I’ll keep my eyes primed and ready for RAW!

I extremely loved this promo, that is why you won promo writer of the month was it not? Punk and Hunter were both in character but we both know we won’t see Punk/Hunter for a while in this thread (come to think of it, in any thread, I might have to change that :P) and Punk really reminded me of his time on ROH and the Indys in general which is always good.

This match should be nothing less of sensational. I know how much you limit gimmick matches and I think I finally found out why and why you keep nagging on about me using too many. You want them to be special occasions for people to cherish and I certainly am cherishing this big pay-off match and I may have to take a leaf out of your book. The perfect story for me, would have been Cena getting a little ring rust and trying to find his way around the ring, so the speak, as it would have made for a much more interesting bout but different strokes… Maybe I am being too cynical but I would have liked a better opening to try and get the ladder and a tug of war battle could have ensued between the two. The suplex should open the floodgates but how would Orton roll off of the mat and straight out of the ring instantly after the suplex? The chair shot was very good use of a weapon early in the match and you didn’t overdo it which is always nice to see. The powerbomb would have been a delightful spot to see has it would have been a big moment in the match. Cena gaining control made Orton look weak because Cena has been out for 3 months prior but the momentum killer was put in the perfect place. The missed RKO/missed F-U sequence was fun to read. Surprised to see Orton tap as he is meant to be very intense, a grin and bear it approach would have suited him more. The table has been set up, it looks like it is going to be something big and the suspense was great, if you would have used shorter sentences the suspense would have been even greater but never mind. HOLY SHIT!!! I think that matched the RKO to Edge at Backlash in your thread for a classic moment and he regains the title. What dragged this match down, despite being a very fun match, was that I always knew Orton was going to win before this match so that ending was imminent, I just want to know who his next challenger will be and where Cena will go from here. Another good match ***3/4

I think it is a good route that you had two power guys going in to the Rumble first was the best bet because the Rumble is a big event and it deserves to start in a big way. I’m surprised Kofi lasted longer than 20 seconds, wrong choice to put a great potential in so early against big guys. The filler comes in mainly and I loved how Kofi skins the cat like Michaels, the comparisons really help his character. Santino really needs a serious character as it will help him immensely. Hunter really deserved to get an elimination early. I love the fact Kofi is doing really well and holding his own and the time is spread out over mostly everyone. People tend to focus on one guy which you really shouldn’t be doing too early on. KANE’S BACKKKKK!!! I kind of guessed but didn’t Umaga put him out of action so he really should have gone after him then. Kane is on fire and I love his domination, I don’t think he’ll win but he will come close. I am pretty sure Killings has been in a Rumble before as K-Kwik, may be wrong though. Mysterio and Undertaker being introduced really added something to the match but I felt it was getting too cramped with 11 people in the ring as I feel there should be no more than 8 because I lost count myself as to where people were. Oooh I like it a lot when storylines are progressed in a Rumble. Kane is really on a hot streak as one of my favourites, Ric Flair comes in. Wow at 13 people being in the ring, very cramped but I am very enjoying this match and I loved the Jeff/Punk interaction. Boo at Hardy being eliminated by Punk, he looks incredibly weak now as Punk has 2 upped him, he really needs his big comeback. Matt Hardy helping his brother would have been an amazing moment to see so top marks for that. It drags on a big again but the 30th entry picks things up once again. Surprised at the crossface reference but another mark out moment there and this is building up nicely. The eliminations came thick and fast the pace was really good towards the end of the match. Fuck yeah at HHH eliminating Shane but Flair’s elimination must have been hell for his back but Flair could (and probably will) get involved in this storyline now so that is all good. A good progression for the storyline with JBL eliminating HHH. A very solid ending, Undertaker got his revenge but Kane gains the ultimate prize from his half-brother but I would like to know where Kane is a fully fledged face or heel. I guess we will find out soon, A very fun match ****1/4

Overall: One of your best PPV’s ever Nige, very few beat this (Backlash and KOTR) so this definitely makes this top 3 and ‘Mania could be your best ever, great job. 9.5/10.

This took me a while but, as with T_Man's show, it wasn't a chore because I thoroughly enjoyed reading this show.

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