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Re: You fucking no good, faggot, bitch-ass, sluts

Nice rant. But where the fuck am I? Aren't I a no good faggot bitch-ass slut n00b?

Oh, and since you mentioned LivinLaVidaSucka...I'm sick of him too. He's been pissing me off recently with his childish lame name changes, and the fact that he can type and make a decent post, but he hardly does. He makes that shit look all horrible and hard to read on purpose. I've seen decent posts from him a handful of times. Then the rest of them are apparently typed out by a handicapped child. Honestly..thats the only reasonable explanation for his posting manners. I don't understand. Is it laziness? Get tired of typing normally, so you take shortcuts and type like a child? Do you have some split personality, and cruel fate gave you a mentally handicapped one? Like wtf if you can post decent, do so. Don't make yourself look stupid.

The good ol' days.
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