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You fucking no good, faggot, bitch-ass, sluts

I'm talking about you people who come here, making posts everyday that don't make any sense. Let me break it down. You fucking N00BS!

chipdudex - He saw that everybody hated LK99, so he thought it would be cool to create an official "LK99" thread. Okay, now he thought attention would go to him, that he would get all of it for being the guy to create the official thread. All this did was show you are an illiterate fuck who doesn't know shit. You inability to construct proper sentences means you should cut off each of your fingers because it is a sad thing that you try to grab all this attention, but can't spell correctly.

LivinLaVidaSucka - He goes around with his useless posts, most notably, the "10/10" post in the women forums. Then he goes on to make incoherent posts in the Rants and Anything boards with the "He Go To Be Hospital If He Do That....." posts. Please make fucking sense, you dumb fucking jew. Your posts are a disgrace to you, to WEForums, and to any forum you post at. Please, go to school, learn to spell, and most of all, learn to to fucking construct a good sentence.

The Sinner - I'll admit, some of your posts have a little bit of amusement, but most of them are Dean-like. That means shitty, trying to be the shit, and just plain out spam. Please do us all a favor and just post normal from now on. I know what most are going to say: "BB, you spam tons." Well guess what, don't fucking waster your energy typing that shit. I may spam, but not all the time. I'm going to work on making my posts better W-E from now on, rather than it destroying it.

darkpowers - Your fucking posts are as useless as Dean's also. At first, I thought you might grow to W-E, be a good poster, and attribute to W-E. I was once again proven wrong. Your Mr. Mackie posts are useless, not hilarious, and are a fucking waste of database space. Please, I've seen a coupel good posts from you, so just keep going off those posts and don't jump onto any bandwagons that others jump on thinking it's cool because it's not. Be a leader, not a follower.

Reptilian - Sorry, but I think you are just a fucking homo. Your "I don't give a shit about anything" attitude is fucked up. Your internet(assuming it's an act) soul is worthless. Just work on that shit and don't fucking be a dumbass.

Dean - You are a worthless piece of shit and I hate every aspect of you. I hate your inability to be your own person. I hate your inability to not spam. I hate your ability to breath. Just fucking leave W-E already. You don't contribute to it. You are just like the others above that I mentioned. You are a big waste of database space. You are useless to W-E, or any forum you post on for that matter. Also, your crybaby attitude that you throw around to SG and me is fucking dumb. I hate that we can't have a civilized conversation about the Presidential elections because if you bring up conflicting stories of Bush, you throw a tantrum and block us. I hope that you one day get a life, and don't be the little bitch that have been, an will be, for a while.

Overall, please bring back the credentials the Rants forum used to have. Now it's the place to look cool, spam, and jump on the bandwagon when somebody else flames another, especially when it is for no reason. All these "Official" threads are shit and I just hope that you all can see that. And just so that most of you know, a newbie is a fucking new member to the forums, or a new member to anything. A n00b is a fucking dumbass, i.e. Dean, chipdudex, Reptilian. Now all of you must stop this shit. Just think about it for a second.
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