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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

-TRô-'s Raw Feedback

S1 | Solid opening promo courtesy of Triple H, you gave us an in-depth recap of what happened during the segment, which is good for those who didn't read the Royal Rumble. I expected Triple H to call out JBL sooner or later, as JBL was the very man who screwed The Game out of winning the Royal Rumble Match. As soon as the McMahons came out, I was certain that we were moments away from finding out who this "Independent Head Of Authority" is. I was shocked to see that Eric Bischoff is taking the position, I personally expected it to be Theodore Long, believe it or not. Eric Bischoff made a decent Main Event in Triple H versus Shane McMahon, you pretty much gave away the fact that both Triple H and Shane McMahon are going to be competing at Saturday Night's Main Event, but that's not important. 10/10

S2 | Decent match between Paul London & Brian Kendrick and Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, a diminutive section of my mind thought that Cade and Murdoch were going to pull out the victory and become new World Tag Team Champions, but it was not to be. Good to see London and Kendrick retain, anyway. 8/10

S3 | Great sit-down interview between JR and CM Punk & Sunny, this segment really got CM Punk over as the monster heel he is. I was surprised to hear that CM Punk and Sunny know eachother "inside-out" but that's only a small issue. Anyways, good segment, WWE don't normally do sit-down interviews that take place prior to the show, but it's good that you decided to do so. 9/10

S4 | Decent match between Bobby Lashley and Hardcore Holly, this match was of respectable length when you take into account that this was seemingly a squash match. Good to see Bobby Lashley pull out the victory, it's nice that you're building up Bobby Lashley's character well, this is a great time to do so, right after the Royal Rumble, which Bobby Lashley performed exceptionally in. Good stuff. 9/10

S5 | To be honest, I didn't see the point in this brief segment, unless it was CM Punk who attacked Rey Mysterio, which would make it seem relevant, and would make some great build-up to their Intercontinental Championship Match later on in the show. If not, then this is irrelevant. 7/10

S6 | Good interview with Santino Marella, the inclusion of Melina and Ron Killings was handled well, this segment was very humourous as well, which made it entertaining to read, I liked it when Ron Killings made the reference to Santino Marella's trunks, calling them "kid's tights". I think Santino Marella needs to learn about bandanas in the near future, after this segment 9/10

S7 | Not much to say about this segment, I hope this turns out to be CM Punk's fault that Rey Mysterio's injured. Good to see that Rey Mysterio's choosing to compete, I wouldn't want to see the match put in severe jeopardy. 8/10

S8 | Very good match between Kofi Kingston and Carlito, it took me a while to find your indication that Cody Rhodes and Kelly Kelly were at Kofi Kingston's side, while Eduardo was as Carlito's side, but I found it in the end. Good to see Kofi Kingston win, even if it was by DQ, and Carlito and Eduardo were put over as heels exceptionally well, which is good. It's a good thing that this Eduardo doesn't have a broken leg! 10/10

S9 | Solid Chris Jericho interview, you added some humour into it, which was good with regards to entertainment, but you managed to get down to the serious business eventually, which was needed in this Chris Jericho-Mr. Kennedy feud. Man, I don't have any idea why people hate Todd Grisham so much! What has he ever done to them? 9/10

S10 | You've got the point across that Mr. McMahon is pissed, which is good, and this builds up the McMahons up to Shane McMahon's match with Triple H, and Saturday Night's Main Event, in which they will almost certainly be involved. 10/10

S11 | Well, it was inevitable that CM Punk was going to retain, and it's a good job he did so. If Rey Mysterio were to win, then that would s**t all over CM Punk, as he would have a 1-day reign, which would be unacceptable. I see no indication of CM Punk being behind the attack on Rey Mysterio, which is a huge let-down, but hopefully you can resolve it. 8/10

S12 | Good segment between Elijah Burke and Eric Bischoff, it's good that you've cleared up the Rey Mysterio attack issue, I wonder who did this? It would be great if it turned out to be Elijah Burke, Burke would have hell to pay with Bischoff! Great match made for Saturday Night's Main Event between Elijah Burke and Rey Mysterio, that sounds like a match I can enjoy reading. Another good match made for the Pay-Per-View too, Beth Phoenix defending the Womens' Championship against Victoria sounds good to me! 10/10

S13 | Great match between Shane McMahon and Triple H, good to see JBL screw Triple H out of the match, again, I wonder what match stipulation Shane McMahon will choose for Saturday Night's Main Event? Hopefully it turns out to be good. 9/10

S14 | Fantastic Randy Orton segment, the opening line was a bit off, it didn't exactly sound like Randy Orton, but it doesn't entirely matter. I expected John Cena to come out, and he did, which is good. Great to see Kane make an appearance, it's good that Kane didn't reveal which Championship he's going for at Wrestlemania XXIV, which'll attract people to read next week's show. 10/10

OVERALL | Great show, I was surprised to see Eric Bischoff appointed as the new "Independent Head Of Authority", but the surprise factor was brought into play, which is good. Not much was revealed throughout the show, but that'll make people want to read next week's show - I know I will. 9/10
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