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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

2oo8 Royal Rumble Review (WWE: A Strong Response)

S1 (Opening Segment) = The video was well put together, but, the way it was presented down played its quality. Cole & Coach were tight, so were JR & King in welcoming us to what promises to be a tremendous event indeed.

S2 (CM Punk v. JHardy - IC Title) = Your match format reminded me a lot of how matches in the Attitude Era went down. No rest holds whatsoever, just, straight away action. Worked for this match, as it had a heated feud attached to it. There were little 'mmmh' moments here and there, like a Stomp usualy is delivered when someone's down on the mat. And especially a stomp to the chest while someone is up is almost like a big boot. Also, I would have liked the Double Underhook Backbreaker to be called as the ''Welcome to Chicago M@therf@ck@r''. Still, the match and the turn in itself was a great way to start off the show with a big bang (Ohh, and the Rock Bottom Punk utilizes is called a Uranage Slam). I'm not too sure I like Sunny & Punk being involved sexually/romantically, since Sunny is a veteran of the business, I don't think she needs to prove herself that much, last I heard she was either engaged, married or seeing someone in real life, so, I don't know (even if this is all made up) she'd feel about doing that angle actually. Still, Punk & Sunny as heels works for me, as long as they keep their mouths to each other, because mostly, Punk in a romantic angle is kind of like so totally not CM Punk like. But CM Punk deserves that belt he won under shady circumstances and I hope we'll see a rematch between the two soon because they had a good match here at the Rumble.

S3 (Backstage, EdgeShane + Orton) = Good promo, Orton was on the weird and scripted side of things, but the Rated RKO reunion was cool. Although it lingered on a bit, this was a good PPV like promo, definetely.

S4 (Outside, Flair & Batista) = A bit out of character for both men, but I guess since they were outside and not yet in the building, this was kind of your reality tv like moment of the show. Good nonetheless to see Flair & Batista together.

S5 (Chavito v. Doane - CW Title) = A bit too much of a spotfest for my liking, especially since we saw pretty much the exact same thing from the opening bout. It would seem also that there was no real beginning and that Chavo just started this matchup by going over to Doane and punching away at him, mmh. It was a see saw contest all the way through the end, the coolest thing about this match was the I miss my top rope move and you do too portion of the match. I didn't particularly like the ballshot finish, considering the definition of the title at stakes, I would have rather liked to see the actual wrestling acumen of either men come into play at the end, but I guess you're really pushin this feud further and further more, so I guess it served its purpose on that level.

S6 (Interview, Matthews & HBK + Cena) = Good interview, Cena outshined Michaels a bit but I really didn't believe a word he said when he said he'd be blowing the roof of off MSG with his performance, if anything, as a face, Cena relies heavily on his opponents to sell for him. I haven't really read any of your singles matches with Cena so I hope with see the Cena of old without his routine 4 moves of utter doom to finish off Orton tonight, granted its a TLC match, that could help, still, good interview and good contrast with the Edge & Orton and now HBK & Cena segments.

S7 (Backstage, Regal/Maria/Michelle + Kennedy + Y2J) = Jericho was a bit shaky but the interaction in itself between Chris & Ken was cool. It looks like both Jericho & Kennedy will enter the Rumble late, so they could easily be serious winners of the 2008 Royale Rumble.

S8 (Video Promo, Triple Threat WHC Match) = Excellent way to bring up the matchup, very professional like.

S9 (Edge v. Batista v. HBK - WH Title) = Really much better match up than the previous two, in terms of really putting a lot of effort in it, it really showed. It was still filled with a bit too much spotfests moments here and there, but everybody looked strong and I especially liked the ending, with flashbacks of RR 96 when Michaels Super Kicked Diesel over to the top rope and then, a sick Sweet Chin Music to Batista who was charging in with an attempted Spear! It made Michaels look maybe a bit strong in the end, but still, I guess it somewhat works as any 3-Way match is always bound to be unpredictable.

S1o (Backstage, Vinnie Mac/JBL/Shane O Mac + Linda) = The announcement is really out of left field and I cant wait to see who that independent figure head'll be. The segment in itself felt a bit rushed, still, there were some nice enough moments to not make a total blowout and just about the announcement. JBL's reaction was priceless though, the, 'What are you talking about woman'! Lol.

S11 (Backstage, Maria/Michelle/CM Punk/Sunny + HHH) = I was a bit dissapointed at the turnout of this segment. Some bits felt rushed and felt too scripted at times. Although there were so damn good parts, a shorter version of that altercation between the two would have been historic, this was meh, okay I guess, both men made some valid points towards one another, but then, you had stuff that just lingered on and went nowhere.

S12 (Cena/Orton Hype Video) = I wasn't familiar at all with how these two made it to the Rumble I was please and not so pleased to see I missed some great things between the two, especially the Survivor Series thing for Orton. Your hype videos are professional and very well put together and to the point.

S13 (Cena v. Orton - TLC WWE Title Match) = Overall match was quite good. I didn't feel the actual heated rivalry between both men, as again, there was really no one who gained any kind of advantage from this bout and it was pretty much spot after spot. The seriousness of the bout also dropped down when you talked about the Cena supporters and bashed them for no reason. Also implying that Hugo Savinovich was a ''Fatty'' for again, no apparent reason. The action in itself was pretty darn good though, some good spots, the RKO at the end was really a HOLY SHIT moment but I'll come back to that a bit later. Just want to touch first on the actual decision of making this a TLC when we barely saw tables or chairs. The match mainly revolved around the Ladder (which it should) but it would seem as though both men were more preoccupied by the title than by their rivalry, and didn't fully use the objects put at their disposal. For Cena, this match didn't top his match against Edge, especially since the finish was more of a finish I'd have booked in a normal Tables Match, still, like I said earlier, it was a HOLY SHIT moment for sure. I was a bit surprised Cena couldn't make it after the RKO, but I think the injuries weren't sold enough by Cena at that point in time, so, that's why I felt it dragged the ending a bout. Overall, like I said, this was pretty good, problem with the Rumble event, is that, no matter what the undercard is and who's booked on it and what the matches are, the Rumble match is the match everybody is looking forward too. So, I hope this will lead to a continuation from both men in this feud and that No Way Out will see these two battle it out once more.

S14 (Superstars Rumble Warmup) = Cool little feature, dig it!

S15 (Backstage, MHardy + MVP) = Cool segment there, the interaction and the in-character aspect of it were tight all the way, plus, it wasn't too long and it wasn't too short, well done. Plus, it puts emphasis on guys aren't totally top notch Main Eventers and puts them in the running for them to actually win the Rumble match.

S16 (Royal Rumble Match) = A very well written out Match. Truly outshines the whole event, but, like I said earlier, this is what is was suppose to be. All about the Rumble. It had a bit too much spots (and, at the end, I could just feel a dead crowd just sitting there and seeing yet again another move out of nowhere). Rumble usualy have more brawling and the likes cause it is quite dangerous to just go all out and with more than 10 superstars in the ring, all the moves you pulled out made it a bit unsafe and Im actually surprised no one botched and no one got hurt bad. Still, with the way things flowed so fast, and I can overlook that and say that was a very well constructed Rumble match top to bottom. (I would have payed a lot of money to see Lashley stay in this long and, just imagining the sweat dripping off him like an African downpour) I think there were only two moments in the whole match that made me yawn and it was Carlito's entrance and the way he just demolished everyone. I think the highlights of this match are definitely the great Flair/HHH team-up and the Kane arrival. I just didn't like Michael Cole's comment at the end when Kane won and I doubt giving Kane the win was the way to go for someone who's been out and gone for as long as he was in this BTB, but I trust it won't just be a normal singles match that'll involve Kane and his shot at a Main Event Championship Mania, or else, the purpose of bringing back the masked Kane really serves nothing else than using the mask to give Kane a belt or a spot in the Main Event. When it should be used to slowly build back up Kane's credibility. All in all, tremendous match, we just have to see how everything pans out in the coming weeks, leading to Wrestlemania XXIV.

OVERALL = A good show overall, like i've said, felt a lot of the matches were spotfests, still, out of what 5 matches? You had 3 *** and more matches in there so, that's cool (The opener, WHC Title Match and Rumble Match). And really, what better way to close the show than with this tremendous matchup! What's so good about the Rumble, is, that the actual match itself leads up to so many things, so I'm really looking forward to you capitalizing on all those little altercations we saw and make something out of them. Most of the non matches segments were either meh, or good, but it was your typical PPV format with different kind of WWE action. A good show overall, no doubt about that.

Realism = 7.5/10
Length = 9.6/10
Quality/Entertainment = 8/10
Spelling/Grammar = 7/10
Matches/Booking = 8/10

Overall = 80.2/100 (B+)

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