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WWE.com - Television - Raw

RAW Preview
28th January 2008

Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York



With all the predictions made over the weekend as to who would win the Royal Rumble last night, no one guessed that the eventual winner would be “The Big Red Machine” Kane. Stunning the entire audience of Madison Square Garden, the returning Kane along with his mask, dominated the Royal Rumble match for the majority of the match before eliminating his brother, The Undertaker to remain the last man standing. However, most importantly of all, Kane now has a guaranteed title shot at Wrestlemania. The question on everyone’s mind now must be whether Kane will remain on Smackdown and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, or will he shock Madison Square Garden for a second successive night by chasing Randy Orton and the WWE Championship?

Tune in to Raw tonight and make sure you find out the answer!

Linda McMahon warned he husband last Monday night that she had something in store for him at the Royal Rumble, and boy did she ever! With Mr. McMahon’s sons preparing for the Royal Rumble match, Linda went to them and told them exactly what the bombshell was. She told them that with both Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon abusing their power for their own good, the Board of Directors were forced into action. With a conflict of interest from both parties, Linda told them that the board’s decision was to introduce a new Independent Head of Authority on Raw.

It appears that any power trip is over, but who will be standing in the middle of the family feud when they start their role tonight?

Randy Orton said going in to his Tables, Ladders and Chairs match with John Cena last night, that if he could emerge victorious, it would be the biggest victory of his career. And unfortunately, it seems that The Legend Killer’s ego will continue to grow as he did what he said he was going to, beating John Cena. It was an incredible match with both men fighting like lions, and only after a DDT through the announce table and an RKO through another table, Orton was able to climb up to another level, holding on to his WWE Championship.

And tonight, we will hear from The Legend Killer himself in what we are being told will be a victory address. It seems that we’re going to be hearing a lot more from him this week than usual!

The McMahon Men have had it all their own way for the most part recently, but last night everything exploded in front of our very eyes. After hearing Linda’s announcement earlier, both JBL and Shane McMahon went in to the Royal Rumble match with one plan, eliminate Triple H and ensure he doesn’t get a title shot at Wrestlemania 24. After spending almost all their time to do just that, The Game was able to eliminate them both, however it was a move that cost him dear. Taking his focus away from the match after forcing JBL out of the match, he seemed to revel in the moment before he turned round into Umaga’s fury. Triple H fell over the top rope, but hung on to the apron for dear life, only for JBL to drag him off and down to the floor, controversially eliminating Triple H from the match and the Wrestlemania main event. The duo then went at it round ringside with security trying and failing to separate them.

You have to wonder just what will go down tonight when both these two huge personalities step foot back inside MSG!

Jeff Hardy has had it tough lately with CM Punk doing everything he can to put him down and humiliate him. It seemed though that Jeff had support in the shape of Sunny, that was until last night when Punk’s cruel scheme was exposed. In what was an incredible contest between two hungry competitors, it looked like Punk was going to defeat Jeff when he lifted him on to his shoulders for the GTS, but an inadvertent kick to the referee’s head, changed anything that would have been honest about the match. It was then that Sunny struck, sliding Jeff’s title into the ring, It looked like she had accidentally slid the belt too far as it ended up in the grasp of CM Punk, and she went as far to step in to the ring and grab the belt back. Just when we thought she was going to strike back against the dastardly challenger, she turned round and took Jeff’s head off, resulting in the Intercontinental Championship switching to CM Punk’s occupancy.

Will we find out why Sunny turned on Jeff in his hour of need? There may not be time however, as Punk has been forced in to making his first title defence tonight against Rey Mysterio tonight!

It appears that CM Punk’s Intercontinental Championship won’t be the only title contested tonight as we have been informed that Paul London & Brian Kendrick will be putting their World Tag Team titles on the line against the former champions, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Will we see the high flying duo’s title reign extend, or will The Redneck Wrecking Crew take back the gold?

Carlito and his brother Eddie have sure made life difficult for Cody Rhodes since he and Kelly Kelly sparked a mutual attraction several weeks back, something that The Colon Brothers have found difficult to accept since Eddie’s advances towards her back fired. Last Monday night, they yet again attacked Cody for no real reason, just as love young’s dream realised their true feelings for each other. This time however, Cody’s luck was in as Kofi Kingston heard the commotion in the hall and left his dressing room, cutting the attack short. We have been advised that after last week’s show, Carlito challenged Kofi to a match for this week, with Kofi accepting. It looks like Cody might well have an ally to fend off the cowardly brothers cool!

Chris Jericho and Mr. Kennedy have never been shy of hiding their feelings of each other, and last night they went at it in the Royal Rumble match, with Kennedy making up for his loss to Jericho at Saturday Night’s Main Event last December by eliminating Y2J from the match and preventing any chance of Jericho headlining Wrestlemania this year. How will Jericho respond to that tonight?

Elijah Burke was also on the wrong end of an elimination by his least favourite Raw superstar, Rey Mysterio. How bad will Elijah take that knock?


Rey Mysterio
vs. CM Punk (c)

Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c)
vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew


Kofi Kingston
vs. Carlito

Randy Orton’s Victory Address

Bobby Lashley in action!

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