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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


Right here we go finally for my review of the Royal Rumble Ö

Nice opening package as I would expect and well it buildup the Royal Rumble itself, I am a fan of building the matches as well, which you did but wasnít much detail but still it was satisfactorily . Well down to the first match, not surprised this was the opening contest it is the strongest feud bar the World Titles, so you want to get the crowd going probably. It starts quick and the whisper in the wind is brought out in less than 30 seconds, surprised, but it works well as this match will defiantly have a quick pace. I see the text is spread out a fair bit, with two lines between each, just thought Iíd note that. Back to the action, lots of faced pace moves and counter, I see Punk hits a Rock Bottom, strange using that, I think you should have just called it by the move, and maybe have Rock Bottom in brackets but that doesnít really matter. Now thatís weird ref bump, donít understand why he is that close but now this gives me a felling of a Punk win, by dirty tactics. Oooooo Sunny screws Jeff! Thought it was going to be a crappy end with Punk just hitting him with the belt but it turned out better with Sunny completely coming out of nowhere for the heel turn, so this feud is far from done, has been going quite long now, I think one more PPV and it ends.

Nice segment, the bit with Shane and Orton was cringe worthy haha. Woooo! I wish Flair won the Rumble . Chavo really has no chance tonight, Doane Ö sorry Dykstra is just too good a champion, and the match was just like before, very quick and counters all over the place. It was not as good as Jeff-Punk in quality and the feud is not as good, but they put in a good show. Some nice moves hit, namely the three amigos. The ending seemed to put Kenny over very strong for a heel, I would have expected a cheating pin or something like that but this made him look totally dominant. Chavo really doesnít have many complaints and now hopefully Kenny moves on to bigger and better things! Very good match. Good job.

Shawn Michaels owns tonight, Regal is a heel GM yeah? But bans the heelís sidekick, maybe Regalís a tweener? Awesome interview thought, Michaels on top class form. Meh random bit with Cena seemed it was added just to hype the match a little longer. No harm done there. How can Kennedy open the door with his eyes shut then see Chris Jericho to make him shocked? Didnít understand that, or is he shutting his eyes after seeing Y2J? Meh. Iíve waited for someone to use the Kennedy Kennedy thing since Triple H did it a while ago, funny stuff. Chris Jerichoís insults suck but thatís just him. Nice Rumble hype man, always love these segments. Now the Triple Threat lets go! Reading it, it was the best so far, moonsault in to power slam is big spot moment, superb stuff. The match was frecking epic and was the best so far, all the signature moves pulled off and I really got into it, guess thatís why you were writer of the month. Michaelís ducked a spear? The ending was good, seemed a little force, would have thought Tista might go for a clothesline then Michaels ducked it, and then SCM but the Spear thing worked just a s well.

Haha Ė ďMum itís great to see youĒ. ďShane be quietĒ Ö owned. Hmm god segment and this is getting interesting, Linda vs. Vince. RAW is going to be good . Punk and Triple H had a little confrontation at Cyber Sunday if I remember so there quite good together, I donít like Sunny, sheís seemed like a bitch in this, she would have got a lot of heat. You really pulled out the move set of Cena and Orton, with the likes of Orton pulling out an overdrive, from back in the day. The match had some big spots, Cena taking most of the bumps, especially the RKO thought a table. I think there should however been a few more tables used, also the RKO was a big spot but for a TLC I thought maybe there could have been a bigger one, but it still was big, but something like a RKO off a ladder would have been bloody big. Also I wanted a Ďsuperstar falls off ladder though tables spotí but there wasnít . But still it was a great match and nicely rounded off the matches before the biggy. Orton holds the title for a longer, so thatís all good, hopefully Cena will continue the feud.

MVP running his mouth = ratings, well done, good bit before the Rumble. Not sure how to makes comments on the Rumble, so Iíll do what I did for JayBeeLoserís Rumble.

There didnít seem to be much start power until Triple H coming in so I expect him to make some eliminations. Bringing back old Kane, makes him more of a monster, donít think this could ever happen in real life, but this is BTB. Kane goes mental and I think he could win this haha, I know. Kane and Taker squaring off was cool, these two could (will) go all the way. Shelton joins the eliminations party, haha. Ric Flair gets rid of the two young guns, good to put him over for a little more. Trips gets the upper hand in the little feud as well, but then the re-entered JBL gets him out, I love the re-entered stuff . Really good end with Kane and Taker, since the number 30 you kept going for a long time and then the big decision giving Kane the win. Yes, itís a brave move and you will have to build him up a little more over the next couple of weeks, but I feel you have the talent to pull it off. A great rumble man, like the others have said it is the best PPV you have done so far imo!!! Top stuff. (Note: I havenít check my spelling and grammar in here because I wanted to get this up asap, sorry)

Or is it?
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